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Kids Audition by RODY x Kids-Tokei

Subject: Event Announcement:RODY x Kids-Tokei Kids Model Audition inAugust 2015!
Dear Sir/Mdm,Good day!We are pleased to announce that RODY (theItalian toy horse brand) together with Kids-Tokei Japan is conducting a kids modelaudition event next month on 1stand 2nd August 2015. It will be a very lively event consisting professionalphoto sessions in a boutique photography studio in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.All kids (0-12 year old) are welcome to applyonline now.

Event name:                                                   Age limit:                                                      Application closing date:                              Photo session dates:                   Location:                                              How to apply:                                         Resultannouncement:                     Other activities:                                              RODY x Kids-Tokei‚Äôs Kids Model Audition 0- 12 years old15th July, 2015          1st & 2nd August,2015(Sat & Sun)AfterBeforeStudio (The Mansion), CherasGo to the web page :http://www.kids-tokei.com/lp/my_rody4/                                                         Results will beannounced from 18th July, Photos with family

                                                       It could be the most memorable auditionexperience for your child or a great portfolio addition to a kid model.Most importantly, your family could join thesession and have a great time as well!Audition slots are limited, therefore kindlyapply as soon as possible.       We look forward to seeing you in theevent.
Reference websites:Apply :http://www.kids-tokei.com/lp/my_rody4/Kids-Tokei Japan : http://www.kids-tokei.com/en/index.html?ua=pcRODY :               http://www.rodytoy.com/history-of-Rody.htm
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