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Kepercayaan Berkenaan Dengan Memperjuangkan Kebenaran

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Andrew Tate aka Abu Tate: "You cannot stop. You cannot give up. Most of you are happy to be losers, part time. You want to escape. You don't want to be a loser anymore, but fuck when then that new video game comes out, I'll just play the video game, I'll just be a loser for two more weeks, then I'll get back to trying to escape the matrix. It doesn't work that way, because if you jump in and out of complacency, from I'm happy to be a loser and do the loser things, to I can't be a loser anymore, while you jump in and out just like that, you'll never get the momentum. You cannot quit. You cannot give up. You need that momentum in order to break free. Because when a rocket is flying out towards the moon, to escape the atmosphere, it doesn't fucking pause, halfway of the sky, does it? No! It keeps going. Every single second, there are things happening, where conversations happening that you're not watching, which is information, as that could be the one little piece of information that you need to break out, because it could be that one little sentence that may changes everything, but it ain't easy, because it ain't gonna be given to you on a plate, because you're gonna have to work, because you're in a competition with the entire world, where everyone wants to escape, so, you cannot, be, lazy, and there should be no more video games, no more loser antics, and no more dumb shit. The matrix is designed to promote an ideology that makes you weak, poor, and alone. Unfortunately for our enemies, The Real World was designed to operate without me. The Real World has successfully financially freed too many people, it has woken too many people up to the truth about money. If they kill me, I love you all. The sense of brotherhood is a really big thing, I've been reading online and seeing people's reactions, it's amazing to see the people who are true to the religion, who said, "Listen! Allah forgives all, when, you become a Muslim.", thank You, because I've been reverted to Islam. Hedonism and all the world's earthly treasures are a black hole, you cannot fill it. You must feel happy deep inside of yourself. The reason nobody has discipline anymore is because it's not taught. And the idea of being disciplined, is seen as negative. There's ads everywhere. YouTube happens quickly. Kids are being raised with iPads. Like when I was a kid, or you were a kid, we had a coloring book. Now they got flashing lights, and little video games. Most people, don't realize, how bad their attention span is, or how much discipline they lack, until they really start to suffer from it. And that's what will happen, especially as a man, if you don't have the ability to knuckle down, and focus on something, for a long time, life's gonna wake you up. And the reality, of mastery, and the reality of success, is like, how do you become the best boxer in the world? You do the same thing, over and over, for fifteen years, "Jab, cross, jab, cross, hook.", is like, it's boring, you know, but, that's what discipline is. The idea that a lot of people want to be constantly entertained, "I want to be entertained. That's boring.", well, that's why you need discipline. People want to be constantly motivated, "Oh I don't feel motivated.", if you're not motivated, to go to the gym, and that has resulted you in being obese. On top of that, you're less attractive to females. Do you really need motivation, to just, lose weight, and live a life, worth living? I train every single day. I'm never motivated. I never wakeup and think, "Yeah I want to train.", I've been training my whole life, I'm bored of it, but it's something that has to be done, right? So, the idea of entertainment, the idea of motivation, these things are completely detrimental to discipline. People come to your class say, "How do I get motivated?", I say, "You don't. You get disciplined.", I don't care if you feel like doing x. You must do x! Or you will stay a loser."

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Message from Jail #10

From a true Muslim named Abu Tate aka Andrew Tate

Through tate@cobratate.com aka Cobratate on Twitter

To misterkyairey@gmail.com aka Kyairey on Telegram

On Wednesday of March 1 in year 2023 at 4:51 AM

I can feel your energy.

They have extended my imprisonment another 30 days in an attempt to break me.

But they misunderstand.

I cannot be broken because they need to break all of us first.

Top G is an idea.

You cannot lock it up.

It's the idea that men should strive to be their best selves.

That they should be strong, honorable, and diligent.

All of my content.

All of my messages.

Are designed to light the suppressed fire in every man.

A fire society often tries to extinguish.

You shouldn't be content being average.

You should strive to be the best version of yourself possible.

To take care of your loved ones.

Innovate and spark your genius.

And become great.

The idea of Top G cannot be broken.

The Truth will win.

When I am released, I will see who truly was on my team.


Who truly supports the idea of Top G.

—Andrew Tate

Outperform or Fail

From a true Muslim named Abu Tate aka Andrew Tate

Through tate@cobratate.com aka Cobratate on Twitter

To misterkyairey@gmail.com aka Kyairey on Telegram

On Sunday of February 19 in year 2023 at 6:51 AM

I'm in a cell.

I have extremely limited freedom of action.

Every single day.

I do 500 squats.

500 push-ups.

Practice my tiger paw technique.

Walk 10 km.

Write and complete lessons for the students inside The Real World.

Read and respond to 100 letters.


Read my Quran.

And then begin my day of strict long meditation.

You have all your freedom of movement.

You have unlimited information and accessibility at your fingertips.

If my days in this cell are more productive than yours, you should be furious with yourself.

It means you are failing.

How will you ever reach greatness when you do not even outperform a man in a jail cell?

Work harder.

You cannot afford to fail any longer.

If you do not know what to do every day to achieve your goals.

Then you need a plan.


Get one.

—Andrew Tate

You cannot hide The Sun

From a true Muslim named Abu Tate aka Andrew Tate

Through tate@cobratate.com aka Cobratate on Twitter

To misterkyairey@gmail.com aka Kyairey on Telegram

On Friday of February 17 in year 2023 at 4:51 AM

I have seen on the Romanian News something very interesting.

We will see if the mainstream media will continue to try and keep it hidden.

My enemies will fail.

There are always courageous men who will look for the answers they seek.

Very thought-provoking reporting by Spy News.

It's worth a read.


I would never kill myself.

—Andrew Tate

Lesson from Jail #7

From a true Muslim named Abu Tate aka Andrew Tate

Through tate@cobratate.com aka Cobratate on Twitter

To misterkyairey@gmail.com aka Kyairey on Telegram

On Sunday of February 26 in year 2023 at 7:07 AM

How many of you have genuinely tried to fly?


How many of you have researched, trained, and truly TRIED to fly?



Because you think it's impossible.

You've never pushed yourself because you believe the goal can never be achieved.

You've never even TRIED.

Imagine how much harder some men would work if it was possible.

The amount of work ethic inspired by witnessing a man train his arms to move so hard and fast that he could fly.

There is power in knowing something is possible.

I was put on this earth by God himself to show you what is possible.

You are not meant to be a slave.

I was poorer than you.

I was raised in a council estate by a single mother.

I made it out.

I conquered the internet.

I became The Top G.

They cannot keep me in this cell forever.

My enemies' lies are crumbling.

This is your time to play catch up.

Whatever situation you are in, I want to let you know one thing is certain.

It's possible.

Get to work.

—Andrew Tate


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The main reason people insult you is to distract you.

When someone’s focusing energy on making progress, the jealous attempt to divert their attention.

Every time you reply. They win.

Andrew Tate aka Abu Tate is a true Muslim that got falsely arrested and imprisoned together with his brother named Tristan Tate and actually the only true God named Allah has gave the third eye ability to me named Kyairey since I was born so I know both of them are not guilty and they got victimized by Islamophobic authorities through a place called Romania since December of year 2022 due to Islamophobia after Andrew Tate has reverted to the only true religion named Islam through a place called Dubai for more than two months since October of year 2022 factually because Andrew Tate became Abu Tate as a Muslim for real that has helped the religion of Allah by sharing many words from the only true book named Quran so Allah will help Abu Tate based on the Quran surah Muhammad chapter 47 verse 7 and then the criminals worried that Abu Tate will use a lot of money to promote Islam so any Muslim may also say la-hhawlawala-quwwata-illa-billah many times daily for getting help from Allah etc.

Allah has been studied by C.I.A. since a long time ago


https://www.cia.gov › libraryPDF
In Pursuit of Allahs Pleasure - CIA


https://www.cia.gov › libraryPDF
Believe in Allah and Disbelieve in Taaghoot - CIA


https://www.cia.gov › libraryPDF
All praise is due to Allah, We worship Him, We seek His help and His forgiveness ...


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Meanings of the Holy Quran - CIA


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The System of Islam - CIA


https://www.cia.gov › libraryPDF
Al-Fatihah - CIA


https://www.cia.gov › libraryPDF
How could we teach our children to love The Messenger of Allah - CIA


https://www.cia.gov › libraryPDF
Bismillahirrrahmanirrahim / In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful - CIA



Quran surah Ghafir chapter 40 verse 60 (40:60)

Your Lord said: "Wish anything, to Me, and I will give you what you wish."


Quran surah Zumar chapter 39 verse 10 (39:10)

Those who do good in this world will have a good reward. Only those who endure patiently will be given their reward without limit.


Quran surah Ibrahim chapter 14 verse 7 (14:7)

And remember when your Lord said: "Verily! If you are grateful, I will increase My favors upon you, and verily, if you disbelieve and deny, verily My punishment will be severe."


Quran surah Saba chapter 34 verse 39 (34:39)

And whatever you spend in charity, He will compensate you for it.


Quran surah Talaq chapter 65 verse 3 (65:3)

And whoever puts their trust in Allah, then He Alone is sufficient for them.


Quran surah Muhammad chapter 47 verse 7 (47:7)

If you help the religion of Allah, so Allah will help you, and make your steps firm.


Quran surah Nisa chapter 4 verse 110 (4:110)

Whoever commits evil or wrongs themselves, then seeks Allah's forgiveness, will certainly find Allah is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.


Narrated by Abu Huraira:

I heard the Prophet (ﷺ) saying, "If somebody commits a sin and then says, "O my Lord! I have sinned, please forgive me!" and his Lord says, "My slave has known that he has a Lord who forgives sins and punishes for it, I therefore have forgiven my slave (his sins)." Then he remains without committing any sin for a while and then again commits another sin and says, "O my Lord, I have committed another sin, please forgive me," and Allah says, "My slave has known that he has a Lord who forgives sins and punishes for it, I therefore have forgiven my slave (his sin)." Then he remains without committing any another sin for a while and then commits another sin for the third time and says, "O my Lord, I have committed another sin, please forgive me," and Allah says, "My slave has known that he has a Lord Who forgives sins and punishes for it, I therefore have forgiven My slave (his sin), he can do whatever he likes.""

Reference: Sahih al-Bukhari 7507

In-book reference: Book 97, Hadith 132

USC-MSA web (English) reference: Vol. 9, Book 93, Hadith 598


Narrated by Sa'd bin Sahl As-Sa'idi:

The Prophet (ﷺ) looked at a man fighting against the pagans and he was one of the most competent persons fighting on behalf of the Muslims. The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "Let him who wants to look at a man from the dwellers of the (Hell) Fire, look at this (man)." Another man followed him and kept on following him till he (the fighter) was injured and, seeking to die quickly, he placed the blade tip of his sword between his breasts and leaned over it till it passed through his shoulders (i.e., committed suicide). The Prophet (ﷺ) added, "A person may do deeds that seem to the people as the deeds of the people of Paradise while in fact, he is from the dwellers of the (Hell) Fire, and similarly a person may do deeds that seem to the people as the deeds of the people of the (Hell) Fire while in fact, he is from the dwellers of Paradise. Verily, the (results of) deeds done, depend upon the last actions."

Reference: Sahih al-Bukhari 6493

In-book reference: Book 81, Hadith 82

USC-MSA web (English) reference: Vol. 8, Book 76, Hadith 500


Sahih Bukhari / Volume 4 / Book 54 / Hadith 445

Dar-us-Salam reference
Hadith 3222

In-book reference
Book 59, Hadith 33

USC-MSA web (English) reference
Volume 4, Book 54, Hadith 445

Narrated by Abu Dhar:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "Gabriel said to me, "Whoever amongst your followers die without having worshipped others besides Allah, will enter Paradise (or will not enter the (Hell) Fire)." The Prophet (ﷺ) asked, "Even if he has committed illegal sexual intercourse or theft?" He replied, "Even then.""


Quran surah Ghafir bab 40 ayat 60

Berdoalah kepada Allah maka Allah akan beri apa yang didoakan.


Quran surah Zumar bab 39 ayat 10

Orang-orang yang berbuat baik di dunia akan dapat kebaikan yang sebenar di akhirat malah orang-orang yang bersabar akan diberi pahala tanpa batasan.


Quran surah Ibrahim bab 14 ayat 7

Jika bersyukur maka Allah akan tambah nikmat Allah kepada yang bersyukur iaitu rasa cukup tetapi jika kufur ingkar maka azab Allah amatlah keras.


Quran surah Saba bab 34 ayat 39

Dan kebaikan yang kamu beri dengan nama Allah maka Allah akan menggantikannya.


Quran surah Talaq bab 65 ayat 3

Sesiapa berserah semua segalanya kepada Allah maka Allah cukuplah baginya untuk menolong dan menyelamatkannya.


Quran surah Muhammad bab 47 ayat 7

Sesiapa yang menolong agama Allah maka akan ditolong oleh Allah di dunia dan di akhirat serta dikuatkan dasar pendiriannya.


Quran surah Nisa bab 4 ayat 110

Dan sesiapa yang melakukan kejahatan atau menzalimi dirinya sendiri dengan melakukan maksiat hingga memohon keampunan daripada Allah maka akan mendapati Allah Maha Pengampun malah Maha Mengasihani.


Diriwayatkan oleh Abu Hurairah:

Saya mendengar Rasulullah ﷺ berkata, "Jika seseorang melakukan dosa, dan berkata, "Wahai Tuhanku! Aku telah berdosa, ampunilah aku!" dan Tuhannya berkata, "Hamba-Ku telah mengetahui bahawa dia mempunyai Tuhan yang mengampuni dosa dan menghukum kerananya, maka Aku telah mengampuni hamba-Ku, dosanya." Kemudian dia diam tanpa berbuat apa-apa dosa untuk sementara waktu dan kemudian kembali lagi melakukan dosa dan berkata, "Wahai Tuhanku, aku telah melakukan lagi sekali dosa, ampunilah aku," dan Allah berkata, "Hamba-Ku telah mengetahui bahawa dia mempunyai Tuhan yang mengampuni dosa dan menghukum kerananya, maka Aku telah mengampuni hamba-Ku, dosanya." Kemudian dia diam tanpa melakukan lagi dosa untuk sementara waktu dan kemudian melakukan lagi dosa untuk ketiga kalinya dan berkata, "Ya Tuhanku, aku telah melakukan lagi sekali dosa, ampunilah aku," dan Allah berkata, "Hamba-Ku telah mengetahui bahawa dia mempunyai Tuhan yang mengampuni dosa dan menghukum kerananya, maka Aku telah mengampuni hamba-Ku, dosanya, dia boleh melakukan apa sahaja yang dia suka.""

Rujukan: Sahih al-Bukhari 7507

Rujukan dalam buku: Buku 97, Hadis 132


Diriwayatkan oleh Sa'd bin Sahl As-Sa'idi:

Nabi ﷺ melihat seorang lelaki yang memerangi orang-orang kafir dan dia adalah salah seorang yang paling berdaya saing melawan bagi pihak orang-orang Islam. Rasulullah ﷺ berkata, "Biarkan yang ingin melihat seorang lelaki menjadi ahli neraka, lihatlah lelaki ini." Seorang lelaki lain mengikutinya dan terus mengikutinya sehingga dia, pejuang, tercedera, dan, berusaha untuk mati dengan cepat, dia meletakkan hujung pedangnya di antara dadanya dan bersandar di atasnya sehingga melepasi bahunya, iaitu, membunuh diri. Rasulullah ﷺ berkata lagi, "Seseorang itu mungkin melakukan amalan yang dipandang manusia sebagai amalan ahli syurga, walaupun dia adalah ahli neraka, dan begitu juga seseorang itu mungkin melakukan amalan yang dipandang manusia sebagai amalan ahli neraka, walaupun sebenarnya dia adalah ahli syurga. Sesungguhnya, hasil perbuatan dinilai berdasarkan pada perbuatan terakhir."

Rujukan: Sahih al-Bukhari 6493

Rujukan dalam buku: Buku 81, Hadis 82


Sahih Bukhari / Jilid 4 / Kitab 54 / Hadis 445

Rujukan Dar-us-Salam
Hadis 3222

Rujukan dalam buku
Buku 59, Hadis 33

Diriwayatkan oleh Abu Dzar:

Nabi ﷺ berkata, "Jibril kata kepada Nabi ﷺ, "Sesiapa di antara pengikutmu yang mati tanpa menyembah selain Allah, dia akan masuk syurga atau tak akan masuk neraka." Nabi ﷺ bertanya, "Walaupun dia telah melakukan persetubuhan haram atau mencuri?" Dia menjawab, "Walaupun demikian.""


Andrew Tate menjadi terkenal kerana mengetengahkan prinsip & mesej-mesej maskulin serta kejantanan sebelum beliau memeluk Islam.

Pengaruh Andrew Tate begitu kuat sehingga beliau diharamkan kebanyakan platform media sosial. Impaknya terhadap anak muda begitu besar sehingga Andrew Tate hangat diperkata dan didebatkan di parlimen sehingga guru-guru diarahkan untuk memantau anak murid mereka yang 'pro-tate'.

Namun dua hari lepas, seorang artis bernama Sam Smith yang secara terbuka mengakui dirinya adalah ‘non binary’, bahasa mudah bagi yang kurang faham apa itu ‘non binary’ ialah yang tidak merasakan dirinya lelaki ataupun perempuan secara eksklusif.

Dalam persembahannya di Grammy Awards, Sam melakukan aksi pemujaan syaitan, kelucahan melampau serta memperlekehkan ‘cross gesture’ agama Kristian, dan well menurut Barat dan sesetengah media, ianya adalah sesuatu yang 'sangat okay' untuk dipertontonkan kepada seluruh dunia termasuk anak kecil...

Tidak perlu tapisan, tiada pengharaman, tiada protest, tak perlu heboh dalam parlimen. Mungkin bagi mereka, semuanya ok selagi bukan ajaran Islam yang mengajar berprinsip teguh mengajak kepada kebaikan dan mencegah kemungkaran.

Apakah kita masih tidak faham apa cabaran dunia kita hari ini khususnya pada kita yang mengaku sebagai umat Islam yang mahu berpegang teguh kepada prinsip ajaran Islam? Benarlah sabda Nabi Sallalahu Alaihi Wasalam;

“Akan datang kepada manusia suatu zaman, orang yang berpegang teguh pada agamanya seperti orang yang menggenggam bara api.” (HR. Tirmidzi no. 2260)

Maka Muslimin sekalian, berpeganglah pada bara api walaupun ianya menyakitkan tetapi kesakitan di dunia hanya seketika berbanding kenikmatan syurga yang abadi.

Mereka yang tidak berprinsip seperti Islam, maka menurut Islam orang seperti itu akan menikmati dunia yang sementara tetapi sengsara dibakar api neraka yang abadi.

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