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When Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain ascend the throne in mid-June, certain aspects of their life will change. One thing that will remain the same, however, is their family home.

The Spanish couple, along with their two daughters Princess Leonor and Princess Sofía, will still live in the royal residence they moved into after Felipe and Letizia's wedding in 2004.

The prince will change from working in his study at home, to taking over his father King Juan Carlos' office at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, from where he will reign.

Takes a look inside the home of the future king and queen of Spain.


Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia's family home, which they have lived in since their May 2004 wedding, is pictured from the outside. Accessed by circling a front lawn and pond, the residence was built in 2002 in the grounds of the 17th-century Zarzuela Palace.

Once inside, guests are welcomed into the foyer which leads off into the living room, where official functions take place, and a staircase up to the rest of the house — which include a main bedroom, two bathrooms and a living room with a chimney place, plus three bedrooms for the young princesses, two bathrooms, another living room, an office for members of the prince's cabinet and a grand terrace.

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Smiling, happy and relaxed... the royal family are usually pictured this way. Prince Felipe tenderly kisses his eldest daughter Leonor, eight, while Princess Letizia cuddles up to seven-year-old Sofía.


In summer, the family often make the most of their immaculately kept garden, with Leonor and Sofía taking to the wooden swings. In the winter, the royals send more time in their loft, which they have converted into a living area.

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Taken at an official photo call for Princess Letizia's 40th birthday, the family are pictured relaxing in their garden. Leonor, who will soon become Europe's youngest royal heiress, plays with her doting dad, while her younger sister Sofía peacefully sleeps next to her mum.

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Many work-related decisions have been made by Prince Felipe in the period library, which features a portrait of Queen Sofia. When Princess Letizia moved in, she didn't make any changes apart from adding a few books to the collection.

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The Spanish Renaissance house - which has been decorated with Portuguese furniture that belonged to Felipe's grandfather the Count of Barcelona - features full-length, wooden-panelled windows that look out onto the terrace.

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Prince Felipe's office wouldn't be complete without his country's flag standing proudly on display. The future king has added his own personal touches to the room, with a painting by Spanish artist Canogar hanging on the wall behind his large, wooden desk and leather chair.

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The first shows Leonor, eight, dressed in a pretty floral frock and sitting on her father's lap, while her seven-year-old sister Sofía cuddles her dad from behind. With his two girls at his side, Felipe looks the picture of happiness as he beams out at the camera


The second snap, also taken by Cristina García Rodero, painted a similar portrait of family man Felipe, who is always pictured in high spirits when with his brood.

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a look at the jewels that his wife Queen Letiziahave access to


"Fleur de Lys" tiara
A wedding present from Felipe's great-grandfather King Alfonso XIII of Borbón to his beloved wife Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg, this stunning headpiece was made in 1906 for the couple's May wedding. Princess Victoria wore the diamond and platinum tiara at the ceremony, proudly showing off the Fleur de Lys design – the House of Borbón's heraldic emblem.

The tiara is the most important piece in the collection, and was first worn by Queen Sofía at a state dinner held in honour of Queen Elizabeth

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"Cartier" tiara

In 1920, French jewellers Cartier designed a bespoke piece of jewellery for Queen Victoria Eugenia, who was also known as Ena. The art deco tiara featured seven large pearls encircled with diamonds. It has only been worn by two queens in the past – Ena and after 1975 Sofía.

Russian pearl necklace

Felipe's great-great-grandfather King Alfonso XII presented his first wife Queen Mercedes with this beautiful necklace made of 41 pearls and a diamond clasp. Originally weighing two kilograms, the necklace had four pearls removed to make it shorter.

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"La Chata" tiara
In the 19th century Queen Isabel II commissioned Paris-based jewellers Mellerio to create a piece of jewellery for her daughter Princess Isabel, who was also known by the nickname "La Chata" – meaning snub nosed.

The design was a beautiful reflection of the sea, featuring shells and the movement of the waves.

Queen Sofía was presented the tiara when she married Felipe's father King Juan Carlos in 1962. It was worn by Princess Letizia in 2007 when former president of the Philippines Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo visited Spain.

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Necklace made of large mounted stones
Queen Victoria Eugenia left various necklaces when she passed away. The largest made of 30 large stones was eventually passed down the line to King Juan Carlos for his wife. It was made by Spanish jewellers Ansorena.

"Queen María Cristina" tiara
The jewel belonged to King Alfonso XII's second wife, Queen María Cristina, and was first worn in 1906. The stunning piece is reminiscent of upside-down tear drops, flanked by two rows of 14 diamonds.

Queen Sofía has worn the tiara on three recent occasions – on her official tour to Norway, and when she welcomed the King of Saudi Arabia and the former president of the Philippines on state visits.

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"Mellerio floral " tiara

Princess Letizia has identified two tiaras as her favourite, one is the "Mellerio floral" piece. Made by Paris-based jewellers Mellerio, the delicate tiara is made of five flower designs complete with stems and leaves

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"Prussian" tiara
This is another favourite with Letizia. The mother-of-two wore this on her wedding day in 2004. The platinum Imperial tiara, made by German jewellers Koch, features Parthenon-style columns, rows of leaves and a central tear drop diamond.

It is one of the most important pieces from Queen Sofía's collection, as it was originally owned by her grandmother, who received it on her wedding day from her father Kaiser Wilhelm II – the last German emperor.

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"Princess" tiara

A century after King Alfonso XIII commissioned Ansorena to create the "Fleur de Lys" tiara for his beloved Princess Victoria Eugenia in 1906, the Spanish jewellers decided to make a special jewel for Princess Letizia too. The elegant piece was crafted with 450 diamonds, ten perfectly round Australian pearls and 3,000 gemstones.

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King Felipe of Spain turns 47: 10 facts about the royal

30 JANUARY 2015

King Felipe of Spain celebrates his 47th birthday on 30 January. The handsome royal, who will be marking his first birthday as Spain's king, is expected to spend the birthday with his wife Queen Letizia and daughters Leonor and Sofia.

King Felipe is Europe's youngest monarch

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1. Born in Madrid on 30 January 1968, Felipe was the youngest child of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, who already had daughters Infantas Elena and Cristina. At the time of his birth, Felipe was not heir-apparent, as his father had not yet become king.


2. Like many royals, Prince Felipe has competed in the Olympics. The athletic royal was a member of the Spanish sailing team in 1992 at the Barcelona Games like his father King Juan Carlos two decades before.

3. On 2 June 2014, Felipe's father announced he would be abdicating in favour of his son, and several weeks later on 19 June, Felipe ascended the throne with celebrations being marked across Spain.

4. Felipe's coronation was relatively low-key due to the timing and the new king’s determination to renew faith in the Spanish monarchy after several years of negative press. Speaking on the day, Felipe said he would be committed to his country and be a "a loyal head of state who is ready to listen and understand, warn and advise as well as to defend the public interest at all times".

5. At 47, Felipe is the youngest monarch in Europe.

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6. During his life, the handsome royal has held many titles, being born as Infante Felipe of Spain, before becoming first-in-line as the Prince Asturias and then finally his current title of His Majesty The King of Spain.

7. In May 2004, the popular prince married former CNN journalist Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano at the Cathedral Santa Maria la Real de le Almudena in Madrid. The stunning ceremony was watched by 25 million in Spain alone and attended by royals from around the world.


The couple on their wedding day in 2004
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