flewind Publish time 17-3-2013 04:03 PM

X-ray used at house

2013 have new alert. :huffy

All gamers friends watch out for X-ray, microwave ray, "electronic harassment" in near your house

"electronic harassment" - very few people know
- can check Google !

Previously used by Police and Soldier, now already used by normal persons to hurt people

These people used the device, may be steal from their father or mother....

or these device already in the market. Last time used in war and hospital.

Gamers like us, not much movement in front of computer, being ray like you go to Hospital to Xray

They just put a bag near you in your neighbour house, seat near you in bus, or Internet cafe.

They use long distance remote control.

you get sick often:huffy

aziz79 Publish time 17-3-2013 06:48 PM

do you mean radiation exposure that transmit from electronic device?

trunks Publish time 18-3-2013 02:57 AM

thanks for your concern..but..i dont think in malaysia may
have problem with it..and by the way..
this is not the proper board to discuz about game..

WilliamVFloyd Publish time 2-8-2021 02:40 AM

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