batunilam4a Publish time 3-10-2010 10:07 AM

cam sengal je lagu ni
syoksendiri Post at 2-10-2010 22:53

Moke betina siaaallll mcm ko ade tak mcm moke pompuan negrooo yg ko paste tuh muahahahahh...dasar anakkk areeemmmm

KimoraHakim Publish time 3-10-2010 10:08 AM

Reply 1# otomatic_prince

    sudah ada single oh santa..lagu ni best gile..those yang nak download lagu tu boleh download kat facebook MC....

batunilam4a Publish time 3-10-2010 10:21 AM

Beyonceee will turn the title track by adding word n on the last ..Oh santan = satan muahahahah.......devilicous bee.....

Anyway...I am so in love with the song..Mariah never use her 5 octave in this...perhaps on other songs recorded mostly the remake of the classics such "little drummer boy", have yourself a merry little Christmas..." really can't wait...

Its not as good as AIWFC...but it still sounds great.. I mean who on earth could make new Christmas sound..sounds festive..only mariah can do it. This song is fun and cute I like the part "Santa's gonna come and make you mine oh oh oh"......She's creative and great...THE BEST... I don't see any current the so called diva such Babee, Christina will make huge on their Christmas album..even her same league Whitney and Celine can't do better than her....shit rite....but thats the fact....can't wait for the whole album

KimoraHakim Publish time 3-10-2010 10:26 AM

Reply 6# batunilam4a

    it is normal for human beings....suara tak akan sama selamanya..even her whistle register....tapi her voice is still superb...

batunilam4a Publish time 3-10-2010 10:36 AM


    it is normal for human beings....suara tak akan sama selamanya..even he ...
KimoraHakim Post at 3-10-2010 10:26

Couldn't agree more...her texture of the voice is different...the ability still there....our voice change gradually....don't know about satan worhsiper whether they could sustain too...muahahahah...LOL

KimoraHakim Publish time 3-10-2010 10:40 AM

Reply 25# batunilam4a

    satan worhsiper

you mean beyonce? i love her and MC likes her too...she is so sweet..i like her performance..

batunilam4a Publish time 3-10-2010 11:03 AM

Reply 26# KimoraHakim

Of coz...who else in the list hahah...anyway I like to see Bee's performance ..her voice is okay lah....not to that level that i can pay respect as mariah..mariah is incomparable...both of them adore each others....but of coz mariah is 1st class diva...

batunilam4a Publish time 3-10-2010 11:07 AM

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News @ AsiaOne           Mariah: the ultimate diva      
         Mariah Carey was all big hair and sass on Sunday night at the Padang. -myp      
                                                                                  Tue, Sep 28, 2010
                        my paper                                                                                                                  
By Jill Alphonso
Click on thumbnail to view
For more photos, click here.

AMERICAN singer Mariah Carey's diva attitude is nothing short of legendary.
When she flew into Singapore in the wee hours of Saturday, she met fans and sweetly signed autographs for them.
Then, she reportedly asked for a massage at her Sentosa hotel.
A source told my paper that Carey had another request - that her hotel room be strewn with pink and white rose petals.
Yes, it's clear that Carey, 40, has her demands. But she also has a sense of humour.
Carey, who is married to American comedian and TV host Nick Cannon, was in town to close the F1 concerts - which smartly lined up mainstream celebrities like Missy Elliott, Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry and Sean Kingston to appeal to the mass crowd who turned up at F1.
Carey proved that the formula worked - a crowd of some 35,000 showed up after Sunday's races to catch her performance on the Padang stage.
She opened her 90-minute show with the catchy Obsessed (2009), which is reportedly about rapper Eminem (with whom she was rumoured to have had a little liaison, circa 2001).
Carey, all big hair and sass, then began to play the diva - hilariously so.
"My shoes are killing me," she said, before launching into a debate on whether she should take them off (her assistants eventually helped her with that task).
She asked whether the fan could be moved closer to her.
She asked if someone could bring her water.
"I'm tired, I'm sorry," she giggled.
She would later drink water out of a champagne glass, say that she was "shockingly" pouring water on her own, and collapse on a divan lounger brought out just for her.
It was all theatrics, all playing to the image she has built for herself - a sweet, slightly naive, sometimes-inane little gal who can really, really sing.
The crowd waited for her to catch her breath before she launched into Dreamlover (1993), recorded at a time when much was being made of Carey's five-octave vocal range. She still has it. Her voice peaked, swooped, and made you listen (despite sound problems that had the speakers crackling).
Carey's 11-song set was clever, covering the entire range of her career, from the early hit Emotions (1991), to the moving break-up song Always Be My Baby (1996), and the dancier, more current tracks like It's Like That and Shake It Off (2005).
Carey, who is rumoured to be pregnant (there was an awkward moment in the song Touch My Body, which contains the lyrics "Do you like my curves?" and, well, you could see there was a lot to love), also took a tumble while singing Make It Happen (1992).
She was helped up by her dancers, and her humour was on show again as she told the crowd, "I did that on purpose!" She also took very extended breaks during her show, making one wonder each time if she was coming onstage again.
One thing Carey could not avoid were comparisons to another diva: Beyonce.
The 29-year-old was in town last year to perform at the F1 Rocks show, held during the F1 period, though not organised by the Singapore Grand Prix.
So, here's the breakdown: Beyonce wins in terms of sheer athleticism. At her concert, the Single Ladies singer performed all the dance moves she is famous for, barely getting breathless.But Carey, on the other hand, has the vocal chops and the range. She has learnt restraint, too, as her later records show, and her lower range is beautiful. Beyonce doesn't compare here (sorry, B).In the end, as Carey launched into the ever-popular Hero (1993), you realise why people came out in force to see her.Despite the theatrics, Carey is no joke. She is legend.

batunilam4a Publish time 3-10-2010 11:20 AM

Anyway nak tumpang tanya...ACEHAND tu mod kat thread nie...ker..sbb ade org ngadu domba nangeh2 kene sembo ngan aku...I don't think mod ade alter ego yg pakai byk2 nama...I am so grateful that people are paying too much attention for me hahah LOL ..thank you and i appreciate that...My principle of life is, Respect people if you want others to respect you...or else....;P

syoksendiri Publish time 3-10-2010 02:33 PM

LOLLL i love seeing batunilam4a & her breakdown just like mariah in her crazy days..

syoksendiri Publish time 3-10-2010 02:40 PM

another review from someone who watched her show in Singapore..

The news was out. Mariah Carey was coming to Singapore for a one night only show right after the Formula One Grand Prix Night Race. Me and my homies are big Mariah fans and we decided to meet at 1300, even though the gates opened at 1500 and her set began at 2230.

We endured the Singapore sun, heard those F1 cars whizz past us 61 times and scavenged for cheap food. Finally at 1030, blue butterflies appeared on the large LED screen and the show began. Mind you, I'd been to Beyonce's show just last year and waited for an intro video but none came. A few minutes later, the diva herself made an unceremonious entrance, walking in singing "Obsessed". She was certainly a lot fuller than usual and didn't move much, but four energetic, HOT male dancers moved and grinded her.

I don't know anything about singing, but she sounded good! The next number she broke into was "Emotions" and she managed to (at least I think) hit every one of those tricky high notes. Something odd happened during "Make It Happen" - she went backstage and her three backup singers took over. The dancers shook and moved, hoping to appease the impatient crowd who wanted Mimi back. She finally came out during the last chorus, in a brand new outfit. And halfway through the chorus, she fell down! She got back up and had an assistant come take off her shoes on stage.

She took the time to joke about with the audience and to really make a personal connection with them in between songs, and after an hour or so, she ended "We Belong Together" and abruptly said "Goodnight Singapore, I love you!". The audience was pretty shocked because she had hardly gone into her massive catalog. Where was Fantasy? And I Still Believe? Vision of Love? Honey?

The typical "ENCORE, ENCORE" chant began and she came out with a message "If you have a dream, don't let go" and launched into Hero. We were hoping for maybe a "Someday", but none came and she once again said good night, this time for good.

Her show left me wanting more; it was nothing but a striptease. The show had no distinct theme, and lacked any creativity. There weren't medleys, the costume changes seemed to be random and the setlist lacked energy. The performer herself was lazy and moved around the stage slowly, but it's probably cos she's pregnant, but still...

My last two concerts were Kris Allen's and Beyonce's and they couldn't have been more different. Kris had the stripped, chill mood while Beyonce was a loud, flamboyant extravaganza. Mariah was really more like Kris' and that's sad because she's a diva, and a diva really, really needs a show.

tak sabar nak tengok breakdown si batu ni lagi sekali..

batunilam4a Publish time 4-10-2010 01:04 AM

another review from someone who watched her show in Singapore..

tak sabar nak tengok...
syoksendiri Post at 3-10-2010 14:40

Alah...someone konon...stakar artikel pojok mcm tu pon nak paste...oh please....

Breakdown lah sgt..ko tu yg break mental....ngadu domba kat mod.....dah ler pompuan tua tak laku, tp prasan moke mcm bee owh please dah tu meroyan kat thread artis2 lain...mcm sakit jiwa yg patutnya kene humban kat tampoi....

batunilam4a Publish time 4-10-2010 01:07 AM

LOLLL i love seeing batunilam4a & her breakdown just like mariah in her crazy days..
syoksendiri Post at 3-10-2010 14:33

Did my mum call 911...stupid old hag...dasar anak dara tua / pondan x laku....ade hati nak insult on people's imperfectness...

can't wait to see her/he reply....{:1_152:}

batunilam4a Publish time 4-10-2010 01:10 AM

Org makin tua....bace artikel2 yg ade jenama ni...komen org yg mental breakdown mcm die gak...

tak sabar nak tgk SS reply dan avatar2nya....childish and pathetic...

batunilam4a Publish time 4-10-2010 01:13 AM

SS ni mcm sakit mental yg di berikan waktu rehat oleh guard utk melepaskan posting2 bodoh die ke thread artis2 lain....dan utk memuji mengalahkan Tuhan ke atas artis pujiannya Bee..since Bee is satan worshiper..I think she/he is also part of the community..urrghhh...OMG

syoksendiri Publish time 4-10-2010 02:33 AM

batunilam4a breakdown

sampai 4 posts straight dia breakdown

nameloo Publish time 4-10-2010 09:30 AM

Reply 36# syoksendiri



I love New York!:P

batunilam4a Publish time 4-10-2010 11:16 AM

batunilam4a breakdown

sampai 4 posts straight dia breakdown
syoksendiri Post at 4-10-2010 02:33

Sikit2 gif giler SS...dah ler sakit jiwe...almost like boy george...

batunilam4a Publish time 4-10-2010 11:17 AM




I love New York!
nameloo Post at 4-10-2010 09:30

I love the high way built....

batunilam4a Publish time 4-10-2010 11:21 AM

Photo: Merry Christmas II You Collector's Box Set
Posted by Lynn on Thursday, 30-Sep-2010, 8:24PM EDT | Comments (34)
Amazon has now added a photo of the Merry Christmas II You Collector's Box Set, with the following copy: "This very special deluxe holiday package includes the Merry Christmas II You CD enclosed in a beautiful silver box (measures approximately 7.5 x 7.5 x 5.5 inches) along with a 40-page hardcover photo album, sticker tag sheet and collectible butterfly holiday ornament."
Amazon has lowered the price of the Merry Christmas II You Collector's Box Set to $47.99 (was $59.98); and a much lower price at Barnes & Noble at $35.90 (was $43.53).

NOTE: Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have updated their listing for the Merry Christmas II You Collector's Box Set with a new retail price of $53.99.


Source: --
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