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Strange Wild Cat - A Caracal

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This magical creature is called a caracal

While they’re technically considered of the small cats, they’re actually quite large, ranging up to nearly 50 pounds in some cases.

Caracal coats can range from pale beige to bright red depending on their region.

They are usually solitary but can sometimes be found in mated pairs. With their short tail and tufted ears, they’re resemble a desert lynx or bobcat.

Caracals can easily climb trees, but they also dig burrows in which they raise their kittens until they’re able to venture out on their own.

Caracals actually have a fairly good rapport with humans and are sometimes kept as pets.

Their name is derived from the Turkish word, “Karakulak” which means black ears. You can see why.

Caracals can survive with very, very little water. In fact, they get most of their water from their prey.

They mostly eat rabbits and rodents, but like most cats, they have a real taste for birds.

And just like your own house cat, they are diurnal, meaning they are most active at dawn and at dusk.

In ancient Iran and India, they were used as trained hunting animals.

As exceptionally high jumpers, they were especially useful when it came to hunting birds.

Their babies, while not the best hunters, are adorable.

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