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Voltron Force (Nickelodeon)

First of all aku baru tau about this new cartoon....First 2 episodes lambat sikit kluarkan lions...but lepas2 tu...personally for me...awesome giler....here is the trailer


nice touch to my old favourite cartoon {:1_152:}

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Seriously this new version of Voltron is pretty awesome...with improved storyline...yg aku like most ialah ability for each lion to be the center of voltron (to form the head) with each form will have differnt kind of weapon

Black Lion - form the usual Blazing Sword


Red Lion - Guns


Green Lion (ninja Voltron) - form additional Shield to be used together with the Blazing Sword


Blue Lion - Double sided Trident


Yellow Lion - Wrecking Maces


The Lions


p/s: thanks to Juju Amin for the credit :)

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First of all aku baru tau about this new cartoon....First 2 episodes lambat sikit kluarkan lions...b ...
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Takde pong kat Nickelodeon Voltron ni...

Jizzz... Klong! Klong!

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   nickelodeon astro blom sampai lagi la kot...kat US dah tayang 14 episodes...skrg tgh rehat..doing re-run kot
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