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[tvN/Netflix] Alchemy of Souls - Lee Jae Wook, Jung So Min, Go Youn Jung

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Part 1

Part 2

Drama: Alchemy of Souls
Native Title: 환혼
Also Known As: Can This Person Be Translated? , Salvation Interpreter , Welcome , Soul Marriage , Resurrection , Guwoneui Tongyeok , Hwan Hon , 구원의 통역 , 환혼 , 이사람통역이되나요 , Return
Screenwriter: Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran
Director: Park Joon Hwa
Genres: Action, Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Country: South Korea
Episodes: 20
Airs: Jun 18, 2022 - Aug 21, 2022 (Part 1)
      Dec 10, 2022 - Jan 8, 2023 (Part 2)
Airs On: Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Netflix, tvN
Duration: 1 hr. 20 min.
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older


Part 1
The fate of these people become twisted due to "hwanhonsool" (the soul of the dead return to the living).

In the country of Daeho, Jang Uk comes from the noble Jang family. He holds an unpleasant secret about his birth, which people all around the country talk about. He's a troublemaker. Jang Uk happens to meet Mu Deok. She is an elite warrior, but her soul is trapped in a physically weak body. She becomes Jang Uk’s servant, but she also secretly teaches him how to fight.

Seo Yool comes from the noble Seo family. He seems perfect with good appearance, intelligence, and strong martial arts skills. Go Won is the crown prince of Daeho. He hopes to become a generous king.

Part 2
Jang Uk returns from death, and three years later, the story of the mages unfolds anew. Jang Uk becomes a hunter of the soul-shifters when a young woman, a prisoner in her own home, seeks his help to reclaim her freedom.

1. "Alchemy of Souls" takes over tvN's Sat. & Sun. 21:10 time slot previously occupied by "Our Blues."
2. Park Hye-Eun was first cast to play lead female character Mu-Deok, but mutually agreed with production staff to drop out.

Lee Jae-Wook - Jang Wook
Jung So-Min - Mu-Deok
Minhyun - Seo Yool
Shin Seung-Ho - Go Won
Yu Jun-Sang - Park Jin
Oh Na-Ra - Kim Do-Ju
Jo Jae-Yun - Jin Mu
Hong Seo-Hui - Heo Yoon-Ok

source : asianwiki, mydramalist

teaser :
Part 1
Part 2

Official Trailer Part 2

senarai ost :
1) OST part 1 : Scars Leave Beautiful Traces - Cars, The Garden
2) OST part 2 : Aching - Kassy
3) OST part 3 : Just Watching You - Jeong Sewoon

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rasa mcm nak tgk citer ni...mcm fun je...citer pasal roh masuk dlm badan org lain...

xyla73 Publish time 13-6-2022 12:23 PM

iols dah penat tgk citer serius & realistic...next lineup iols nak tgk citer yg ada elemen fantasy pulak...

since Showtime pun dah abis, weekend ni nak tgk citer ni pulak...

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Dah tgk epi 1...best...sapa yg suka citer yg totally fantasy with a lot of cgi bolehlah layan...
citer pasal soul switching...roh masuk dlm badan org lain...
heroin ni nama mu deok asalnya buta tapi sejak roh pompuan assassin nama naksu masuk dlm badan dia, dia boleh nampak pulak...
tapi masalahnya badan mu deok ni terlalu lemah utk seorang assassin...
suka interaction antara mu deok/naksu & jang uk...
the original naksu tu cantik...mcm pernah nmpk dlm citer lain tapi x blh recall kat mana...

xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 12:20 AM

Wait..citer ni ada berapa episod sebenarnya? kat Netflix kata total 30 episod tapi bila tgk kat episod list tu ada 20 je…

nuryakmal Publish time 19-6-2022 08:35 AM

Kemain cgi diorang ni. Visual pun cantik.So far tak heavy at all. Moga tak sakit jiwa macam bulgasal

xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 09:41 AM

so sebenarnya Mu Deok tu skrg identiti dia apa? Mu Deok ke Naksu?
jasad dia Mu Deok tapi jiwa dia Naksu..
kalau Jang Uk tu tersuka kat dia, dia suka Mu Deok ke Naksu sebenarnya?
mana pergi roh Mu Deok tu? mati sekali dgn jasad Naksu ke?

fighting scene dlm citer ni macam dlm c-drama wuxia punya genre...
jgn ada yg claim & buat petition bukan2 suruh stop production dahlah...
dah negara dekat2 mestilah ada persamaan sikit2...

xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 10:05 AM

apa yg iols faham setakat epi 1 :
1) Jang Gang merupakan pelopor ilmu soul switching
2) Jang Uk tu anak yg terhasil lepas roh raja tu bertukar tubuh dgn Jang Gang...that's why Jang Gang x mengaku tu anak dia & buat sekatan kat Jang Uk...
3) tanda biru tu terhasil kalau roh keluar dari jasad & masuk ke jasad org lain...dlm kes Naksu & Mu Deok, roh Naksu masuk dlm jasad Mu Deok melalui mata since Mu Deok xde tanda biru tu kat tempat lain...
4) Naksu & Seo Yul pernah kenal masa kecik tapi Seo Yul x cam rupa Naksu versi dewasa

xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 10:55 AM

4 seasons of Daeho..
dari keturunan ahli sihir paling berpengaruh kat Daeho..

Jin Cho Yeon- has the vitality of spring
Park Danggu- has the energy of hot summer
Seo Yul- noble as the sunset in fall
Jang Uk- dazzling as the winter snow

kita dah nampak 3 je dlm epi 1...yg pompuan tu belum tau lagi background dia...

xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 11:11 AM

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disebabkan ada byk watak dlm citer ni, iols post satu2 watak utama...courtesy of tvn_drama instagram and soompi articles...yg iols letak font biru ni translated caption dari insta post...

Lee Jae Wook as Jang Uk - sophisticated yet troublemaking young master of the Jang family. He has a tragic backstory, with the entire nation of Daeho whispering about the shocking secret behind his scandalous birth. Despite seeming cool and indifferent on the outside, he is burning with fiery mischievousness on the inside.

The noble master of the Jang family VS the rogue disciple of the world


xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 11:17 AM

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Jung So Min as Mu Deok Yi - secretly harbors the soul of the great assassin Nak Soo. However, this fierce soul is stuck in an impossibly weak body that cannot keep up with Nak Soo’s powerful spirit. After becoming Jang Wook’s attendant and secret teacher, she begins training him in a brutal, merciless manner.

The world's weakest servant VS the world's best
What is the true identity of Mu Deok, who looks pure in the world?


xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 11:26 AM

Hwang Min Hyun as Seo Youl - the genius scion of the noble Seo family. Although he is flawless in every way – from his handsome looks to his brilliant mind and his impressive literary and martial arts skills – he is too naive to be realistic. Seo Youl is also a hopeless romantic who harbors pure-hearted love for one secretive girl.

Songrim's genius nobleman VS the pure man who keeps his first love.
He's a genius, but he's pure and innocent.


xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 11:33 AM

Yoo In Soo as Park Dang Gu - the bright, warm, and cheerful heir to a wealthy family in the top 1 percent of Daeho. Despite being the heir to an important family, the popular and outgoing Park Dang Gu is more interested in partying and the various rumors floating around Daeho than his business classes.

Top 1% wealthy heir VS playing is the best hack
Those who want to play gather at the billiard room

siapa yg tgk All of Us Are Dead, dialah yg jadi Gwi Nam, kaki buli yg jahat tu..

xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 11:37 AM

Oh My Girl’s Arin as Jin Cho Yeon - the most popular girl in Daeho and the youngest daughter of the Jin family. Although she appears glamorous and elegant on the outside, Jin Cho Yeon is an immature and pure-hearted soul with a childlike innocence. In particular, she only has eyes for Jang Wook.

Great Patriotic Celeb VS Jang Wook Celebs who are cute, pretty and do everything even when standing on their hands


xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 11:52 AM

Yoo Joon Sang as Park Jin - the head of Song Rim, which is the largest corporation in Daeho nation. With his great charisma and thorough leadership, he is a natural leader who receives great respect from young magicians. However, he is always concerned because Jang Wook, the son of his close friend who he practically considers as his own son, does not follow the path he wants him to.


xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 12:02 PM

Shin Seung Ho as Go Won - the petty and mischievous crown prince of Daeho nation. Go Won is aiming to be a generous and gentle king, but after Mu Deok Yisees through him to his ill-tempered and humane nature, Go Won only reveals his true feelings in front of Mu Deok Yi.

Gentle and benevolent Crown Prince VS A mean-spirited man

kalau dia ni crown prince, maknanya dia ni anak raja tu atau bukan? sebab raja tu nak switch soul dgn Jang Gang sebab nak dptkan jasad yg kuat supaya boleh hasilkan pewaris takhta, so anak hasil drpd raja & wife Jang Gang tu dia ni ke atau Jang Wook?


xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 12:05 PM

Oh Na Ra as Kim Do Joo - the housekeeper of the Jang family who wields great influence in the household. Kim Do Joo takes care of everything within the Jang family household, and she is broad-minded and strong, but she is weak for Jang Wook.


xyla73 Publish time 19-6-2022 12:09 PM

Special Appearances By Joo Sang Wook, Park Byung Eun, And Yeom Hye Ran

diorg ni semua dah buat special appearances dlm episod 1

lynn_dmm Publish time 20-6-2022 09:46 AM

iols dah layan epi 1& 2....best jgak plot nya....kiranya ni zaman era silla ke ek? tgk baju diorg mcm ni...

Jang Ukk tu sure la lama2 akan suka Mu Deok sleain nak jadikan dia cikgu,..tapi Jang Ukk dah tau identiti Mudeok and dia tau kan sbnantya tu Naksu....so nnt dia akan suka Mudeok ke Naksu....dengan Naksu nya mcm suka Su Yeol....menariks niii...

iols risau la pemindah roh ni nnt jadi batu..jangan mudeok plak jadi gitu (of course ada cara lain kan nak elak benda ni)

Drama ni 20 episod kan...kat Netflix tulis 30...typo ke apa? hehehehe

xyla73 Publish time 20-6-2022 11:18 AM

lynn_dmm replied at 20-6-2022 09:46 AM
iols dah layan epi 1& 2....best jgak plot nya....kiranya ni zaman era silla ke ek? tgk baju diorg mc ...

Ni bukan historical drama, it’s totally fantasy..so xde   restriction kena ikut zaman silla ke, goryeo ke, joseon ke…writer awal2 buat disclaimer tempat tu x wujud dlm peta pun…so suka hati jelah nak guna costume/fesyen zaman apa…
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