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SECHSKIES ~ officially sign on with YG

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Welcome to ........SECHSKIES


DSP Entertainment decided to name the 6-member group, “Sechskies”, which translated to “Six Crystals” in German. An unusual name, for sure, but it resonated with the agency’s desire to market the boys as brilliantly talented artists whose presence and work would never fail to inspire.Interestingly enough, the group was divided into two subunits, comprised of three members each: the “Black kies” and the “White kies”. The “Black kies” – Eun Ji Won, Lee Jae Jin, Kim Jae Duc – were the older, edgier members in the group, responsible for rapping in their tracks. The “White kies”, on the other hand, consisted of vocalists Kang Sung Hoon, Go Jiyong, and Jang Suwon, who tempered the edge of the other unit with their innocent charm.Debuting in 1997 with “HakWon ByulGok”, the boys were a hit to be sure, but were far from becoming superstars. Nothing from the first album was able to lock down a 1st place win on music programs. It all changed with the release of “Kisado” one year later, as the boys finally snagged their very first victory and shot off on that coveted ride to superstar fame.
I first heard of Sechskies when I played “PUMP IT UP” at this sketchy arcade in Koreatown. In went the quarters, the screen pulsed with vibrant colors, and I was surprised to see that a new song had been unlocked. “Com’Back?”, I muttered, “Sure, what the hell.”I fell in love.

Seriously, I ended up failing the song because I was more absorbed in listening to it than following the rapid arrows.Revisiting it now, I’m filled with memories of shiny black outfits, tiger-stripe highlights, and boys with praying mantis bangs. It was 1999, and everything was styled futuristically to reflect the anticipation for the new century. ‘The Matrix’ just came out, and everyone in my school was impersonating Neo’s infamous bullet dodge move. Lame? Yes. But whatever, it was high school, and I was Queen Dork back then. Actually, let’s not kid ourselves. I’m still a massive dork. But I’m digressing.
Shockingly, Sechskies broke up in 2000, one year before their rivals declared their intention to do the same. It was a short-lived career, lasting only three years. What happened?

No one really knows. The press conference that they held in May of that year revealed little about the reasons for their disintegration, only divulging on their future plans as individual artists. Some of the boys cried, fans’ hearts were breaking, but the world moved on.Eun Ji Won became a solo artist, but didn’t hit the big time until he released “Drunken in Melody”, the title track for his third album. He created his own record label, GYM Entertainment, and is currently working on the release of his fifth solo album. Rapper, TV host, CEO – Eun Ji Won clearly has no worries about becoming irrelevant in Korea’s fickle entertainment industry.Lee Jae Jin also embarked on a solo career, but unfortunately, his music career is the last thing that people remember when they think of the ex-Sechskies member. Having lost both of his parents within a year of each other, he was drafted into the military and found that he couldn’t adjust. Suffering from severe depression, he tried to commit suicide, but survived the attempt and was granted a short leave. Jae Jin, still in the clutches of a desperate despair, decided to go AWOL and attempted to run off without contacting his military officer or his family. He was eventually found hiding out at a motel in Daegu.Kim Jae Duc was responsible for a lot of Sechskies’ choreography, so it only made sense that he became a dance instructor for DSP Entertainment after the breakup. He pursued music a few years later by teaming up with Jang Suwon to form J-Walk. J-Walk only released two albums and became inactive for several years before they collaborated with Eun Ji Won in 2008. It’s looking like J-Walk has no plans to revive their career.Lauded for having strong vocals, Kang Sung Hoon launched his solo career in 2001. Releasing four albums in total, he was forced to cease his activities after being drafted in the military.Go Jiyong dabbled with an acting career post-breakup, but decided to withdraw from the Korean entertainment industry. Apparently he lives in Los Angeles now and refuses to sign autographs, since to him, Sechskies is dead and gone.

Reportedly in 2008, Eun Ji Won expressed his hope for a reunited Sechskies. Considering the different directions each member has taken, however, it may not seem likely.Given the chance, would Sechskies be able to recapture their crowns in this increasingly capricious music industry?
article written by asphodel @ allkpop

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The History


Daesung Entertainment copresident was in vacation in Hawaii. He saw a young Eun Ji Won and Kang Sung Hoon dancing. He cast them at a nightclub. Kim Jae Duc and Lee Jae Jin were in a dance group called 'Quicksilvers' in their home town of Busan. One of the members sent in a tape to Daesung. Juno (Who was in Seo Taiji and Boys at the time) called in Jae Duc for his group called The Young Turks Club, but he decided Jae Duc did not fit, so he sent Jae Duc to DSP and they cast him in. Lee Jae Jin stayed behind to help Quicksilvers, but Jae Duc insisted DSP to cast him. During an open audition, Jang Su Won was cast and accepted. Finally, Ko Ji Yong was introduced to DSP by Sung Hoon because they were friends since elementary.

Debut & Legendary

SechsKies debuted on April 15, 1997 on Music Tank, performing their first release "Haak Won Byul Gohk." Their first album was released on May 15, 1997, and the group promoted five singles from the album.

With much anticipation, SechsKies returned to the spotlight with their second album in October 1997. Their comeback show was on KMTV's Choong Jun 100% Show on October 30, 1997. They performed their first release 'Kisado.' The second album was released on November 15, 1997. Much like their first album, SechsKies had several songs from many different genres of music and they exhibited nothing but the best within themselves. SechsKies held their first headlining concert on December 21, 1997. By spring of 1998, SechsKies was quickly becoming a household name for many families around the world. Several executives in the Korean Music Industry noticed SechsKies talent and asked them to perform in a musical called 'Alibaba and the 40 Thieves' with fellow gasoo JinJoo. They also decided to produce a movie, which they asked SechsKies to star in. The musical ran from April 25 to May 5, 1998. The soundtrack was released shortly after with several songs performed by SechsKies on it.

SechsKies quickly took their place in front of the camera soon after. On July 5, 1998, SechsKies did their 3rd album comeback on SBS Inki Gayo with the song "Crying Game." The second meeting of their official fan club was to be a two day inauguration held from July 12-July 13, 1998, but due to several issues, SechsKies had to delay that meeting until the end of July. Eun Ji Won, leader of SechsKies, started showing off more of his personal talent as he took part in the production of their third album. While they performed for their third album, SechsKies released their first movie. The six members starred in the movie 'Seventeen,' which opened on July 17, 1998. The soundtrack for the movie became known as SechsKies 'special album,' or 3.5 album. This album was released on October 31, 1998 and they released two songs, 'Couple' and 'Nuh Rul Boh Neh Myu,' which they performed until the end of January. On November 30, 1998, a special SechsKies photo album was released.
At the end of every year, all the major broadcasting stations in Korea come together and hold several award shows known as DaeSang Awards. After the December 18-December 31, 1998 award shows, SechsKies went home with several DaeSang awards proving that all their hard work was well worth the sacrifices SechsKies has made for their fans. SechsKies spent more of the month of January in 1999, holding concerts throughout Korea. Starting on January 4, 1999 in MokPo Gongyun and ending on January 21, 1999 in Daegu. SechsKies was now a living legend within the gayo industry, breaking the barriers of different genres of music, proving that Korean music is much more than the traditional trot music our parents once forced us to listen to.

On April 5, 1999 SechsKies released their first concert video, recorded from their largest concert to date, the Seoul Concert on February 25, 1999. They also released a concert album that went with the video on April 10, 1999. They performed a song sung by Kang Sung Hoon called "My Love" from this album. On April 18, 1999, SechsKies held a two year anniversary special official fan club meeting.
After their concert ended, SechsKies returned to the studio to create their fourth album. Released in early September 1999, SechsKies performed a song appropriately titled, "Com' Back," "Yeh Gam," and "Geu Dae Ro Mum Chu." Compared to their previous works, this album had a more input from the members of the group, several of them writing and producing tracks for it. The group did not stay in the limelight for long after the release of the fourth album, due to their imminent disbandment

Post Disbanded

After many rumors began surfacing about whether or not SechsKies would return to the studio to create their fifth album, and after several incidents of supposed misconduct from their managing label DaeSung Productions, SechsKies finally did return to the spotlight. But this time, it was something none of their fans would have ever expected.
At 2pm on May 18, 2000, SechsKies held a press conference to announce their inevitable departure from the gayo scene as the group 'SechsKies.' As a few members shed tears, they explained their situation in little detail. It was rumored that Eun Ji Won and Kang Sung Hoon might form a duet under DSP, or at least stay within the entertainment world. Kim Jae Duc will stay with DSP as a dance instructor/ choreographer.Lee Jae Jin might join JaeDuc as a DSP choreographer, or he might just return to school out of the limelight along with Jang Su Won. Ko Ji Yong has expressed an interest in becoming an actor now that SechsKies has ended its era. After the press conference, they made one last music video, entitled "Thanks" which is a rare music video made after their final concert.

Source : Wikipedia

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The group is divided into 2 sets of 3 members, the "Black Kies" and the "White Kies". The "Black Kies" mostly did the rapping and the "White Kies" would do the vocals. Though they were both seen dancing, they often appeared in constellations separating the "white" from the "black" ones. Black Kies were the three older members of the band, while White Kies were the younger members.

Eun Ji Won (은지원, leader, rap, vocals)
Name: Eun Ji Won
Birthday: June 8, 1978

                Ji Won is the leader of the Black Kies and of the whole group. He lived in Hawaii for a couple of years before he left to be a singer in Korea. He went to Mid-Pacific Institute while in Hawaii. It's also said that he met Sung Hoon in Hawaii. Ji Won has a very nice singing voice, it's really low and sexy =9, and he can also rap in all kinds of different voices: cute, macho, whatever. . . he has.                
In the third album he wrote two of the songs,"Fake G's" and "Run Away"and you can also find him in FinKL's album doing most of the raps.

Lee Jae Jin (이재진, rap, choreography)

Name: Lee Jae Jin
Birthday: July 13, 1979

                Jae Jin is one of the power dancers in Jekki. Jae Jin is officially my favorite our of all six guys because he's the best dancer our of them all (to me at least), he seems shy which is pretty cute, he can rap in all kind of different voices like Jiwon and also has a nice voice; he's been singing a lot now =D. He's so kyoot too =)

Kim Jae Duc (김재덕, rap, choreography)

Name: Kim Jae Duc
Birthday: August 7, 1979.

                Jae Duc is one of the power dancers. He's the cutie one of the group, he's like a cute little boy on tv, he's got this cute voice and a satoori accent. He met Jae Jin before they tried out for Jekki and both used to dance in a group called Quicksilver.Jae Duc raps and dances, he has yet to sing; i've read that he wants to though =).i think he can do it!


Kang Sung Hoon (강성훈, lead vocals)

Name: Kang Sung Hoon
    Birthday: February 22, 1980

                Sung Hoon's the leader of the white kies and lead vocalist. He lived in Hawaii for a few years before he was a member in Jekki, which is where he met Ji Won. He's funto watch when they're performing because he's so energetic and always smiling =).He also likes to make lots of hand gestures. This guy has the most irresitable smilein the world and the sweetest singing voice. Sung Hoon's singing talent has improved                so much! His duet with Jin Joo for Alibaba was so pretty!

Ko Ji Yong (고지용, vocals, rap)

Name: Ko Ji Yong
Birthday: July 1, 1980

                In my opinion he is very good looking but looks much better on tv then some pictures; luckily the most of the pictures i have of him he looks damn good! He has a good singing voice and was friends with Sung Hoon when they were Little. Ji Yong shows his rapping abilities in the third album, which was first shown in the Jekki concert when him and SuWon Solid's "Chun Saeng Yuhn Boon".

Jang Su Won (장수원, vocals)
Name: Jang Su Won
Birthday: July 16, 1980

                He's one of the singers of the group. In the Seoul concert Video, if you got the video, did you see the part when he had his pants down? His face was like "uh oh" don't worrie he had his boxers on but i don't think he knew the camera was on him, hah hah hah ^.^ His voice has improved soo much! i've always loved it but in the "Say" when his verse comes on it's like "sigh".

all biography and individual photo -- credit to peachchik @ this blog

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1 - 학원별곡, 1997
2 - Welcome To The Sechskies Land, 1997
3 - Road Fighter, 1998
3.5 - Special Album, 1998
1020 Mix, 1999
Sechskies Live Concert, 1999
4 - Comeback, 1999
Blue Note, 2000

Seventeen: The Movie (July 18, 1998)

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1997[*]KMTV Korean Music Awards New Artist Award[*] Golden Disk Awards Bonsang Award[*]SBS Music Awards Bonsang Award
1998[*] Golden Disk Awards, Bonsang Award[*]KMTV Korean Music Awards, Bonsang Award[*]The 9th Annual Seoul Music Awards, Daesang Award[*]KBS Music Awards, Bonsang Award[*]MBC Music Festival, Bonsang Award[*]SBS Music Awards, Bonsang Award
1999[*] Golden Disk Awards, Bonsang Award[*]KMTV Korean Music Awards, Bonsang Award[*]MBC Music Festival, Bonsang Award[*]KBS Music Awards, Bonsang Award[*]SBS Music Awards, Bonsang Award

source : Wikipedia
** p/s : sorry klu page ni tunggang langgang .. tak tau ler nak amend camne dah ..

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Yellow - Color for Sechskies

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Lollipop Story
First Love
My Aficianado
Yo DJ Pump This Party
K Pop Photo Album



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More Info about the Album

Sechs Kies (1st album, 1997): Hakwon Byeolgok, Confirmation, Betrayal, Walking in the Rain, Dream Comes True, Altogether, etc.

Welcome to the Sechskies Land (2nd album, 1997-11): Gate 1, Reason for Refusal, Party Time, Gate 2, Escape, Mutation, Chivalry, For You, Love, Winter Letter, etc.

Road Fighter (3rd album, 1998-07): Technopolis, Road Fighter, Chance, Fake G’s , Crying Game, Flying Love, Come to Me Baby, Run Away, Say, Last, etc.

Special (3.5th album, 1998): Couple, While You Were Sleeping, Celebrate Tonight, Transformation, Prayer, Goodbye Party, It’s Now, etc.

Com’ Back (4th album, 1999-08): Premonition, Love Forever, Rain, Smile Again, Summer in Love, A+, Rigoletto, Missing You, Com’ Back, etc.

Blue Note (Last album, 2000-06): Bye, Promise, Last Time, Pain, Walking in the Rain, Couple, Premonition, Say, In White Night, etc.

credit to KBS World

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:loveliness:   welcome to the thread dear .. sebab u request dan im pun minat gak group ni so im decide buka gak wpun tak tau ler sampai takat mana info/details im akan jumpa ttg group ni ..

so, harap sgt ler apa2 mende yg u jumpa tak kira ler video clip / photo / news / personal matters for each members .. basi tak basi ker, minta tolong ler share dlm thread ni ..

so kengkawan yg lain pun sama yer .. sama2 ler kita kongsi segala yg diketahui/dijumpai ttg group ni together yer ..

"SHARING IS CARING" .. love SECHSKIES the legendary idols till the end ...

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   welcome to the thread dear .. sebab u request dan im pun minat gak...
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black kies & white kies jjang !!!!

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