BudakSkema Publish time 11-6-2012 03:03 PM

Nasib kau lah player,.padan muka

zad78 Publish time 11-6-2012 04:42 PM

siapa yang couple ngan Taylor Swift ni bersiap sedia jer la lagu pasal korang akan keluar kalau clas ...
gjoy_chester Post at 8-6-2012 18:30 http://mforum2.cari.com.my/images/common/back.gif

   hey mampus la mek pasni.....mek baru je lepas clash ngan minah ni semalam.......mintak mintak dia tak buat lagu dangdut dekat mek ni.....ohhh hoiiiiiii

DexterN Publish time 10-8-2023 03:30 PM

To be honest, I understand when musicians express feelings in their music. I'm one of them, after all, even though according to Spotify listeners, it's not that good. But at least, it helps me cope with the situation.

ErnestCandace Publish time 10-8-2023 08:49 PM

Are you sure you're using the right promotion strategy if you have a small audience? I believe that if you decide to use Spotify promotion, it can actually help you get the audience you deserve. There are no bots, so I think you should consider something like that to become successful in the music industry.

Page88 Publish time 15-8-2023 06:59 AM

Who cares??? I prefer Taylor Swift to John Mayors as his songs suck.
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