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Perkahwinan Diraja British 1922 ~ 1981

Perkahwinan diraja British berlaku kira-kira sekali setiap satu generasi dan diraikan dalam tradisi mewah dan gilang gemilang. Peminat keluarga diraja berkumpul awal di sekitar London's Westminster Abbey atau St. Paul's Cathedral untuk melihat acara ini dengan lebih dekat kerana peristiwa ini jarang sekali berlaku. Sejak awal abad ke-20an, acara besar-besaran ini telah ditangkap oleh jurugambar untuk diabadikan sebagai kenangan istimewa.
Gambar Perkahwinan bermula dari Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles pada 1922 hingga perkahwinan Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles in 1981. 1Lady Diana Spencer, soon to become the Princess of Wales, shows off her wedding gown for the first time as her bridesmaids set her train on arrival at Saint Paul's Cathedral on July 29, 1981 (Reuters/Mal Langsdon)
Police officers restrain a crowd of people who turned out for the wedding of Princess Mary and Henry Charles George, Viscount Lascelles, in February of 1922. (© Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS)#
Spectators look on as workmen carry large crowns for Princess Mary's marriage to Henry Charles George, Viscount Lascelles, at Westminster Abbey in 1922. (© Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS)#
The Duchess of York leaves her house for her wedding in April of 1923. (© Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS)#
Britain's Duke of York and his bride pass crowds of cheering people as they return to Buckingham Palace after their wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey, England, on April 26, 1923. (AP Photo) #
The royal wedding party, with the Duke of York and his bride at the center in May of 1923. On the left are Lady Mary Cambridge, Lady Mary Thynne, the Hon. Diamond Hardinge, and the Hon. Elizabeth Elphinstone (front). On the right are Lady May Cambridge, Lady Katherine Hamilton, Miss Betty Cator, and the Hon. Cecilia Bowes-Lyon (front). (© Bettmann/CORBIS)#
From left to right: Lady May Abel Smith, Princess Marie Louise, Princess Beatrice, Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone. In foreground, Princess Elizabeth (the future queen), Princess Patricia, Alexander Cambridge (the Earl of Athlone), and Master Alex Ramsey. All watching the departure of the Prince Henry, The Duke of Gloucester and his wife Princess Alice, The Duchess of York formerly Lady Alice Scott, in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, London on November 6, 1935. (AP Photo/Staff/Putnam) #
Eager hands reach through the bars of the forecourt at Buckingham Palace, London on November 6, 1935, as watchers try to gather the rose petals that fell from all sides upon Prince Henry, the Duke of Gloucester, and his new wife, Princess Alice. (AP Photo/Staff/Putnam) #
Britain's Duke and Duchess of Gloucester wave to the huge crowd gathered outside Buckingham Palace, London after their wedding on November 6, 1935. (AP Photo) #
Princess Elizabeth and Lt. Philip Mountbatten in September 1947, two months before they were to be married. (AP Photo) #
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11Louisa Sorrell, 17-year-old employee of Warner and Sons, Ltd., begins the second stage in the preparation of the silk for Princess Elizabeth's bridal train on Oct. 10, 1947. Here, Sorrell takes up the slack in the thread where necessary. (AP Photo) #
12Huddled together on the pavement opposite Westminster Abbey, London on November 20th, 1947, these people made sure of their positions for the Royal procession for the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. (AP Photo) #
13An elevation shot taken from Buckingham Palace shows thousands of Londoners gathered around the Victoria Memorial at the entrance to Buckingham Palace to cheer the newly married Princess Elizabeth and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and members of the Royal family when they appeared on the palace balcony following the wedding in Westminster Abbey on November 21st, 1947. (© Bettmann/CORBIS) #
14An ocean of humanity in London on November 20th, 1947, as people try to get a glimpse of the Royal Wedding procession of Princess Elizabeth, near South Africa House and St. Martin in the Fields Church. (AP Photo) #
15The bridal procession carrying Princess Elizabeth and her father King George VI is seen turning into Whitehall in London on November 20th, 1947, with the sovereign's escort of Household Cavalry. (AP Photo) #
16A London youngster is handed over the heads of spectators in Trafalgar Square, London, in an effort to prevent her from being crushed in the mass of people trying to witness the Royal Wedding procession of Princess Elizabeth and Lt. Philip Mountbatten, November 20th, 1947. (AP Photo) #
17The bridal procession, with the sovereign's escort of Household Cavalry, is seen leaving Buckingham Palace in London for Westminster Abbey on November 20th, 1947. (AP Photo) #
18Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh wave to the crowd from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, London, November 20, 1947. From left to right, King George VI, Princess Margaret, Lady Mary Cambridge, the bride and bridegroom, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary. (AP Photo) #
19Princess Anne, shown with her father Prince Phillip, during her wedding to Captain Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey in London, England on November 14, 1973. (AP Photo) #
20The wedding of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips at the Westminster Abbey in London, England on November 14, 1973. (AP Photo) #

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Princes Anne and Capt. Mark Phillips share a laugh on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after their wedding. (© Bettmann/CORBIS)#
Crowds sleep out in front of St. Paul's Cathedral in London on July 19, 1981 to be sure of getting a good view of the Royal Wedding procession of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer the next day. (AP Photo) #
A passerby looks at a window display of the royal wedding at the British Airway office on New York's Fifth Avenue on July 27, 1981. The display includes photographs of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer and toy soldiers arranged in parade formation. (AP Photo/Marty Lederhandler) #
Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer are shown on their wedding day at St. Paul's Cathedral in London on July 29, 1981. (AP Photo) #
With a 7.6 meter (25-foot) sweeping train, the Princess of Wales, former Lady Diana Spencer, leaves St. Paul's Cathedral arm in arm with Prince Charles at the end of their wedding ceremony in London, July 29, 1981. (AP Photo) #
Charles, Prince of Wales, and bride, Lady Diana, wave the crowd in coach as they pass through Fleet Street after their wedding at St Paul's Cathedral, on July 29, 1981. (AFP/Getty Images) #
Flag-waving wedding enthusiasts, including skinheads, dance atop one of the fountains of Trafalgar Square after watching the wedding procession of Prince Charles and the Princess of Wales in London on July 29, 1981. (AP Photo) #
Spectacular effects fill the sky over Hyde Park, London on Tuesday, July 28, 1981, during the fireworks display to mark the Royal Wedding on Wednesday. (AP Photo) #
Britain's Prince Charles kisses his bride, Princess Diana on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London, England after their wedding on July 29, 1981. (AP Photo) #

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