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cantik sgt hye sun as han da jin..... :loveliness: {:1_152:}

haisanor Publish time 21-11-2011 05:41 PM

cute apa goo hye sun..

Ley Publish time 21-11-2011 08:41 PM

thanks for the pics from soompi

On the set of Please, Captain on 18 Nov 2011


bietrisha Publish time 22-11-2011 12:49 PM

yea..tak sabar nye...GHS!!!!

Ley Publish time 24-11-2011 08:35 PM

thanks for the article from soompi

Take Care of Us, Captain" Ji Jin-Hee Becomes a Photographer

Actor Ji Jin-hee became a photographer in Australia.
Taking on the role of Kim Yoon-seong in the new SBS drama "Take Care of Us, Captain", debuting on the 4th of January, Ji Jin-hee took pictures of a newly wedded couple on site in early November.
This scene was taken at Harbor Bridge in Australia and it is of Ji Jin-hee taking wedding pictures of a flying instructor. He is showing a pose very much like a real photographer rather than a set up.
With a past career as an advertisement photographer, he led the scene like a real photographer, telling the Austrailian couple how to pose and such. People say it's hard to tell if it's real or a scene for the drama.

cr : Credits: Newsen + HanCinema, soompi

Ley Publish time 24-11-2011 08:38 PM

thanks for the pics from soompi


minho_nora Publish time 24-11-2011 08:53 PM

Reply 26# Ley

    comeyyy gle......!   :'(

rindu weiiiii... kalo lee joon xjadi pun xpe.. seken hero ni laagi hensemm.. sesuwaiii jek ngan hyesun..:loveliness:

Ley Publish time 25-11-2011 12:10 PM

Reply 27# minho_nora

ai semmgnya dah tak sabar nih:D

Ley Publish time 25-11-2011 12:27 PM

thanks for the pics from soompi
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thanks to cheerkoo for the translation from soompi

'부탁해요 캡틴' 구혜선, 졸업식 장면 위해 '분수대에 첨벙'=PCAP GHS, Fountain Splash for the Graduation Scene

기사입력 2011-11-24 11:05:5

SBS 새 수목극 '부탁해요 캡틴'의 구혜선이 물에 빠지는 열연을 펼쳤다.

극 중 구혜선은 일에 대한 열정과 패기, 긍정적인 마인드를 지닌 비행 부조종사 한다진역을 맡았다. 그런 그녀가 최근 극 중 샌프란시스코의 항공학교 졸업식 세리모니로 물에 빠지게 된 것.
Brief sum about PCAP drama(we all heard it many times) and GHS carrying out the graduation scene when her character graduates from San Francisco pilot school.

이 촬영은 지난 17일 진행된 극 중 항공학교(Redbaron Airline Academy of San Francisco)의 분수대에서 진행됐다. This filming took place on Nov 17th at the water fountain.

감독의 큐사인이 떨어지자 보조출연자들은 구혜선의 팔과 다리를 잡은 체 대운동장을 달리다가 "하나, 둘, 셋"이라는 구령과 함께 그녀를 분수대에 빠뜨렸다. 구혜선은 기뻐하는 모습을 연출하기 위해 연신 웃음 지었고, 마지막에 전화받는 설정까지 단번에 끝내 제작진뿐만 아니라 모여 있던 학생들에게 박수갈채를 받았다.
Everybody-the staff and the supporting casts as well as the students surrounding the area--all gave GHS applause as she was able to finish that scene (being carried to the fountain and being thrown into it and to the point of anwering her phone all with correct emotions and movements) in one single shot!

'부탁해요 캡틴'의 주동민 PD는 "구혜선씨가 호주 촬영 당시에도 길거리에서 스태프들과 어울리면서 식사를 하는가 하면 직접 무거운 짐도 옮기는 적극적인 모습을 선보여 모두들 그녀를 좋아하게 됐다"며 "이번에도 추운 날씨였지만 좋은 영상, 좋은 드라마를 위해 적극적으로 물에 빠져준 그녀에게 정말 고맙다"고 전했다. Dirctor Joo DongMin talks about GHS: "Even while we were in Australia, GHS easily got along with the whole staff, enjoying meals with them along the streets and even carrying heavy loads along with the staff. She is active and positive that everybody likes her. The weather today was cold but I really appreciate that she was very positive (not a complaint) in having herself thrown into the water."

한편 '뿌리깊은 나무' 후속으로 내년 1월 4일 첫 방송 되는 '부탁해요 캡틴'은 열정과 패기를 지닌 여성 부조종사가 파일럿으로 성장하는 과정을 그린 휴머니즘 드라마로 '순결한 당신', '당신의 천국'의 주동민 PD가 메가폰을 잡았다. Dir Joo have directed "Pure-Hearted Darling" and "Darling's Heaven" in the past. PCAP is a drama with humanism. Starts Jan4th on SBS.
SBS 제공.
화보로 보는 뉴스, 스마트폰으로 즐기는 ‘OSEN 포토뉴스’ ☞ 앱 다운 바로가기 제보및 보도자료 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]

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Han da Jin, beautiful Pilot news pics from "Take Care of Us, Captain"

On 25th Nov,the new SBS drama "Take Care of Us, Captain" release pics actress Goo Hye Sun training flight.


Ley Publish time 2-12-2011 09:56 PM

thanks webby for the translation from soompi

구혜선 지진희, 동화같은 호주 몰래데이트 ‘의외로 잘 어울려’
GHS and Ji Jin hee looks unexpectedly compatible in their fairy-tale like secret date in Australia.

구혜선과 지진희가 호주에서 동화같은 데이트를 즐겼다.
GHS and Ji Jin hee happily enjoyed their fairy-tale like date in Australia.
최근 호주로 로케이션을 떠났던 SBS 새 수목드라마 '부탁해요 캡틴'(극본 정나명/연출 주동민)의 촬영 현장 사진이 공개됐다. 구혜선과 지진희가 동화 같은 아름다운 배경 속에서 햄버거 데이트를 즐기고 있다.
Recently the filming stills of SBS new Wed-Thurs drama, 'PLease captain' in Australia has been released. GHS and JJH are enjoying their hamburger date in the fairy-tale like beautiful background.
이날 촬영은 호주의 한적한 농촌 주택에서 진행된 것으로 극중에서 누군가를 설득하기 위해 무작정 집 앞에서 기다리고 있는 한다진(구혜선 분)을 위해 윤성(지진희 분)이 햄버거를 사 들고 와 두 사람이 함께 시간을 보내게 되는 내용이다. 겉으로는 까칠하고 냉정해 보이지만 속으로는 다진에 대한 걱정과 배려가 숨어있는 윤성의 다정한 면모가 보여지는 장면이다.
Filming took place in a farming village in Australia regarding a scene where in order to convince someone, Yoon Sung (played by JJH)arrives with some hamburgers while Han da jin (played by GHS) was waiting thoughtlessly in front of the house and they spend some time together. Although Yoon sung is cold and calm on the exterior, and hides his worries and thoughtfulness about da jin, the scene shows the warmhearted side to him.
구혜선은 볼이 빵빵 하도록 햄버거를 물고 있는 모습으로 활발하고 귀여운 캐릭터를 표현하고 있다. 그간 캔디 캐릭터를 주로 맡아온 구혜선이 보여줄 한다진은 어떤 모습일지 궁금증을 불러일으키고 있다.
GHS was munching on the hamburger with her cheeks full, showing the cheerful and cute side of her character. It makes people wonder how GHS, who has frequently played 'candy-like' (cheerful & positive) characters will interpret han da jin.
'부탁해요 캡틴'은 다른 항공 드라마들에서는 보여지지 않았던 파일럿을 비롯해 승무원과 관제사, 정비사 등의 실상을 리얼하게 보여줄 드라마다. '뿌리깊은 나무' 후속으로 2012년 1월 4일 첫 방송된다.
(description of Please Captain). It will air on Jan 4, 2012 following 'tree with deep roots'.

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                                               Ji Jin-Hee's Transformation into a Uniform-Wearing Pilot
Ji Jin-hee transformed into a pilot wearing a uniform.

Ji Jin-hee takes on the role of pilot captain Kim Yoon-seong in the SBS drama special "Take Care of Us, Captain". The drama started shooting on the 31st of October and he has been in Australia showing off his pilot's uniform.

He has shed his kind image from "Dong Yi" and is about to display some thorough and strict charisma.

He wears a poker face and doesn't lose his cool in any situation but on the inside he's actually very warm and humane. Ji Jin-hee has been focusing hard on turning himself into Kim Yoon-seong. The first episode comes on the 4th of January.

Source: HanCinema

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20111207 Goo Hye Sun - "Please captain" Trailer

Uploaded by   bambi2209 @yt

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Jung Gyu Woon, now filming in SBS' History of the Salaryman, will make a cameo appearance in Take Care of Us, Captain.

Credits: Sports Chosun

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20111207 Goo Hye Sun - "Please captain" Trailer

Uploaded by      @yt
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Screencaps shoot
Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 800 x 450) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 800 x 450) - Click image to enlarge

Resized to 86% (was 799 x 562) - Click image to enlarge

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Jung Kyeo-woon cameos on Captain as a top star
by javabeans | December 7, 2011
Jung Kyeo-woon took a little time off from his own drama schedule (he’s currently filming the series History of the Salaryman) to cameo for a different SBS drama, Take Care of Us, Captain.

Apparently Jung has ties to several of the stars in the drama’s regular cast: He is currently repped by the same agency as leading men Ji Jin-hee (playing a pilot) and Lee Chun-hee(an air traffic controller), and was previously at the same agency as Yoo Sun (a flight attendant).

He’s pictured with the latter in these stills, since she serves the flight Jung takes in his brief guest appearance. He’s playing a top star — you can tell from the sunglasses — and the flight takes him to San Francisco. Hm, does that mean he’ll cross paths with rookie pilot Gu Hye-sun, then, she of the “Redbaron flight academy of sanfrancisco“?

Jung’s cameo will come in the drama’s first episode, which airs on January 4.

haisanor Publish time 9-12-2011 01:16 AM

teringat lak drama jepun tajuk good luck yang takuya kimura jadi pilot. tp heroin dia kerja engineering kapalterbang..

buahcinta Publish time 9-12-2011 07:15 AM

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best giler "good luck" tu, takuya sngt2 la hensem & macho. 2nd best drama dia lps "pride".

bila mula2 baca Lee Jun nak ganding dgn Goo Hye Sun ni, rasa cam langsung tak kena. walau GYS ni baby-face tapi kita tau Jun lebih muda,. tapi bila ganding dgn JJH rasa ok dah. sy suka JJH ni time dia berlakon dlm "he who can't marry", skema toi ;P. sy pun suka Jung Kyeo Woon time dia berlakon dlm "romance town". macho!

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Resized to 99% (was 691 x 518) - Click image to enlarge


wanzulina Publish time 11-12-2011 08:31 PM

Alamak apsal Lee Joon tak dapat berlakon dlm drama ni. suke Joon masa dia berlakon Ninja Assasin. Jd Rain masa remaja. Joon ni sgt kelakar partner dgn Mir kump MBLAQ. Lawak dan suke tgk dia kiut.
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