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USM is now openly allowing plagiarism practice by using stolen photos

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USM has been using my photos (4 of them in their website) for the past 7 months without my permission which i only found out several weeks back. And they refuse to do anything about other than ask me to issue them a summon letter to their legal office, Mr. Khairul Anuar Bin Che Azmi.

The person who took this photos by Googling certain keywords admitted that she cropped the photos for the sake of the website design, hence my watermarks is cropped from it. Her name is Norzila Binti Manap.

I am definitely not letting this go easily as they were very rude to me when i was being nice to them enough not to expose them earlier by giving them a chance to settle this behind closed door.

I was so wrong to think so.

So here is the URL they are using (shorten), refresh for different photos: http://goo.gl/iOsDAO
Attached is the screenshots of my photos. And there's 4 more photos which no one knows who they belongs to.

Feel free to share this around as USM is now openly allowing plagiarism practice even within their own website.

And to those that ask me to seek legal action, it's a dead end when you are not financially capable to see it through, easily from RM10,000-RM30,000 when reach High Court. I have seek advice from a few lawyers and a letter of demand is all i can do.
If they decide to ignore it, there's nothing i can.

Again, as a photographer, it's sad to see your own photos isn't protected by the law if you don't have the money to do so.

Justice = Money game





You can help by sharing the post from here:



Full photos without USM logo but from their USM link (can see the watermark is cropped on bottom right)





You can compare to the original photos with watermark here:

1.) http://fighteden.deviantart.com/art/Komtar...style-351379537

This was mirrored

2.) http://fighteden.deviantart.com/art/Sunris...Jetty-342138706

3.) Link from FB as the photo was deleted from DA sometime ago

4.) Also link from FB as the photo was deleted from DA sometime ago

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heyyy apa ni!!

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Salah bod la TT FullTimeNerd

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Sorry´╝îmalas nak type bahasa balik.. :(
Just nak bgtau je

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kutip tacangg la+++

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Aik...salah tapak...

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@teky katup

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kesian TT nih... whatever happened to intellectual property rights court

anyhoo... +1

kakikuDibibirmu Publish time 5-7-2014 02:43 AM

teringat burung setem

burung copy setem 2014


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mana gamba ade watermark??

sbot psl setem
gen blom beli kad raya:mad:

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nak kad raya satu                        
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