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EVO GPS Vehicle Tracker - Affordable Peace of Mind

Do you always worry about the security of your car wherever you go?

Are you looking for a device that you can control and monitor your vehicle all the time?

Introducing EVO GPS Vehicle Tracker, an integrated vehicle security and tracking system, gives you the convenient to track your car anytime, anywhere, at affordable price!

For more information please visit our website:

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RRP RM799 for the unit (includes first year subscription)
Yearly subscription is rm240 for 2nd year
If you purchase 2nd year in advance, you get 10% discount - so RM216
If you purchase 2nd and 3rd year in advance, you get 15% discount - so RM408 for 2 years

Installation is not included. Most car workshop can do the installation at low cost.

You can purchase the device direct from us.
Contact us at +603 7966 5700 or

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