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Soreq adalah gua stalactite yg tercantik di Israel.

In addition to numerous historic sites in Israel, there is also a cave. I do sometimes get the feeling that in this country there are only expensive. :) The most beautiful and most famous of the Israeli cave - it Soreq stalactite cave. Here there is many kilometers long passages or underground lakes, but there are all known forms of stalactites, which is why this cave is considered one of the most beautiful caves in the world. I am in my life until she saw not so many caves, and therefore remained under the influence.


Soreq Stalactite Cave is located in the area of Beit Shemesh, on the western slopes of the Judean Mountains. It's about 10-15 minutes drive from Jerusalem, but with public transport is bad. The easiest way to get here by car. From the parking lot to the entrance of the cave must go down-polutropinke-half. During the descent you can admire the views all around:



Runs inside the cave by organized groups. Before entering show a small but very interesting movie about the park.


The cave was discovered in 1968 when these lands were working on the production of crushed stone: the explosion opened a world of bizarre maze of cave formations. For a while, took the arrangement of the cave, and after a few years after its discovery it has been available for tourists.


If we compare it with other caves of the world, the size of Sorek Cave is not so great. The largest site of its length is 90 meters and width - 80. There is only one relatively large room, everything else - small transitions. But too beautiful!


Age of the cave is evaluated by different ways: from 8 to 25 million years, and this is the age of stalactite formations, and not for the rocks. The formation of stalactites in the cave is still ongoing, so the caves are urged to not to touch anything with his hands. However, this helps a little, please.


Shoot with a flash here, of course, nothing is impossible, and without flash and without a tripod is obtained as something bad and blurry. : (


Transitions inside the cave:


This is not my picture, stolen from the internet (because so little), but it was too good here received a common form of premises transitions:


The cave has a huge amount of bizarre formations:




And the colors in these entities any unrealistic:





I would, perhaps, surely brought it to the cave in the list of must-see in Israel. In my opinion, tourists bypass its side just because Israel is such an enormous number of significant attractions, all just physically is not enough time. A pity. Sorek Cave is clearly worthy of a separate visit.




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Malaysia Truely Asia :loveliness:

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Malaysia Truely Asia :loveliness:

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mcm taik..heh

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kt beirut pon ada gua srupa cm nih...tpi sayang tk d bnar ambil gambar dlm gua tuh:C

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chantek la......:loveliness:

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biasa2 jer...xmenarik mner...cntik lgi yg kt mexico..yg air dia clear giler....

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erkkkk...tak rasa cantik pun :L
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