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[KBS2] High School Love On [Nam Woo-hyun, Lee Sung-yeol, Kim Sae Ron]

High School - Love On (Korean: 하이스쿨: 러브온)

2014 Korean romantic teen, fantasy drama series

Genre: Romance, Fairytale, Supernatural
First episode date: July 11, 2014
Final episode date: December 12, 2014

Nam Woo-hyun (23) as Shin Woohyun (18)

Lee Sung-yeol (23) as Hwang Sungyeol (18)

Kim Sae Ron (14) as Lee Seul Bi (18)



OST Part.01 – _High_School_Love_On_OST_Part.1_-_Junggigo_(2014.07.25).rar]JunggigoOST Part.02 – LeLOST Part.03 – Mad Clown, YozohOST Part.04 – Afternight ProjectOST Part.05 – Crayon PopOST Part.06 – Afternight ProjectOST Part.07 – Urban Zakapa
Kim Sae-ron, as an angel that finds herself human, with Nam Woo-hyun and Lee Sung-yeol of the band Infinite

Sungyeol and Woohyun are two Korean 18 years old boys both of whom are tormented by the emotional scars of broken families; Woo-hyun longs to see again his mother who left him as a baby, while Sungyeol lives with a stepmother that he detests and whom he blames for the break up of his parents marriage. Both are considered anti-social by Korean norms, although popular, brave and public spirited Woo-hyun drifts through school refusing to apply himself to his studies; Sungyeol is studious and does well academically but is dismissive and disrespectful of his parents, aloof and detached from his class mates, appearing cold and arrogant to all. The lives of the two crash together when an angel falls from heaven.

Woo-hyun's classmate, Kim Jin-yeong, harbours a crush for him. Fearing for her daughter's grades from her infatuation with a slacker, Jin-yeong's mother arrives in class and warns Woo-hyun to stay away from her daughter, publicly humiliating her. Unable to deal with her overbearing mother Jin-yeong prepares to jump from the roof of the school building, where Woo-hyun finds her.

Going about their business invisible to mortals are angels who guide the souls of the dead to the next life, one such nameless angel spends her time in between clients watching Korean soap operas and watching over the lives of mortals, including Woo-hyun and Sungyeol. For this, she is chided for by a senior angel, "for its always the same story told over and over again just with different people." However the angel believes that by watching she can come to understand what it is to be human, and how mortals can love when the outcome will always be parting, and how they can live if death is all that waits.

Each angel is guided by a black book that contains the name of the soon to be deceased. The female angel arrives on the school rooftop to find Woo-hyun and Jin-yeong standing on the ledge. There is an unexpected thunderstorm and the name and picture of the soul to be collected oscillates between Woo-hyun and Jin-yeong as if it cannot decide who is to die. The angel drops her book and in the moment that she takes to recover it Woo-hyun pushes Jin-yeong to safety but overbalances and falls to the ground; instinctively the angel uses her powers to save his life, however they both pass out as they crash into the bonnet of a car.

Woo-hyun and the angel wake up in hospital, Woo-hyun is surprised that he is unscathed but the angel is shocked, when she realises that Woo-hyun can see her, that he can touch her, that she can feel the ground with her toes, that she has a heartbeat, and that she is in fact now mortal.

Believing her to be suffering from amnesia due to his landing on top of her Woo-hyun takes the angel to the local police station, where under questioning she stumbles on the name Lee Seul-bi. Pressed she randomly selected syllables from magazines in the police station, from which the policeman (Sungyeol's father, Hwang Woo-jin) puzzled out a name that made sense. Woo-hyun is about to leave the newly named Seul-bi to the care of the police when Jin-yeong's mother arrives (with Woo-hyun's form tutor and grandmother in tow) threatening to sue Woo-hyun for trying to entice her daughter into a suicide pact, and with trumped up accusations of violence and bullying. Being well disposed to Woo-hyun from an earlier encounter, Hwang Woo-jin refuses to entertain the charges. Woo-hyun is about to leave Seul-bi to the care of the police, when his grandmother insists that they take her in as he owes her his life.

Seul-bi moves in with Woo-hyun and his grandmother, working part-time in their rice cake restaurant. Forgetting that she is now mortal Seul-bi is fearless in the face of injustice, authority and things she sees as wrong, traits that Woo-hyun appreciates and the two make themselves responsible for each other's well-being and happiness. Woo-hyun is forced by Jin-yeong's mother to transfer to a new school, the same school that Sungyeol attends and the two become both rivals and allies. Curious about high school, and emotionally attached to Woo-hyun, Seul-bi decides to join him in school, where Sungyeol also falls for her.

Seul-bi gets her wish of knowing humanity better, in high school learning firsthand the joys and sorrows of being a normal teenager, but she must also face a test unknown to any teenager nor angel, for on the day that she became mortal, the soul she should have led into the next life was Woo-hyun's.

Episode #        Title       

EP 1-                11 July 2014        "Destiny? Irresistible trouble!" (운명? 거부할 수 없는 날벼락!)       

EP 2-                18 July 2014        "Encounter? Mysterious coincidence!" (인연? 도무지 알 수 없는 우연!)       

EP 3-                1 August 2014 1          "Excitement? The unstoppable flutter!" (설렘? 귀를 막아도 더 크게 울리는 떨림!)       

EP 4-        8 August 2014           "Baby steps? First step when learning to love!" (걸음마? 사랑을 익힐 때 처음 다가가는 한 발짝!)       

EP 5-                 15 August 2014             "Drawing a line? Drawing a line to cross it!" (선 긋기? 넘어오라고 긋는 경계선!)               
EP 6-                 22 August 2014         "Confession? Always the wrong timing!" (고백? 언제나 어긋나는 타이밍!)               
EP 7-                 29 August 2014        "Suspicion? Wanting to Believe that it's Not True!" (의심? 아닐 거라 믿고 싶은 마음!)               

EP 8-                12 September 2014           "Regret? All You Remember is the Bad!" (후회? 못해준 것만 남는 기억!)                       

EP 9-         26 September 2014         "Consolation? The Hope that I could Take All Your Pain!" (위로? 너의 슬픔 전부 내가 가졌으면 하는 바람!)               
EP 10-        3 October 2014              "One-sided love? When you force yourself to look away!" (짝사랑? 오늘은 외면해야지 다짐하는 주문!)                               
EP 11-        10 October 2014          "Secret? The heavier the truth the better it floats!" (비밀? 무거울수록 떠오르는 진실!)                       

EP 12-        17 October 2014             "Favor? It breaks my heart when I can't do it!" (부탁? 들어줄 수 없어 가슴 아픈 말!)                       

EP 13-        24 October 2014              "Choice? The pain of losing all for you!" (선택? 너 하나 지키고 모든 걸 버리는 아픔!)                       

EP 14-        31 October 2014             "Longing? You who I keep running into!" (그리움? 모든 순간 어느 곳이든 만나지는 너!)               

EP 15-        7 November 2014        "Wounds? I give you wounds but it hurts me more!" (상처? 너에게 주고 내가 더 아픈 시간!)       
EP 16-        14 November 2014        "Sincerity? Something I want to hide for your sake!" (진심? 너를 위해 들키고 싶지 않은 마음!)       
EP 17-        28 November 2014 4           "Love? I wish I had said, "I love you!" " (사랑? 미처 전하지 못한 말, 사랑해!)               

EP 18-        5 December 2014       "Friendship? You're just another me!" (우정? 넌 또 다른 나!)                       

EP 19-        12 December 2014         "Goodbye? Only to be back again!"(이별? 다시 만나기 위한헤어집)                               

EP 20-        19 December 2014        "Fate? The distance between your heart and mine: 3 inches!" (운명? 너와 나 심장의 거리: 한뼙!)

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High School Love On Review
Rating Keseluruhan Drama: (7/10)

1. Cerita : (6/10)

Plot pemulaan best – kira 3 EP awal tu dah boleh grip apa storyline HSLO ni. Seul Bi pulak belajar cara nak hidup di dunia manusia ni melalui drama, masa jadi angel pun Seul Bi suka tengok drama. Cerita ni more into highschool life, love dan friendship.

2. Keberkesanan Lakonan:

Nam Woohyun as Shin Woo-hyun (9/10)

-Woohyun sebagai top student/cucu tokey restaurant (Miss Gong) menjiwai watak sebagai remaja yang dibesarkan neneknya tanpa ibu bapanya (berpisah)

Kim Sae Ron as Lee/Yi Seul Bi (8/10)

-Seul Bi yang keanak-anakan...tetapi matang dalam membuat keputusan dengan mudah percayakan orang. Dalam masa yang sama dia menjadi orang yang disenangi oleh kawan-kawan.

Lee Seung-yeol as Hwang Seung-yeol (8/10)

-Sentiasa menjadi menolong Seul Bi ketika Seul Bi menghadapi konflik, bila dalam keadaan tertekan dan sedih. Menyimpan perasaan pada Seul Bi.

Jung Jae Soon as Gong Mal-sook, Woo-hyun's paternal grandmother (8/10)

-Menjaga Woohyun sejak kecil selepas ibu bapa Woohyun berpisah. Mati akibat kanser dan meninggalkan restauran kepada Woohyun.

Choi Soo-rin as Ahn Ji-hye, a high school ethics/civics teacher, step mother of Sungyeol and biological mother of Woo-hyun (8/10)

-Bijak memainkan pelbagai peranan dari seorang cikgu pendidikan moral yang tegas, loving mom

Cho Yeon-woo as Hwang Woo-jin, policeman, the father of Sungyeol (8/10)

Ayah Seungyeol ni watak agak boring.. selalu ada stakeout, tapi dia sayang Seungyeol, siap suruh Woohyun jaga Seungyeol. Lepas dia tau Woohyun tu anak isteri dia dari first marriage, jadi konfliks.

Lee Chang-Joo as Senior angel, an angel and friend of Seul-bi who tries to help her become an angel again (6/10)

-Senior Seul Bi yang menyimpan perasaan padanya. Berusaha membawa Seul Bi menjadi angel semula tetapi gagal. Akhirnya menyelamatkan Seul Bi ketika kemalangan jalan raya, mengakibatkan mereka (Seul Bi dan Sunbae menjadi manusia)

3.Aspek Teknikal (8/10)

Sinematografi drama cantik, penataan bagus, montaj, suara latar cun (aii sebagai budak multimedia suka dengan design dan garapan dalam drama ni), pemilihan tempat dan pencerahan menepati citarasa

4. Skor Muzik (8/10)

Menarik, aii suka lagu Chocolate Cherry Night -Mad Clown ftYozoh , Crayon Pop C’mon C’mon

5. Kebarangkalian untuk tontonan semula (8/10)

Nomination for:Best Scriptwriting, Best Album Production
Best actor: Nam Woohyun
Best actress:Kim Saeron
Supporting actor:Lee Seungyeol
Supporting actress:Choi Soo Rin

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