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Jualan Penghabisan Multi-function Mini Bluetooth Baru!

Nak Pakai Handphone? Sini Ada Yang Murah Lahhhhhh :lol:
Jualan Penghabisan Stok! Hanya Dengan RM 159!
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Deskripsi Produk:
-When used as a Bluetooth headset it last up to 5 hours talk time. It supports noise can cellation, and is compatible with phones as well as tablets, It is ideal companion for your life, work and entertainment.
-When used with a smart phone or a tablet, you can dial phone numbers and receive SMS.
-By adding a micro sim card and putting into the device you can send SMS, receive and make phonecalls from your smart phone or tablet. If you have a smart phone, you can achieve dual sim cards and dual standby.
-Supports Bluetooth music playback from your smart phone, hand phone or tablet, you can play games and listen to music without disturbing others.
-Large 2650mAh Battery which can charge the headset as well as your other devices.
-Supports incoming call voice announcement as well as auto-answer, no need hand operation, to make you more safer when driving

:C:C:CKenapa anda harus beli daripada kami?
1. i-Pmart Malaysia adalah syarikat yang berdaftar :loveliness:
2. Kami sediakan resit untuk setiap pembelian anda! :loveliness:
3. Kami menerima pelbagai cara pembayaran termasuk tunai, kredit kad & pindahan bank :D

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