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DISENCHANTED (18 November 2022 dalam Disney+)

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Ten years after her happily ever after, Giselle, Robert, and Morgan move from Manhattan to a new house in the suburb of Monroeville. The community is overseen by Malvina Monroe, who has nefarious intentions for the family. When problems arise, Giselle uses a magic wand – a gift from a visiting Nancy and Edward – to wish that their lives were the perfect fairy tale. However, the spell backfires and everything goes out of control, with Giselle rushing to save her family and her homeland of Andalasia before the clock strikes midnight.

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Tazzabar nak tengok girlfriend Superman jadi jahat sehari sebelum hari mengundi nim, jaat papa jaat:$:rf:{:mlshy:}{:shyo

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Tak best, wah, kah, kah, kah! {:1_555:}{:1_563:}{:1_530:};P:lol::D:2lol:{:mllaugh:}{:mlhehe:}{:mlwa:}{:mlwa2:}{:mlhunhun:}{:mlbigsmile:}{:mlkekeke:}{:laugho{:smileo
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