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Your Opportunity To Be Trained By The #1 Internet Marketer In Malaysia For FREE!

International Internet Marketer guru Patric Chan is going to train 100 students to build a new e-Commerce business for Free. After marketing on the internet for the past decade, he has found a new system to create wealth by using technology and systems. In other words, how you can start an eCommerce business to work for you:-
WITHOUT having a clue of what to sellWITHOUT keeping any inventory or stockWITHOUT hiring and dealing with any employee, zero staffWITHOUT any experience of running an eCommerce biz
The next seminar will be held at Penang and KL
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Register for FREE now before its running out.

About Patric Chan…
Patric Chan is the best-selling author of Clicking Cash, The International Player, The 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits and WakeUp Millionaire which is available in Amazon.com.
His “rags to riches” story has inspired thousands around the world to tap onto the internet opportunity. He has been featured in newspapers many times and also business magazines. Having built his internet empire (without the benefit of any college or university qualification), Patric has taught his techniques and strategies to thousands of his students through his books, courses, seminars and live training. Patric’s internet marketing products and courses have been endorsed and promoted by internet marketing gurus around the world – proving the quality and the value that he delivers. His latest product, was one of Clickbank’s top seller products when it was launched.
As a very much sought after speaker, Patric has already spoken in 11 countries including United States, UK and Australia as an authority on the topic of internet marketing before he even reaches 30 years old (he’s currently 34). He has also spoken in business conferences alongside presenters from industrial giants like Google, IBM, etc and even being promoted by the financial institution, RHB previously.
As one of the key players in expanding the world of social media, Patric is the founder of PagePressApp, a Facebook app that is currently being used in 133 different countries and has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Business and The Business Journals. Since PagePressApp, Patric has also launched another new startup for the mobile app world called, NagScreen.com.
He has been responsible for helping a lot of local people become successful internet marketers, starting their own online business today and impacted the internet marketing education industry locally.
Todate, Patric has received testimonials from ordinary people whose lives he has changed and international bestselling authors, millionaires… including a billionaire.

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