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Mac MXF to ProRes MOV Converter from multiple audio tracks

As we know, Canon every clips is in a separate folder, which brings inconvenience to import MXF to conversion tool. How to one-time convert MXF clips from separate folder ProRes for FCP? And how to export separate audio tracks MXF to ProRes MOV preserved. This article won't disappoint you.

So if you have many MXF clips, it's the time to find a way to load multiple files at once. some converters or editing systems lack the power to load MXF from different folders. However, Aunsoft TransMXF Pro for Mac can not only load MXF materials from the folder but also load the entire folder. Taking separate folders as sub-folder, which are included in a parent folder, you can directly load the parent folder so that the MXF file will be loaded into the program at once. If you don't want all MXF files from CF card, you can also drag and drop what you need to the program.

Want to preserve and get separate audio tracks from multichannel MXF footage? It's no problem! No matter MXF footages from Panasonic P2, Canon or Sony camcorders are recorded with 2, 4, 8 or more audio tracks, The MXF Converter Mac can transcode MXF to ProRes with multiple tracks kept. With the advanced audio and video synchronization technology, the output file will with video and audio in perfect sync. Apart from multi-track MOV, you can also convert MXF to MKV and MP4 with 2 channels, 4 channels, 8 channels or all audio tracks from source MXF.

Below is a simple tutorial to convert Canon MXF clips from separate folder to multi-track ProRes at once. If you do not have the necessary to export separate audio tracks, you can turn to Mac MXF Converter Reviews, effective and affordable.

Step 1: Load MXF from separate folder

From below screenshot, you can see MXF files are in 2 folders. One is "mxf" and the other is "P2-dvcpro25". Both of them are in folder "VideoBackup".
You can select to add from folder "VideoBackup" instead of adding seperate folders one by one.

Step2: choose the output format

Click the "format" and choose the "Multi-track Video -> Multi-track Apple ProPres 422(*.mov)" files as the output format.

Step3: Set multi-task settings

Click "settings" to preserve separate audio tracks in original MXF. The screenshot shows 4 tracks of audio, if your source MXF with 2 tracks, you will get 2 channels here. You have more choices, if you don’t want to keep all audio tracks, you can uncheck undesired ones. And you also can mix multi-audio tracks into individual track.

Step4: Convert MXF files into multi-track audio ProRes MOV

Click "Start Conversion" icon, the MXF to ProRes Converter will mac convert MXF to MOV with multiple audio channels. You can preview output file when conversion completed.

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