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Complete English Guide to Taobao

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Taobao, the largest online marketplace in China, or you can call it "The eBay of the East". Basically, you can find almost anything you can imagine in Taobao, and the prices are much cheaper compared to those similar items that sold in our own country. Taobao offers great variety and lower prices. Let us put it this way, it is just a matter of time for Taobao overtakes eBay and Amazon as the largest online marketplace in the world. This is why more and more people are intrigued to find out how to purchase online from Taobao.
Unfortunately, if you are not staying in Mainland China , there are at least two problems that hold you back from shopping in Taobao. 1. Almost all Taobao store owners can only speak and understand Chinese (assume you don't speak or understand Chinese)2. Most of the product can be shipped to Mainland China only, although Taobao is now providing a forwarding service which cater for people outside the Mainland China, but it is onlyfor limited selection of product and the fee is quite high.3. Last but not least, there is an issue of trust. Are you sure you will be getting exactly what you have paid for? Thus, the purpose of this article is to help you to reduce your doubt and fear while shopping in Taobao.

Step 1 : Creating An Account in TaobaoFirst thing first, you need to create an account in Taobao. Go to http://sea.taobao.com and register yourself a free account.

Anyway, they’ve made our lives easier because you can now register in English too.
http://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093336ghebzbg5dc3eh22d.pngAfter you have completed the registration, you can start shopping right away!

Step 2 : Befriend with Google TranslateNeed help in searching for your item in Mandarin? Don’t worry, we can make use of the online translation service. One of the best is Google Translate (http://translate.google.com). Whatever language you speak, you can always translate it into simplified chinese. All you need to do is to type the keywords in your language, and Google Translate will do the rest.
For example, you can type “Children Shoes” in English, and Google Translate will give you the translation in Chinese.

After the translation is performed, just select and copy the translation and then put it into Taobao search bar (circled in blue):http://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093348j9xkcw6vcng191vx.pngGoogle Translate works both ways. You can translate from your native language to Chinese, and vice versa. In case you don't understand the Chinese texts during your Taobao visit,
you can always copy the texts to Google Translate and have them translated to your native language!

Step 3: Search for Cheap Stuff, but not the CheapestOne of the reasons people love Taobao is the potential to find cheaper stuff, by key in some simple key word, you can see all the similar products
and at the same time compare price. The default search results on Taobao is not rank based on price. Therefore, you need to make use of the Sort By
feature which is provided by Taobao.After the search results are shown, you can sort the results based on one of those 4 parameters: Popularity (人气), Sales (销量), Seller's Reputation (信用), and
Prices (价格) (circled in blue):http://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093356trg1krl3mvwlzww9.pngBy right, the simplest way to find out which shoe is the cheapest is to sort by price (in ascending order), but please beware that usually the listed
price is not the real price for the displayed item; it might be the cheaper version or smaller size. Thus, try to look for more options of the similar item before you make any decisions. In conclusion, you can’t just rely on the listed price alone. You need additional indicators. Firstly, is the seller’s reputation and
secondly, check how many items are sold in the last 30 days (Recent Sales)

A. Click into one of the itemhttp://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093403gj2v2kqjq2ft5gj8.png
B. Review Seller’s Reputationhttp://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093407mempp8a08bxx88hz.png
C. Recent Saleshttp://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093410hxksir3z3vu3m4ty.png
Step 4: Add to Cart Once you have decided the size and color then you can either check out immediately or add to the cart http://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093416ezxttevuqa78x3vv.png

Step 5: Place the OrderGo back to the top of the page, and click the carthttp://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093419k93c38zxt6ti33dt.png
Then the following page will appear. Check the box for those items you want to buy and then click the check out button.http://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093421fzs04ql1slhmdwyl.png
Once you have confirmed the order, then click the button ( 提交订单 ), and proceed for paymenthttp://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093424g9kwpur0z4ke3zpp.png
Remember to top up your Alipay with 085daigou before you proceed. To top up Alipay, please contact us via Wechat (My_085daigou), and provide us your Alipay/Taobao log in ID
and PasswordYou willneed yourAlipayPassword when you do the payment (Do not review this password to anyone, including 085daigou or your spouse)Step 6: Add Our Warehouse Address For forwarding service, please add the address :广东省广州市白云区大源村白贺路9号(太和镇), 510000电话: 13640342295收件人: 伍晓玲(310/ Your user name)http://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093426wifygu0xmhmg0ycc.pngOnce you have filled up the address, click the orange color button (保存)to save the address and check √ 设置为默认收货地址 to set the address as the default address.

Step 7: Submit the Items into 085daigou.comBefore you lay back and wait for your trophy, there is one last thing you need to do; which is submit the items that you need to send
back from GuangZhou warehouse to Malaysia into our website, www.085daigou.com1. Register in 085daigou.com http://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093428qn4aokok7ahq7ztt.png
2. Once the seller send out the goods, they will update in Taobao, and Taobao will notify you. Just click into the notification then you will see
the page shown as below.
http://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093431w4cdeviccdffiddo.png3. Click the button which is highlighted in red (查看物流)and a new tab will open as below. Copy the parcel number 210725118194 which is circled in red and paste it to 085daigou and also the courier service company name 百世汇通 as well.http://uf.cari.com.my/forumx/mforum/album/201505/15/093436ync7uq73z1uaxnpq.png4. Copy the item details including the size/colour and paste it into , follow by the courier company name 百世汇通 and then the parcel number. Don’t forget the price. Then submit.
5. Once submit, click the button (Shipping) , the page will direct you to the page below. Click the second button (Parcel). Check the details, if everything iscorrect, click the 3rd button to submit.

The next step you need to do is wait. We will calculate the fee for you once your goods have reached our warehouse. Then you just need to choose either to send your goods back toMalaysia by Air or Ocean. Of course , you need to submit your decision through our 085daigou website. Ta da....you’re done!Hope the above article would be able to help you in Taobao Shopping !!! Please shop until you drop!!!

Procurement / Forwarding service from China to Malaysia,please visit
Feel free to contact us via wechat
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