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Finding part time and freelance

im sorry, im still a student i want to find some part time and freelance job to do
for the reason i want to get it ,because i want to get some pocket money
but the important things are , i want to learn some thing for different person
recognize different person to become friends and improve my different skills
get the idea or knowledge or experience for different people.
im still a student , maybe my knowledge about the coding not your guys too pro.but i still learning
if you interesting me,or can give me the chance, opportunity
welcome to add my we-chat : JiaWei-95

programming language :

[*]c and c++ basic
[*]javascript and swift basic
[*]jquery and from the .netabout some sql --- but just look only
[*]VB.net (one year more not use this language , want to take some reference )
[*]HTML , CSS --- studying
[*]JAVA this more confidence,ahhah

Because im still a student so all the coding may not the pro ...
all of the language ,can be said it learn by myself ...

[*]c is the first language i touch and learnt it,in foundation,so may will some basic skill
[*]c++ is learn by my self,but just a half..cause suddenly to confirm the whole program or course will using the JAVA,so i taked all the time to learnt java first,if have time , i must learn back the C++ ,cause i interesting for this language
[*]vb.net college have learn a part,but i learnt by myself for more then the school teaching and far...
[*]HTML and CSS still studying
[*]javascript and jquery because last time i want to created a website for a gift sent to my friend , so i touching for there and using for it.
[*]swift learn something
[*]java learnt by myself more then school teaching and right now using JAVA more of it so i will more confidence for using this language

maybe i not so pro of it...
but i want to learn more and improve my skill...knowledge
if your give me a chance ,thank you so much:loveliness:
if cant , nvm is ok ,because i also know what happened ,hahaha

thank a lot

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