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Salar de Uyuni: The Largest Mirror in the World


No, this photo isn’t photoshopped.

Believe it or not, this dreamy landscape that seems to havecome out of a sci-fi movie actually exists. It’s called Salar de Uyuni or theUyuni Salt flats located in the dry desert region of Southern Bolivia. Onregular sunny days it’s just a vast stretch of pure white nothingness. But justa little rainfall turns this place into the largest mirror in the world thatseems to go on to infinity.

Salar de Uyuni is the larger one of the two salt flats thatremained when the giant prehistoric Lake Minchin dried up. Known as the world’slargest salt flat, it stretches up to 10,582 square kilometers in size. It’salso located very near the peak of the Andes at 3,650 kilometers in altitude,which means that it’s actually in the sky as much as it is an extension of it.Crazy awesome.

Besides the spectacular salt flats, Uyuni also covers amagenta-colored lake that’s seasonally flocked by pink flamingos as a breedingground, a green lake alive with microorganisms, an abandoned railroad track,huge blobs of alien-like greenery sprouting out of dry rock, hot geyserlandscapes, natural hot springs, surreal rock formations, and other crazythings you can think of (the aforementioned stuff are real, though). It’stotally worth the trip.

Getting to Salar de Uyuni’s fairly easy. Trains areavailable in nearby cities like Oruro and Villazon, and you can take a bus fromLa Paz. Multi-day trips are available in various tour operators, but betterwatch out for the illegit ones. You don’t want to find yourself running out offood and supplies while trekking the desert, or stuck with a drunk and loonydriver in the wilderness.

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terpesona btul tengok. cantik sgt.







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terpesona btul tengok. cantik sgt. :shakehead3:

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takot tengok cermin mlm2 :dizzy:

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takot tengok cermin mlm2

yg ni cantik


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terpesona btul tengok. cantik sgt.

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huiii.. lawa awannya. tatau nak teka sunrise ke sunset.


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huiii.. lawa awannya. tatau nak teka sunrise ke sunset.

sunrise.. kaler dia lembut
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