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Geneva 2014: Audi TT

Geneva 2014: Audi TT


The 2014 Geneva Motor Show is yet to open to the public but Audi have already shown us their latest iteration of the TT! The Audi TT has proved to be one of the German marques most popular models. Now Audi have unveiled the third generation TT and although the changes may look to be subtle, they are certainly more than skin deep. The third generation of the compact sports car is again intriguing, with its striking design and sporty qualities. The new Coupé is characterized by the use of innovative technologies in its engine and in its control and display concept, including the all new ‘Audi virtual cockpit’ but more on that later!

The TT has become such an icon thanks to its instantly recognisable body shape with its strong arches and smooth curved roof. The third generation of TT emphasises and extenuates the strong lines and angles of the sports coupe. The front of the new TT is characterised by horizontal lines. The Singleframe grille is much broader and flatter than that of the previous model, with a powerful line dividing it into two zones. Starting in the top corners of the grille, sharp contours run in a V across the hood, which bears the four Audi rings mimicking the design on the Audi R8 supercar.




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