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<Destiny of Thrones> Malaysia’s very first MOBA on Mobile

Releasing of the Malaysia’s very first MOBA on Mobile <Destiny of Thrones> Closed Beta starts on 25 November



It is recently announced that the all new MOBA in mobile called <Destiny of Thrones>, as published by CiB Plus, will be released in the Malaysia and Singapore game market on 25 November 2014!

This portable yet revolutionary MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game enables all MOBA enthusiasts in Southeast Asia to gather under a single platform and to compete against each other to fulfill their dreams in conquering a world known as DOTA.

Unlike most of the MOBA out there, what makes DOT unique is that it adapts the post-modern Journey to the West theme coupled with detailed graphics and 3D visuals that boasts to overturns all traditional perspective in Journey to the West.

Players are spoilt with unlimited choices of battle modes to choose from, however similar to its predecessor, the 5 vs 5 battle remains to be the flagship mode in DOT. Using one of the most popular MOBA as its blueprint, the entire game mechanism has been optimized so that all tablets and smartphone users can now enjoy a fresher and edgier MOBA game play.

In terms of game operations, DOT has managed to simplify the complex gameplay found in most of the MOBA games while retaining its main essence, an exciting yet emotional game play environment. DOT also emphasizes on fusing the aspects of personal skill with teamwork for a much perfect game play and this result to double the fun, double the excitement!

Thus, DOT is widely known to be the ONLY MOBA on mobile to be on par with its client-based counterpart. No matter where you are, you can now enjoy the excitement of DOTA with just a flick of your finger on your smartphone.

“The most anticipated MOBA + Esports game and DOT has managed to break all odds. Being one of the leading MOBA in mobile, I’m sure this game will definitely bring CiB Net Station to a while new level!”CiB Net Station Managing Director, Alan Ku.

The most delicate MOBA, the mobile DOTA
Fusing the notion of client based-game with the latest apps technology, DOT promises a whole new game experience for all MOBA enthusiasts. Building on the foundation of teamwork + strategy game play, this game promises a much more crisp yet exciting tower crumbling experience.

Players will identify exquisite hero designs in the game and also a fusion of oriental with western game play that boasts to be the first in the MOBA Era.

Rich Battle Modes       50 Heroes to do your bidding
DOT contains more than 50 types of heroes, and each heroes is designed to have its own unique skill and traits. Coupled with team tactics, personal skills, maps, equipments and weapons, each game will be a fair game as long as you know how to utilize all these elements together.

Small Capacity    Epic Game Play
As DOT takes up very little space in your smartphones and tablets, players can quickly and easily download them. Also, DOT is the only game now that houses a mixture of both iOS and Android players in a single server, so brace yourself for the most epic game play of all time!

Easy to Play      Flexible Play Time
DOT is easy to play, as it does not require a keyboard or a mouse, all you need to do is flick the screen with your fingers or a pen and you’ll be able to send troops to war. The game is also very fast pace. A 3 vs 3 game will last around 20 minutes whereas a 5 vs 5 game will only take around 20 to 45 minutes. However, it greatly depends on your capability and also those of your enemies.

DOT will release in Malaysia/Singapore on 25th November and players can download or register for the game via the DOT official website or Facebook page. Also, don’t forget to join our special reward event exclusively for Malaysia and Singapore players and stand a chance to win cash prizes plus other cool electronic gadgets! For more details, visit:
DOT Official download link:http://dot.cibplus.com/download
DOT Official Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/destinyofthrones
DOT Download Link: http://dot.cibplus.com/download (Please open this link with your handphone or tablet)

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