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Looking for career opportunity in Real Estate Industry?

Looking for career opportunity in Real Estate Industry? Come join us, as a professional Real Estate Negotiator.

1) Professional & proven training & supports
2) High commission based
3) Great talent development & advancement
4) Teamwork & opportunity in property investment...

1) Professionally negotiate with all parties involved in property sales & rental.
2) Confidently execute the step-by-step process for every deals.
3) Conduct property viewing and presenting property to customers.
4) Source and list properties for sale & rent.

1) Computer literate : MS excel, MS Word
2) Required languages : English, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu
3) Possess own transport & computer literate
4) Self motivated, energetic, willing to learn and hard working

Interested candidate, please CALL for more details:
Robert @ 012-5577584

Akshay_M Publish time 3-11-2021 10:47 PM

If you are non -technical as brokers ,booking agents for builders ,buying and selling ,agents for financing companies .Employment in finance companies

If technical as Planning Engineers .Consturction Contractors Site Supervisors ,Suppliers of Cement and Steel .Vasthu Consultants Valuing and Estimate .Repair and Maintenance .Painting contractor.

Uneducated -manual laborer .Site watchman .Head Mazdoor .Labor contractor etc

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One more thing to add about real estate is using a real estate property management system.
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