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Mengapakah harga cukai jalan berbeza di negeri-negeri Malaysia?

Semasa saya di Singapura, cukai jalan adalah berbeza dengan negeri lain. Saya bimbang tentang "Mengapa harga cukai jalan berbeza di setiap negeri di Malaysia? Apakah faktor yang mempengaruhi variasi ini, dan bagaimana ia mempengaruhi pemandu di seluruh negara?"

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Road tax prices vary in each state in Malaysia due to differences in state-level regulations, policies, and local administrative costs. Factors such as vehicle type, engine capacity, and emissions levels can also contribute to the variation. you can check road tax by usingroad tax calculator

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Thanks you for your kind information which is you provide me but information is not very good for me to understand the Difference

davidclarks Publish time 23-4-2024 02:50 PM

I think if you have an car and other vehicle then you need to know about road tax and you must need to know about how to pay road tax for our car and vehicle.

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Why tax is important to pay the government

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Yes It is necessory to pay road tax or other tax to the government . If we pay it to the government then they will invest on road and other thing to improve the facilties for the people if you are interested to get more information visit road tax calculator malaysia

road-tax Publish time 24-4-2024 12:08 PM

I think government is not invest on the Public

davidclarks Publish time 29-4-2024 12:20 PM

I think your thought is notgood because if government is not invested on the country then the roads are not beautiful . you are on wrong way and set you mind to think positive

road-tax Publish time 29-4-2024 01:48 PM

Government investment is crucial, but citizen participation improves infrastructure too. Let's work together for betterroad!

davidclarks Publish time 2-5-2024 03:49 PM

OK buthow can we do that
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