myreadygo Publish time 20-11-2015 04:04 PM

House Keeper / cleaner

Part time / hours house cleaner wanted. Scope: house cleaning works
Salary: +-4 hours RM50~80

Working area: Klang Valley

Interested please pm.
Thank you.

okiem123 Publish time 1-9-2021 03:26 AM

Thank you very much for the information you shared. I can tell you that can cleaning be a hobby and that's exactly what happened in my life. This is not a reason to say that cleaning can not be someone's hobby. Let's take for example the insects.
But in my situation, this is not at all the case, because cleaning is my real hobby, capable of bringing me a huge amount of pleasure and bringing all my thoughts in order, and giving me peace of mind, grace, and pride in myself.

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