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Tajuk: Bellezas Indomables
Produksi: TV Azteca
Tahun release: 2007-2008
Negara: Mexico
Pelakon: Claudia Alvarez(Fernanda), Marcela Ruiz(Angeles), Natalia Farias(Soledad), Yahir(Manuel), Carlos Torres(Diego) dan Fernando Alonso(Ignacio)

Di Astro Bella mulai 8 April 2015. Jam 11 malam, setiap Isnin-Jumaat.

Synopsis: Fernanda, Angeles and Soledad are three beautiful and courageous sisters, very different from each other, but with the same desire to compete for the love of their father, Rodrigo, a successful man who they met all their whims. Since they were very small when they lost their mother in what they know was an accident, they grew up under the care of Guadeloupe, their Nana, and next to Manuel, the son of Guadeloupe, with Fernanda, who has always felt a strong attraction but she has refused to the poor condition of the boy.

Berenice, the evil woman of Rodrigo, who is twice their age and who lives to manipulate and succeeds in becoming the wife of the father of three girls. The new marriage moved and the father becomes a shadow for their daughters. Berenice has poisoned Rodrigo slowly and deteriorated his health in a terrible state. Angeles, already desperate for not seeing her father, looking in the office and in which she caught their stepmother and Gregory, partner, kissing. In the midst of despair, Gregory asks his bodyguard, Diego, who will do anything to protect his daughter. He goes after Angeles and was ordered to kill her but can not. She lets her live in his secret house where he cares and protects her. Realizing that her sister Fernanda was worried when she does not appear anymore, she then discovered her father died in a tragedy: Rodrigo has died.

The lives of the girls are changing radically and was stripped of all their property, a situation that takes advantage of the offer to Fernanda and Gregory for their care in exchange for being lovers. She still loves Manuel in silent, but accepts the plan to avenge his father and save loneliness of poverty. She entered a convent to finish high school away from so much suffering. Meanwhile, Fernanda starts a business clothing with the money Gregory gave to her and support in continuing for Manuel, who in any circumstance is willing to help them rebuild their lives. It is there, amid the daily struggles and hidden affection, which strengthens the beautiful love that exists between them.

Gradually Fernanda takes courage to confront Gregory and Berenice, search for her sisters, live without chains and continually love Manuel.

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Bellezas Indomables with Malay Subtitles. Link episode 1-5.

Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:
Episode 4:
Episode 5:


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