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IT software Engineer

We are an international team of carefully selected people working together to solve our customers' planning puzzles. Our software plans parcel deliveries in real time for DHL in more than 40 countries; it schedules trains throughout Europe; plans the production of 25% of all aluminum produced in the world; and rosters all air traffic controllers in Canada in two languages, across five time zones and 150 locations. Those are just some examples of what we do for companies involved in mining, steel processing, transport, airports, security, healthcare,
broadcasting, and many other industries. Show us a planning puzzle, we'll solve it.

software Engineer

Job Requirements

-A degree in computer science, software engineering, mathematics, econometrics, or artificial intelligence.
-Excellent communication skills and a good command of English.
- Experience in developing business software solutions is advantageous.
-Experience with object-oriented modeling (UML), 3GLs (Java, C++, Delphi, Smalltalk, Eiffel) or 4GLs (G2, Aion, etc.) is a plus.
-Experience of iterative software development is a plus.
- Fresh graduates with excellent academic records are welcome to apply.

-Collaborate with business analysts and advanced planning & scheduling consultants to
develop a best-fit software solution which addresses the customer’s requirements.
-Contribute to the development of company solutions, which include the employee planning &
scheduling solution and the supply chain planning solution.
-Play a significant role in the iterative development process,
to test and refine the software in response to feedback from the customer and the project team

Renumeration Package:
RM4,500 onwards (depending on the candidate’s working experience)

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
Interested applicants are invited to email with comprehensive resume

Email: eunice.event@gmail.com

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We are a foreign team of people working altogether to sort out our customers' system puzzles. I see this list for her. Our software plans real-time delivery for DHL in more than 40 countries; it organizes trains throughout Europe; plans production of 25% of all aluminum produced in the world. These are some examples of what we do for companies involved in mining, steel production, transportation, airports, security, health,

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