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[Lubuk Kredit] Actor/Actress (Ober-C) Pilihan Anda Vol. 3

Hye Semua...

Jom kongsikan siapa actor/actress pilihan anda hari ini.. esok.. lusa dan seterusnya
sampai abang jamil mampus {:smileo

Setiap perkongsian Nay/@seribulan akan bagi kredit +25

Contoh macam ni

Actress Pilihan saya hari ini
First impression
Love Yunge from the Desert
Watak : Yun Ge
Main character
List drama/movie lakonan yang ditonton :
1) General and I
2) My True Friend
3) One Smile is very Alluring
Lakonan yang anda rasa paling diingati :

seribulan Publish time 14-11-2022 04:17 PM Balamurali is one of the best Malayalam actresses, Playback singer, and classical dancer, who mostly work in South Indian Language films.Mallu Actress Aparna Balamurali began her career in 2013 in the Malayalam movie Yathra Thudarunnu and her Tamil debut in 8 Thottakal. she was popularly known for the roles in Maheshinte Prathikaaram and Soorarai Pottru.Aparna Balamurali was born on 11 September 1995 in Thrissur, Kerala, India to KP Balamurali and Shobha Balamurali, she has a height and weight of 5.4 feet and 58 kgs with black hair and eye color.

seribulan Publish time 14-11-2022 04:18 PM Pramod is an Indian film actress who mainly works in Malayalam films, she began her career in the Malayalam film Traffic in 2011, and in 2014 her debut in Tamil film En Kaadhal Puthithu and her Telugu debut Chuttalabbai.Before she acting on the big screen she also works in some tv serial and her debut tv serial Ente Manasaputhri on the Asianet channel.Mallu actress Namitha Pramod was born on 19 September 1996 in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, she was a daughter of Pramod and Indu and she has a younger sister Akhita Pramod. Her height and weight are 5.5 feet and 50kgs with black hair and eye.

seribulan Publish time 14-11-2022 04:18 PM Rose Varghese is the full name of Honey Rose, who is a Kerala actress of Indian Cinema who mainly works in Malayalam films.She began her acting career in the Malayalam film Boy Friend in 2005, in the year 2007 she debuts in the Tamil film Mudhal Kanave and in TeluguAalayam in 2008.Mallu actress Honey Rose was born on 9 May 1991 in Moolamattom, Kerala, India to Varkey and Rosilyl, she was popularly known for the roles in the films Kanal, Ittymaani: Made in China , and Big Brother.

seribulan Publish time 14-11-2022 04:19 PM Rose Martin was the full name ofPragaya Martin, who is an Indian film actress who mainly works in Malayalam films. she began her acting career in the Malayalam film Sugar Alias Jacky Reloaded in 2009 as a child artist at the age of 14.In 2014 she debut in the Tamil film Pissasu in a lead role and this was her first film as a lead actress. she also acted in the Kannada movie Geetha in 2019. Mallu Actress Prayaga Martin was born on 18 May 1995 to Martin Peter and Jiji Martin

seribulan Publish time 15-11-2022 12:14 PM is an Indian actress who appears in Malayalam films.She made her acting debut in the film Diamond Necklace. Left Right Left, Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum, Angry Babies in Love, Ithihasa, My Life Partner, Chandrettan Evideya, Maheshinte Prathikaaram, Oppam, Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho, Oru Cinemakkaran, Aadhi, Panchavarnathatha, and Madhura Raja are some of her other well-known works.Anusree was born on 24th October 1990, in Kamukumchery, Kollam, Kerala. Her parents are Muraleedharan Pillai and Shobhana.Her height is 5’6” and she is 50kgs by weight. And her eye color is Dark Brown and her hair color is Black. Estimated net worth is $1-5 million.

seribulan Publish time 15-11-2022 12:14 PM Menon, better known by her stage name Bhavana, is an Indian actress who predominantly appears in Malayalam films and a few Kannada and Tamil films.She made her acting debut in the Malayalam film Nammal. Jackie, Vishnuvardhana, Ozhimuri, Trivandrum Lodge, Honey Bee, Ezhamathe Varavu, Ivide, 99, Swapnathekaal Sundaram, and Adventures of Omanakuttan are some of her other well-known works.Bhavana was born on 6th June 1986, in Thrissur, Kerala. Her parents are G. Balachandran and Pushpa.Her height is 5’3” and she is 51kgs by weight. And her eye color and hair color are both Black. Estimated net worth is $1-2 million

seribulan Publish time 15-11-2022 12:15 PM Kasim, also known by the stage name Poorna, is an Indian actress, professional dancer, and model.She made her acting debut in the film Manju Poloru Penkutty. Avunu, Avunu 2, Raju Gari Gadhi, Kodiveeran, Kodaikanal, Kandhakottai, 9 KK Road, Aadu Puli, Jannal Oram, Rajadhi Raja, Drushyam 2, Akhanda, and Thalaivi are some of her other well-known works.Shamna was born on 23rd May 1989, in Thayyil, Kannur, Kerala. Her parents are Kassim and Ramla Beevi.Her height is 5’4” and she is 55kgs by weight. And her eye color is Brown and her hair color is Black.Estimated net worth is $1-2 million.

seribulan Publish time 15-11-2022 12:15 PM Nandan is an Indian actress who appears mainly in Malayalam films.She made her acting debut in the film Mulla. Vaalmiki, Kadhalukku Maranamillai, Ayyanar, Suriya Nagaram, Jai Bolo Telangana, Seniors, Lokpal, Mazhayude Ormakal, Silence, Karodpathi, Kotyadhipathi, Black Forest, Apothecary, Mylanchi Monchulla Veedu, Sandamarutham, and Hitudu are some of her other well-known works.Meera was born on 26th November 1988, in Perandoor, Elamakkara, Kochi, Kerala. Her parents are Nandakumar and Maya.Her height is 5’6” and she is 58kgs by weight. And her eye color is Dark Brown and her hair color is Black.keep watching – Malayalam Actress name list with photo | Kerala hot actress photos with name

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Pei Zi Tian is a Chinese actor. Born on June 17, 1990, he made his acting debut in the 2015 film “From Now to the Past.” He also has appeared in the television dramas “The Taoism Grandmaster” (2018) , “Sweet Combat” (2018), The Legend of Hao Lan (2019), The Legend of White Snake (2019), Private Shu Shan College (2019) and Miss Truth (2019).

Pei graduated at the Beijing Film Academy in 2008.

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Li Nuo, born in Hunan Province, is a Chinese actress. She made her debut in 2016 when she appeared in the drama series “A Love for Separation.”

[*]First Name: Nuo
[*]Family Name: Li
[*]Native name: 李诺
[*]Also Known as: 李諾
[*]Nationality: Chinese
[*]Gender: Female
[*]Born: September 27, 1995
[*]Age: 27

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Li Jun Feng (English name: Justin), born in Jiangsu Province, is a Chinese actor. He graduated from the Art Academy in Nanjing.

[*]First Name: Jun Feng
[*]Family Name: Li
[*]Native name: 李俊锋
[*]Nationality: Chinese
[*]Gender: Male
[*]Born: July 22, 1993
[*]Age: 29

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Cheng Ye Qing is a Chinese actress, who graduated from the Communication University of Zhejiang and first made a name for herself in the drama series title “The Fox Fairy Court” in 2016.

[*]First Name: Ye Qing
[*]Family Name: Cheng
[*]Native name: 程也晴
[*]Nationality: Chinese
[*]Gender: Female
[*]Born: November 24, 1992
[*]Age: 29

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Stefi Celma (born 9 October 1986) is a French actress and singer.Stefi Celma was born in Paris to Martinican parents.When Celma was 4 years old, she took part in the TV show L'École des fans. A few years after, she joined the French Conservatory where she started to learn music, how to play piano, to dance and sing.In 2005, Celma took part in the musical Sol En Cirque, written by Zazie. Then she joined the team of the live show jukebox musical Je m'voyais déjà, written by Laurent Ruquier, with Charles Aznavour's songs.Celma has appeared in different television shows, Le Frère que je n'ai pas eu, Un Flic: Calibre Caraïbe, Trop jeune pour Toi or La Maison des Rocheville.Celma’s first two film features were Pas très normales Activités directed by Maurice Barthélémy and Les Profs directed by Pierre François Martin Laval. next steps on the big screen were in Les Profs 2 and Antigang.Celma is best known as Sofia in Dix pour cent (English title: Call My Agent!), produced by France Télévisions.

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Alban Lenoir (born 16 December 1980) is a French actor, screenwriter and stuntman. He was nominated for a Lumières Award for his leading role in the film French Blood (2015).
As a stuntman, he has worked on Les Brigades du Tigre (2006), Taken (2008), Hero Corp (2008-2010), The Princess of Montpensier (2010), Outside the Law (2010), Point Blank (2010), Erased (2012).

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Jerôme Niel (also known as Jérôme Puydebat, born on 14 June 1985) is a French humorist, choreographer, writer, comedian and video producer working among other things for the French cable TV channel Canal+. Niel was born in Trappes in the Yvelines. After passing his French baccalauréat with a specialization in economics and social sciences, he worked as a salesman in gardening tools. He went on to study languages at university for 2 months and a half. A few months later, he joined a radio school. Having arrived in Paris he worked for RMC as a switchboarder to pay his rent. In Paris, he started to upload his videos on YouTube and got noticed by MTV, for which he shot forty episodes. In May 2013, Le Grand Journal noticed Jérôme's web series Groom Service in Montreux and hired him to make episodes with stars of the Cannes Film Festival. Although Michel Denisot had stopped presenting Le Grand Journal, Jérôme continued to work for the channel, creating a miniseries named Les Tutos, already present on the internet through the Studio Bagel. In September 2014, he went on working for Canal + with the creation of a miniseries called Speakerine broadcast daily in Le Grand Journal, which centers around the humorous analysis of one of that night's TV programs on French television. Niel takes part in the video Imagine Paris in which with some thirty other YouTubers, he covers John Lennon's song "Imagine".

amiraira Publish time 15-11-2022 10:40 PM

Pascale Arbillot (born 17 April 1970) is a French actress. She is a graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Sciences; however, soon after, she decided to become an actress. She has appeared in films, on television and in the theatre.She graduated from the Institute of political science and started a law career. But she quickly decided to stop it to fulfill her dream to become an actress. She started in a theatre play in 1993 by Jean Périmony. Then she played a secretary in the film "la Dernière Carte" in 1994. Then she performed in many TV films or series.

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Wen Zhuo is a Chinese actor and director born in Jilin Province and graduated from Tongji University. He officially entered showbiz in 2012 with his lead role in the scifi drama "Battle Strike Team: Giant Saver". In February 2014, Wen made his debut in the music circle with the release of his first solo single "Make You Beautiful". In 2015, he became well-known for his role Li Xiaoyao in the stage play "Legend of the Sword and Fairy". The public welfare micro-film "Transmitting the Chinese Dream Long Love" starring Wen Zhuo, won Beijing Outstanding Network Audiovisual Program Audiovisual Public Welfare Award. In 2017, he won the most popular actor award in the online film unit of Asian New Media Film Festival for his role as the magic stick Su Yang in the fantasy film "The Soul of the Soul Hunter".

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Chen Shuang is a Chinese model and actress born in Shanghai and graduated from Dalian University of Arts. She started out as a plane model. She officially entered showbiz with her debut appearance as Anna in "Pretty Li Huizhen".

[*]First Name: Shuang
[*]Family Name: Chen
[*]Native name: 陈霜
[*]Also Known as: 又又, You You
[*]Nationality: Chinese
[*]Gender: Female
[*]Born: January 12, 1992
[*]Age: 30

acikbrown Publish time 16-11-2022 03:02 PM

Amber Lu is a Chinese actress who was born in Shandong and graduated from the Beijing Film Academy.

[*]First Name: Shan
[*]Family Name: Lu
[*]Native name: 卢杉
[*]Also Known as: 鸳鸯, Yuan Yang, 杉姐, Shan Jie, Amber Lu
[*]Nationality: Chinese
[*]Gender: Female
[*]Born: July 25, 1989
[*]Age: 33

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