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Guardian Of Dragon FREE download NOW! Lets FIGHT!

Guardian Of Dragon

Guardian of Dragons (GOD) was a kind of tower defense phone game publishes by GameFlier Malaysia. Now we here has a GOOD NEWS want to announce to all players. The GOOD NEWS is is available download on GooglePlay from at 17/06/2014.

The basic requirement on this game is players need to create a powerful army to defend or attack enemy. Quetzalcoatl, the minister of GOD will also help us lead the army.

Promote in more country as allies, will get more chance to gain resource. Invite your friend to be your allies. Sub member will also add in as a member.

We also have some event will release on Facebook and Twitter coming soon. Let’s follow us on Facebook and Twitter to participate in more events. The following is our Facebook and Twitter link:

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Promote Youtube:

For more information, please visit to our website. or

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