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Reba McEntire

Revived Remixed Revisited album. Me done ✅ i love it! Anyone familiar with this redhead singer ? She been dubbed as Queen of country music. I personally love Dolly but couldn’t deny Reba singing ability.
Ramai fans reply they can die happily after Duet with Dolly Parton ( Does he love you ) out. They never sing together until recently;P
Suara Dolly pun dah tak strong mcm dulu. Well, she 75! Still Remember Porter kena letak mic jauh sebatu sbb suara Dolly too loud.

I never find Reba interesting and for me shes nothing compared to Dolly. She received so many big honor as an entertainer. I will share Reba video below yang buat aii redho she is truly country Queen but Dolly is the empress ;P

Reba LIVE performances are recommended , Share your thoughts too! :lol:

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Reba signature song “ fancy” . Ramai compared between Jolene vs Fancy. Reba energy on stage. Fire:L


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Duet with Dolly - Does he love you.
Original version with linda better. Powerful vocal & dramatic.


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Original with Vince Gill, But this version i recommended. Reba voice just get better with age. She was 56 here. Beautiful song & voice! :C

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