Mark_Wong Publish time 28-5-2014 11:13 AM

Suggestion on FYP

Hi all, wanna ask is there any of you have any suggestion on FYP(Final Year Project) title for a degree IT student? My son was gonna take do his FYP this year. He is interest in those System development. So, any suggestion of title?

sunny1.618 Publish time 13-7-2014 05:02 PM

Hi, from my experience (software developer and freelancer, 10 year+ programming experience in Android, Java, C, C++, VB, Matlab and etc, involved in projects from university to industry level), normally there are two cases: (1) university or prof will assign the project title to student or (2) student needs to find a topic.

If it is case (1), then basically just need to follow the instruction from university or prof to complete the fyp is ok. If it is case (2), normally it would be good to find a topic related to assigned prof or a topic which can be presented in job interview. From what I learnt from my master degree, it is good when to have a topic related to assigned professor current project, so that student can have someone to discuss the project detail and get guidance or advise when face the problem. Besides, if student has chance to involve in prof project, he may help in the conference paper and possibly get an author name in that conference paper which is very good in resume.

However, If student doesn't have specific professor, then it would be good to find a topic which has practical value and student can feel confident to present in job interview later. In your case, since your son is from ITand interested in system development, I think it would be good to do something like online management system (e.g. online shopping, library and map system), mobile robotics system (line tracer), smartphone app (e.g. security system or data management system) and microcontroller related project(e.g. using sensor to do detection and store data).

Of course, these are my own opinion, the final decision depends on what student have learnt and what he wants to do can get approval from university.

Hope it can help you.

Best regards,

Mark_Wong Publish time 16-7-2014 02:22 PM

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Hi, from my experience (software developer and freelancer, 10 year+ programming experience in Androi ...

okay.. thanks for your suggestion sunny. :):):)
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