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Jx2 - Are you the 109th Warrior in New Water Margin

《New Water Margin》 Unleash 2012 Year Of DragonAre you the 109th Warrior?

              The famous martial game with is launching the 《New Water Margin》 at the eve of 2012 Year of Dragon to unleash plenty feature, including the Hero Feast Banquet, Five Elements Compass, Highest Clan Secret Chamber, New Advance Sect Scroll, Sky Majestic Stone, Level 99 Break-Through and etc.

Challenge Water Margins! Be the 109th Warrior      The new “Hero Feast Banquet” is inviting the expert player to fight with the hero from Water Margin, such as Song Jiang, Lin Chong and numerous heroes. If you can strikedown the hero, you can get the Hero Token to exchange for various treasure and qualifier for the 109th Warrior!
  Pass the “Hero Feast Banquet” will need highly cooperation of the team from different branches during the battle. Any mistake from member will cause the death and failure! Warning: The Boss is tough and hard to kill, do not go if you are strong enough!

Dazzling Five Elements Compass Emerge  Recently, plenty of meteors have appeared in the northern sky, this is indicating appearance of new equipment. The Five Elements Compass is combining the power of five elements to activate your hidden power!
  Five Elements Compass is a new equipment system. You can collect the element essence and fuse it into various elements stones with different element and level. Slot the element stone into the compass will activate the hidden effect and it can strengthen the power of character. You will become more powerful when equipped with Five Elements Compass!

Highest Clan Secret Chamber Opened  Clan Secret Chamber is the place for the disciple to show theirs talent, and only the expert disciple can enter the chamber to accept the challenge. Are you looking forward to take higher challenger after stage 7? Now, the Stage 8 and 9 is opened now to wait for you to explore the secret in it!
      Besides, the function to exchange golden sect equipment is opened as well, and only the item obtained from highest clan secret chamber can exchange the equipment! The golden set equipment will boost your power of the skill learned from sect. Let

Level99 Breakthrough, Sky Majestic Born, New Sect Scroll Arrived  Although you have reached the top level 99 and shown in the world ranking, but this doesn’t mean the end of your life. Now, the new Apex Mystify Skill is found and designed for top level player to break through the level limit and boost the world ranking to NO1!!  The Sky Majestic Stone is born now! The top golden equipment can be further strengthened with Sky Majestic Stone and maximize the effect to extreme status!! With the Sky Majestic Equipment, you not need scare to anyone!!  The new advance sect scroll has combined the benefit from normal scroll and verse and two bonuses can be trained to very highest value! With it, you can have to advantages from 2 into 1!!

Fabulous Activities and Prize Waiting To Win   
   Join 《New Water Margin》 now is never late! The limited VIP Card is giving now for new player to start the new character from level 70!! Besides, extra equipment, scroll, horse and outer suit will be given as well to make sure new player is capable to fight with others player. Furthermore, new player has chance to win the fabulous prize, including trendy Samsung Galaxy Note, special outer suit and flying sword!   Moreover, the old players are treated with fabulous reward, including full set of +10 golden equipment, advance weapon effect, experience title, flying sword and etc. Let’s call your old buddy return to fight with the hero in Water Margins together. In addition, the fans of Facebook will be given with new outer suit, special weapon effect and experience title. Join the Facebook’s Fans now!          In conjunction to the arrival of 2012 Year of Dragon, a series of events will be launched to celebrate the New Year with all players, including Free AngPow Collection, Fighting against Nian Monster, Dazzling Fireworks Event, Rainbow YeeSang Celebration and etc. You can enjoy an unforgettable and meaningful festival in 《New Water Margin》!
   The 《New Water Margin》 will be unleashed at 16th January 2012! No matter you are new or old player, this is a great time join the New Water Margin》! Visit the JX2 official website at for more information.

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