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调味品市场分析 Condiment market analysis 随着人们生活质量的提高,追求生活品质,调味品使用量在人们生活中逐渐增加,从趋势上看,单一调味品市场需求下降,复合调味品市场需求及产销量上升,在全世界占据了调味品市场80%的份额。东方调味品与西餐调味品融合的速度进一步加快,辣椒、酱料在调味品类的地位越来越突出。 The usage of condiment increases as people are seeking for higher quality of life. The demand of single condiment decreases while demand, production and sales of compound flavoring rises with a share of 80 percent across the world. The pace of blending between oriental and western-style condiment further speed up. Hot pepper and sauce plays a more important role in condiment.   
   在食品加工领域,调味品原来主要是最终消费品,现在除了这个功能以外,调味品作为中间原料,在食品工业领域用途越来越广泛。到目前为止,我国餐饮业每年的产值达到12000亿元,调味品的产值也已达到500亿元左右,也就是说,在餐饮领域里每吃10元钱就要消费1元钱的调味品。Condiment used to be the final consumer goods in food processing industry. Besides, condiment is widely used in food industry as intermediate raw materials. So far, China’s catering industry has output value of 1200 billion yuan with condiment output value of about 50 billion yuan. That is, 1 yuan condiment will be consumed when 10 yuan is spent in catering field. 根据Superjinkou市场资讯调研部研究显示:我国餐饮业年平均增长速度将达到18%左右,呈高速发展,巨大的市场容量和不可或缺的消费需求势必加快调味品行业的发展脚步,近10年来,我国调味品每年的增长幅度超过了10%。调味品行业的现状是以区域品牌为主,缺乏全国性的强势品牌。调味品企业在强化品牌形象推广的同时,必须强化复合调味品的开发。在全球调味品市场中,复合调味料占市场份额的80%以上,我国只占到20%。According to a survey conducted by Market Information Research Department of , China’s catering industry grows at a high speed with an annual rate of 18 percent. The huge market capacity and indispensable demand is bound to accelerate the development of condiment industry. China’s condiment industry enjoys a growth rate of more than 10 percent in the past decade. Local brands dominate condiment industry without a name brand known to the nation, which is the status quo. When strengthening promotion of brand image, condiment enterprises should enhance development of compound flavoring. Compound flavoring has a market share of more than 80 percent across the world, however, the figure is only 20 percent in China.    现在,国内复合调味料的产销量已达到150万吨,品种达到上千种,涉及餐饮业和家庭厨房的方方面面,不管是传统的餐饮业,还是在快餐店;不管是各种烧、烤、涮,还是洋快餐(麦当劳、肯德基);不管是方便食品领域,还是各种旅游休闲食品,复合调味品确实成为一个新亮点。关于复合调味料的市场开发国内过去的传统产品比较单一,腐乳就是腐乳,酱油就是酱油,味精就是味精,还有蚝油、豆豉等等,这些产品都是作为单一的产品在市场上大行其道。现在,随着消费市场的变化,以上这些产品的内容或者说其内涵和质量,特别是对其口味的要求,变化非常之大,可以说出乎人们的想象,外资对国内调味品市场的渗透力度将加大。Now, China’s production and sales of compound flavoring runs up to 1.50 million tonnes with variety of more than 1000, which involves in catering industry and home kitchen. Compound flavoring becomes a highlight whether in traditional restaurants or in fast-food outlets; whether in roast, bake and scalding food or in western fast food (MacDonald and KFC); whether in fast food field or tourism& leisure food field. Traditional compound flavoring market is less on variety in the past, for instance, Soy sauce is soy sauce, gourmet powder is gourmet powder, as well as oyster sauce and fermented soybeans, etc. Demand on the flavor of above products changes greatly at presentin the consumer market is quite out of our imagation. Therefore, foreign investment in domestic condiment market will further increase. 复合调味品在使用上是多种多样的。由于我国的复合调味品还处在发展的初期,还远未形成系统化,因此目前对我国的复合调味品进行整体分类还为时尚早,这正好说明了我国复合调味品的发展空间是非常巨大的。The usage of compound flavoring is diverse. Since China’s compound flavoring lies in the early stage of development and is far from systematization, it is too early for China to carry out overall implementation on compound flavoring, which demonstrates the huge development potential of China’s compound flavoring industry. 目前国内调味品行业存在以下问题:1. 地方品牌居多品牌知名度不强;2. 技术革新步伐缓慢;3. 传统产品比较单一;China’s condiment industry has some problems as follows at present:1 There are many local brands, which are not well-known. 2 The pace of technical innovation is slow. 3 Traditional products are less in variety. 随着新一轮国际化专业化的兼并重组启幕,业内人士普遍认为,中国调味品行业目前进入了一个大转变、大调整和大分化时期。一方面是与国际接轨的专业化并购,另一方面是传统产业在发展过程中面临国际竞争的困惑与顽疾的暴露,调味品行业改善不足,以减少大发展道路上的阻碍因素。As a new round of international and professional M&As raise the curtain, China condiment industry enters an era of radical shift, huge adjustment and great divergence. On one hand, it is international and professional M&As. On the other hand, traditional industry faces international competition and stubborn illness in the process of development. Condiment industry should make improvements to reduce barriers on the way of development.
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