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The PAJ 1ST 100 Photographic Exhibition

In-conjunction with the Sentosa Car Show & Shopping Fun Photography Competition.

PAJ will host The 1st Johorean Photographic Exhibition.

The aim of this exhibition is to collect all photo art works from all photographer and as a platform to have the opportunity to exchange, share and learning with each others.

Calling for photo art works submissions will start from now until 01-08-2014 ( one hundred exhibitors on first come first serve basic )

Photographic Exhibition Date: 15-08-2014 to 17-08-2014 for a period of three days.

Conditions for participation:

1. As long as you are Johorean or stay in Johor you are allow to participate.

2. Prepare your photo art works (maximum 2 for each photographer and file size not less than 4mb Jpeg )

3. Do not put watermark on your photo art works (For better view) as we will print your name on the black mounting card.

4. E-mail to the person in charge ( Please refer to the contact)

5. Bank-In RM 30 .( We will do the rest for you )

6. Digital photos and bank transfer receipt must be sent to the responsible person with the same e-mail, to facilitate record keeping.

7. Personal Information: Please email was clearly written on personal information such as: Chinese and English names, titles of works, belongs to any photography group (if any), photographic title (if any) of these data will be printed and attached exhibits black mounting card, so that people know the author's identity and background.

Organizers will print your photo art works into 10 "x 15" and mounted on black card display.

After the end of the exhibition, exhibitors will get back all their photo art works on printed material with mounting black card.

Photo will be accept in color or black and white-only,those involving pornography, nudity, obscene, violent, bloody, models and religious sensitivities mug shot pictures and other works will not be accepted and those portraiture. such as law suits, exhibitors will assume responsibility for themselves, nothing to do with the organizers.

Johorean who love photography, we are waiting for you to join the festivities together.

Let's make Johorean photographer pround !

Thanks for all the support !

Person in charge or contact person detail ;


CIMB A/C: 7608735390
TEL: 012-3831474

2)AN LIANG FONG (Kennex An)
MAYBANK A/C: 101124173672
TEL : 018 6619611


1)Chang Yoke Boey
PUBLIC BANK A/C : 4417549234
Email :
(T.S Tan )Tel : 016-718 5575


1)CHU SIEW THONG (Federick Chu)
RHB A/C: 201138-10000748
Email :
Tel : 012-7212318
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