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Freelance Graphic Designer / Web /Video & Kartunis


Saya merupakan seorang freelance graphic & multimedia. Saya ada menyediakan perkhidmatan design seperti :

1. Corporate identity design. (Logo, flyer, annual report, magazines,buletin, book, kad raya, kad kahwin, name card, letter head, envelop, stationery items, bunting, banner,backdrop dan sebagainya).

2. Custom web site / montage / (joomla, wordpress, opencart, drupal, html & php)

3. Editing video (Montage, documentary, video presentation, Video korporat dan sebagainya)

4. Melukis karikatur / Kartun untuk majalah, personal dll.

Bagi yang berminat, anda boleh melihat hasil kerja saya di laman portfolio saya

Tel / sms : 019 413 7154 (
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niu Design Studio

A Graphic Design Studio specialize in all kinds of advertisements & printings

niu Design Studio is founded by a young talented calligraphy, Tee. The company was established in April 2014 and is created with the intention of providing quality design ideas in order to meet the customers' utmost satisfaction. We look for creativity and originality. Strong resource is one of our beliefs in cultivating a complete project scheme. We give the project a whole new image with unique identity.

We specialize in all kinds of advertisement and printings,

including banners,

name cards,





invitation cards etc

as well as calligraphy.


Any Job Opportunity, please contact:
Tee 016-2875159

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Hey guys! Could you please advise me on some other good web design companies? I would be so grateful for any advice!

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