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How to play and backup Canon C300 MXF in Premiere Pro CC

For Canon C300 users, Adobe Premiere is a frequently used editing tool. Since the version is updated to CC, many guys have issues to import and play and backup C300 MXF to Premiere CC. This article is mainly to solve the annoying issues of audio, frame rate, render and merging when converting MXF to Premiere Pro CC.

The audio issues with MXF footage can be summarized as audio losing, audio cuts-off and audio out of sync. Adopting advanced video and audio encoding technology, Aunsoft TransMXF Pro for Mac can automatically load audio counterparts as soon as you import MXF video, which effectively avoid of audio missing and cuts-off after Mac C300 MXF to Premiere CC converter. With perfect audio and video synchronization, the output format will preserve the high quality of source file. What's more, as the only completely multichannel MXF, no matter MXF footage with 1, 2, 4, 8 or more audio tracks, the program can output video without any audio tacks losing.

For some reason, AE CC has been generating all sorts of MXF video dropouts lately, especially when audio render is set to 'auto'. Exactly, TransMXF Pro for Mac has the ability to convert C300 MXF to Premiere CC without long rendering time. The frame rate is high up to 48000 Hz while uncompressed QT render is only 8000 Hz CC in CC. Besides, for the reason C300 automatically divides long files into chunks, the program allows you combine and merge files before importing C300 MXF to Premiere CC.

Below is a simple tutorial to transcode Canon C300 MXF to Premiere CC MOV. If you don't need to preserve multiple audio tracks, TransMXF for Mac will be a good alternative, effective and affordable.

Step1: Load MXF material to Aunsoft TransMXF Pro for Mac

Click "add video" or "add folder" to load multiple audio channels. You can also directly drag files to the program. The program supports batch conversion and allows you capture images.

Step2: select output format

Click "Format" drop-down list to locate all the profile; choose the "Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas -> MOV (AVC) (*.wmv) ". This option offers video profile optimized for NLE editing. You can also choose WMV and MPE-2. .png

Step3: Set audio and video profile

You can click "Settings" to set up video size, frame rate, bitrates and other settings.

Step 4: Click "Convert" icon to convert Canon XF100/XF105/XF300/XF305 MXF

Click "Conversion" icon that the TransMXF Pro for Mac will transcode C300 MXF files to Premiere CC supported MOV. With just a click on "Open output folder", you can locate the export MOV quickly.

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