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[Netflix] The Sound of Magic - Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung Eun, Hwang In Yeop (6 Mei 2022)


Drama: The Sound of Magic
Native Title: 안나라수마나라
Also Known As: Annalasumanala , Annarasumanara
Director: Kim Seong Yoon
Screenwriter: Kim Min Jung
Genres: Music, Psychological, Drama, Fantasy,K-Dramas based on Webtoon, Social Issue TV Dramas, Teen TV Shows
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 6
Airs: May 6, 2022
Airs On: Friday
Original Network: Netflix
Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older

High school student Yoon Ah Yi finances herself and her younger sister by working part-time jobs. She doesn't know where her parents are. Debt collectors drove her father away from home—and then her mother fled too. But even with her poor financial circumstances, Yoon Ah Yi manages to rank near the top of her school academically. Yoon Ah Yi wants to become an adult as soon as possible, to have a stable job.

Her classmate Na Il Deung competes with Yoon Ah Yi for the top grade, but they begin to have feelings for each other.

One day, Yoon Ah Yi meets magician Lee Eul at an abandoned amusement park. He performs magic shows for people who believe in magic. He is a mysterious person; he comforts Yoon Ah Yi who tells him that she believes in magic.

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~~ Adapted from the webtoon "Annarasumanara” (안나라수마나라) by Ha Il Kwon (하일권).

Ji Chang-wook as Lee Eul

[*]Nam Da-reum as young Lee Eul

A mysterious magician who lives in an abandoned amusement park. He wants to remain aschild even after becoming an adult.

Choi Sung-eun as Yoon Ah-yi
A girl who wants to become an adult too early

Hwang In-youp as Na Il-deung
A gifted high school student who does not know how to communicate with other people and is just immersed in his studies

Yoo Jae-myung as Na Il-deung's father
Hong Seo-hee as young Ji-soo
Kim Bo-yoon as Kim So-hee


xyla73 Publish time 23-4-2022 09:37 AM

ni pun cam best...genre musical fantasy tapi dlm masa yg sama also heartfelt drama with social issues element...sounds like my cup of tea...

drama ni kuar 6 Mei, time raya, 6 episod sekaligus...

heroin tu yg dlm Beyond Evil jadi Jae Yi, nampak lain dlm trailer citer ni...Hwang In Yeop pun nampak lain...

Beribear Publish time 10-5-2022 09:06 AM

For me citer ni takde motif pon tp ada satu yg sampai kat iolss & mmg menusuk sgt. Kita kalau tak dpt sesuai kan diri dgn keadaan sekeliling mmg kita akan di pulaukan & di hina. Tp iolss mmg kecewa dgn citer ni sbb iolss mmg tunggu citer hwang in yeop ni

kakakko Publish time 13-5-2022 09:52 AM

Dah tengok sampai ep3. So far biasa2 je. Ntah takde rasa wow lagi setakat ni. Tengok pun sekadar nak tahu apa jadi next tapi bukanlah sampai tertunggu2.

Part musical memang aku lajukan je. ;P

kakakko Publish time 13-5-2022 10:47 AM

Bila tengok muka Hwang In yeop tu ada iras2 muka Shin Se Kyung.. :lol:

lynn_dmm Publish time 18-5-2022 03:22 PM

iols dh smpi episod 4...yg pntg iols sedih tgk ah yi....meleleh jgak la air mata..hahhaha...tapi smpi epi4 ni belum tau lagi motif rieul ni...dia ni mmg saja2 nak ajar magic ke kat bdk2 ni?
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