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Kursus Percuma - Certified Planning Engineer certification program

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Certified Planning Engineer CPE® GAFM® Certified Planning Engineer CPE®certification program is targeted at individual who is responsible for planning and scheduling project activities. Targeted at construction industry, oil and gas, information technology, and engineering services OR any individual who is associated with project development and implementation.
Project planning is a method of determining “What” is going to be done, “How” things are going to be done, “Who” will be doing the project activities and “How much” the activities will cost.Once planning is complete, scheduling can be done. During the project planning phase, planning engineer create plans and schedules and figure out what materials and equipment will be needed as well as estimate the expected amount of labour in terms of people and cost. In addition, they calculate the projected overall cost as well as the time line for completion. This certification program is a professional credential for individual to be recognized as a Certified Planning Engineer, and those seeking a rewarding career and compensation package toward a Project Engineer profession.
Visit : http://www.gafm.comfor details about this professional body
ObjectiveThis Certified Planning Engineer CPE® program aim tocertify the individual who need to acquire the techniques and the knowledge associated with planning and scheduling a project subject to passing the CPE®examination. This course include other critical project management body of knowledge from project initiation phase to project closeout.
Who benefits from this program?An individual who pass the examination can apply post nominal credential CPE® after his/her name in resumes and business cards that indicate that the individual possess the competencies and knowledge in performing the role as a Certified Planning Engineer professional.The CPE® demonstrates skill and competence in the specialized area of project planning and scheduling management.If you’re looking to fill the roles and responsibilities of a Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP) during the various phases of project planning and schedule development, management and control, this CPE® credential is for you.CPE® is targeted at those with or without project planning and scheduling experience at intermediate- to advanced-level who wish to become a CPE® certified planning engineer.
This course is now fully funded by the government of Malaysia under the 1MalaysiaGRIP,a special scheme for those who are eligible.   This certification course usually conducted by GAFM in other countries isUSD 1600 per participant that includes:1.Registration fee
2.Examination fee
3.GAFM Membership fee
4.Training services fee
5.Postage and handling fee (the certificate will be delivered via GAFM principal office in the US within 3 weeks after completion of this course and subject to passing the examination)

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