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Jennifer Lopez kembali dengan 'This is'

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Jennifer Lopez is drumming up ample buzz with her newly released visual album ‘This Is Me…Now.’
The unique release fuses the superstar’s latest LP with a musical movie housed on Amazon’s Prime Video,
And the ambitious venture appears to be paying off for J.Lo.
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Many years in the making and self-funded by the multi-hyphenate (who sold it to Amazon Studios for an undisclosed sum), ‘This Is Me…Now’ is delivering out of the gate.
On Amazon’s Prime Video, the star-studded film (which was directed by Dave Mayers and features Lopez’s superstar husband Ben Affleck), reigns at #1 worldwide on the platform.
Over on iTunes, the LP sits pretty at #1 on the worldwide tally.
The news comes on the heels of Lopez announcing ‘This is Me Now: The Tour’ and a new documentary.

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Kemaruk-Taikk Publish time 19-2-2024 12:36 AM

Tak dinafikan dia ni memang cantik, patut pun kak yah jelly….

jepp Publish time 19-2-2024 12:42 AM

this is me.. then
dulu sedap2 lagu

mojarean_X Publish time 19-2-2024 12:45 AM

Tinot7 Publish time 19-2-2024 01:12 AM

Tu rupa tahun bila?

manopBKK Publish time 17-4-2024 01:41 PM


Yoonggi Publish time 2-5-2024 01:46 PM

terer gak dia menten rupa dia, x nmpk tua. tingat plak aku baca kt article mana eh, one of her exes kata dia ni insatiable. :o

manop Publish time 18-5-2024 12:21 PM

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