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J-Rock - PornoGraffitti 2022

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NovaWorld Phan Thiet continues to cause a market fever with exclusive experiences for investors and visitors such as helicopter tours, supercars, yachts, golfing, enjoying unique cuisine…
On the morning of March 11, at the event “Experience in the air”, the Weststar AW-189 helicopter carrying VIP customers only took 40 minutes from Tan Son Nhat airport to land – Super City of the Sea – Travel NovaWorld Phan Thiet (Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province) The flight by private jet gives customers many impressive experiences when watching the whole project from above, feeling the bustling atmosphere. of exciting beach sports activities at Miami Beach Bikini Beach square.

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Shark Louis Nguyen – one of the first passengers to experience the air tour – expressed his satisfaction when the helicopter service helps increase safety, convenience, and saves travel time for tourists and families. invest. After a period of research and overview of NovaWorld Phan Thiet, he assessed that the project has the advantage of a large land bank, a beautiful coastal location and a methodical planning.
Perspective photo.

Mui Ne Bay Sand Dunes

The experiential “party” is filled with all senses thanks to a series of multi-style food-truck culinary activities from Baskin Robbins fresh cream brands, Xing Fu Tang milk tea… and Marina beachfront restaurant chain. Club, Lotteria fast food, Au Lac Do Brazil with South American flavors, Saigon Casa coffee… The coastal city cuisine system is also gradually adding pieces from other big brands such as Hotpot Story, food Thai Mango Tree…

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Impressive moments at the ‘party’NovaWorld Phan Thiet experience - 13
In addition to convenient transportation, NovaWorld Phan Thiet also inherits the “specialty” of a year-round sunny climate, beautiful scenery with clear blue water, long sandy beaches, diverse cuisine, meeting the needs of many customer segments. With a fast implementation speed, the project is gradually sharpening with many utilities and services coming into operation, anticipating the synchronous infrastructure development in Binh Thuan. In the near future, when the tourism industry recovers strongly, NovaWorld Phan Thiet promises to bring colorful experience parties 365 days a year, being a magnet to attract tourists both at home and abroad.


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