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[MBC/viu] The Red Sleeve - Lee Junho, Lee Se Young

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In Korea during the first half of the 1700s, Yi San is an aloof and perfection-loving young prince. His father’s killing haunts him, although it leaves him in the position to take the throne once his grandfather – the cruel and ruthless current king responsible for Yi San’s father’s death – dies. He has resolved to become a benevolent monarch who will reform the law when he eventually takes the throne, but the way his father was killed has scarred him emotionally.

At court, he meets a young woman named Sung Deok Im. Yi San falls in love with her and tries to convince her to become his official concubine. But Sung Deok Im is strong-willed and free-spirited. She is also intelligent enough to understand that becoming a royal consort to the future king is a prestigious role, but one that would restrict her freedom and likely bring her little in the way of joy. But Yi San’s love for Sung Deok Im is true, and she starts to understand that forming a union with him could ultimately benefit his troubled realm.

~~ Adapted from the novel "The Sleeve's Red Cuff" (옷소매 붉은 끝동) by Kang Mi Kang (강미강).

Drama: The Red Sleeve
Native Title: 옷소매 붉은 끝동
Also Known As: Red Cuff of the Sleeve , Red End of Clothes and Sleeves , Dress Sleeved Red , The Red-Stained Sleeve Cuff , The Red Sleeve Cuff , Ot Somae Bolkeun Kkeutdong , Otsomae Beulgeun Kkeuddong , Ossomae Bulgeun Kkeutdong
Screenwriter: Jung Hae Ri
Director: Jung Ji In
Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 17
Aired: Nov 12, 2021 - Jan 1, 2022
Aired On: Friday, Saturday
Original Network: MBC, viu
Duration: 1 hr. 20 min.
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older


Lee Joon-HoLee Se-YoungKang Hoon
Lee SanSung Deok-ImHong Deok-Ro
Royal Family

Lee Deok-HwaJang Hee-JinKang Mal-GeumKim I-OnJo Seung-Hee
King YoungjoQueen JungsoonHyebin HongPrincess ChungyeonPrincess Chungsun
Court Ladies

Park Ji-YoungJi EunCha Mi-Kyung
Head Court Lady JoKang Wol-HyeCourt Lady Park
Lee San's Group

Oh Dae-HwanMoon Jung-DaeBae Je-KiKim Kang-MinYoon Hyo-Sik
Kang Tae-HoSeo Kyung-JoongJung Jae-HwaKim Doo-SungCrown Prince's eunuch
Sung Deok-Im's Group

Jang Hye-JinLee Min-JiHa Yul-RiLee Eun-Saem
Court Lady SeoKim Bok-YeonBae Kyung-HeeSon Young-Hee
Lee San's Enemies

Jo Hee-BongSeo Hyo-RimKwon Hyun-Bin
Hong Jung-YeoPrincess HwawanJung Baek-Ik

source : viki, mydramalist,asianwiki


senarai OST :
1) OST part 1 - I Wish (Whee In)
2) OST part 2 - Starlight Heart (BEN)
3) OST part 3 - My Wonderous Miracle (Jeong Sewoon)
4) OST part 4 - I'll be with you everyday - Minhyun (NU'EST)
5) OST part 5 - Beautiful (Lucia)

mbhcsf Publish time 12-11-2021 09:29 PM

Junho 2PMs in the houseeee....hahahaha...

dilemma NWABU dengan drama ni....

mbhcsf Publish time 12-11-2021 11:56 PM

3 Reasons To Look Forward To Lee Se Young And Lee Junho’s Upcoming Historical Drama “The Red Sleeve”

pautan asal :


MBC’s upcoming drama “The Red Sleeve” is gearing up for its premiere!

Based on a novel, “The Red Sleeve” is a traditional historical drama that tells the record of an imperial court romance between court lady Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young), who wanted to protect the life she had chosen, and emperor Yi San (Lee Junho), who put the nation first before love.

This is MBC’s first traditional sageuk (Korean historical drama) in two years, raising even more anticipation for the project. In addition to the leads Lee Junho and Lee Se Young, talented actors Kang Hoon, Lee Deok Hwa, Park Ji Young, Jang Hee Jin, Jang Hye Jin, Jo Hee Bong, Seo Hyo Rim, Kang Mal Geum, and Oh Dae Hwan have joined the star-studded lineup.

The drama is based on the story of King Jeongjo, the 22nd ruler of Joseon dynasty born under the name of Yi San, and royal noble consort Ui of the Seong clan. King Jeongjo has been praised as a wise ruler who led the Joseon dynasty’s last revival. His love story is also a topic that made future generations curious because of the well-known story of his proposal to Ui-bin Seong being rejected twice. Furthermore, “The Red Sleeve” is unlike previous projects that relied on imagination because there hadn’t been adequate historical records on Ui-bin Seong. After 2010, translations for relevant historical material have become more widely available, so there’s greater anticipation for “The Red Sleeve” to portray Yi San and Ui-bin Seong’s love story more accurately.

Furthermore, “The Red Sleeve” will be the first drama to highlight the life of “court lady” Seong Deok Im. Rather than portraying court ladies as puppets who obediently served the King and his family, the drama will tell the story of court ladies who controlled half of the palace life in Joseon. The question, “The King loved the court lady, but did the court lady also love the King?” raises anticipation for a melodrama with rich emotional portrayal and story telling. “The Red Sleeve” won’t limit Jeongjo’s image just to that of a romantic lover, and it will paint him as a three-dimensional character who worked passionately for both the nation and love.

mbhcsf Publish time 12-11-2021 11:57 PM

OK Taecyeon jadi secret royal inspector
Junho jadi King terussss


xyla73 Publish time 13-11-2021 11:45 AM

So Yi San ni anak Prince Sado...tau kisah Prince Sado ni sebab tgk movie The Throne...
Prince Sado ni byk buat kerja gila sebab rebel kat ayah dia...
utk elakkan keadaan jadi lebih buruk mak dia who is a gundik merayu kat ayah dia supaya jatuhkan hukuman kat dia...
tapi ayah dia tak boleh jatuhkan hukuman mati sebab nanti dgn wife & anak dia sekali kena hukum mati..
so ayah dia bagi hukuman kena kurung dlm gerobok beras & biarkan dia mati kelaparan...
tgk movie tu sebab Yoo Ah In yg berlakonjadi Prince Sado & dia menang byk awards melalui watak tu...
byk kali tayang kat cenel tvn movies...
so kalau tgk movie ni dulu maybe lagi jelas dpt tau backstory pasal hubungan Yi San & atuk dia (king) tu...

dah tgk epi 1...surprisingly i can follow the story...maybe sebab iols faham sedikit sebanyak backstory pasal Yi San tu...
so Yi San's court lady tak nak cari Deok Sim ni takut history repeat itself kot...

xyla73 Publish time 14-11-2021 11:46 AM

best citer ni tapi agak terganggu sikit tgk muka heroin...
dia ada alter something ke kat muka dia sebab nampak fake sgt?
sebelum ni kat drama lain nampak ok je tapi kat sini nampak tak natural muka dia...
tang mulut ke dagu tu nampak tirus sgt...

anyway sampai bila Duk Im ni tak tau yg dia selalu jumpa kat library tulah Crown Prince?
harap2 jgnlah melarat sampai byk episod...
dah buat mcm2 kat Crown Prince padanlah apology letter tak diterima...
tapi iols rasa saja je Crown Prince buat gitu supaya boleh jumpa Duk Im byk2 kali ;P

sitisbp Publish time 14-11-2021 10:05 PM

Tengok citer ni sbb ada tayang kat viu. And i like Lee Se Young masa dlm Hwayugi/ Korean Odessey,so i give it a try. So far 2 epi ni ok. Actually bila baca synopsis i tak suka sbb in the end Deok Im tetap jd concubine. Depend how the story unfold nnt...if ok i continue tengok.

xyla73 Publish time 14-11-2021 11:04 PM

point citer ni memang utk angkat darjat court lady...

court lady memang tak boleh jadi queen kan so paling tinggi darjat pun jadi Royal Noble Consort...

ni biografi Seong Deok Im ambik dari wiki...
btw Jeongjo mentioned here is Yi San...
The future Royal Noble Consort was born on August 6, 1753, into the Changnyeong Seong clan. Her personal name was Seong Deok-im (성덕임) and she was the daughter of Seong Yun-u and Lady Im of the Buan Im clan. Her father worked for Hong Bong-han.

In 1762, at the age of ten, Lady Seong entered the royal palace and became a personal maid of King Jeongjo's mother, Lady Hyegyeong.

In 1782, Jeongjo gave her the rank of Sangui. On September 7, 1782, she became a Royal Consort and was elevated to the third senior rank of So-yong, after giving birth to a son, Yi Sun (이순).

mbhcsf Publish time 15-11-2021 06:30 PM

I dah tengok ep 1 and 2 ...

Ep 1 - cute dia waktu kecil. and waktu kecil pengasuh dia , i meant her SV senior maid dah tanam kat kepala dia as if she has been preconditioned by the senior Lady Court- apa makna menjadi court lady di istana and how to reach for the highest strata so that you would be seen, respectedand recognized.

So, bila tengok ep 1 baru faham makna the red sleeve cuff , lace atau jahitan ribbon merah di lengan hujung baju maid tu - itu tandanya depani court maid yg dekatdengan King atau Crown Princerupanyaa...and ini special.

i see.. baru aware sikit tentang strata depa.

I think bila tengok historical drama ni - memang gap between the rich & ranks versus the poor and commoners ni begitu global kan fenomena ni - macam kalau tengok latar masyarakat dalam novel Pride & Prejudice by Austen pun kita lihat ini.

so watak Dok Im adalah sebagai gadis yg panjang akal, smart, street smart, intelligently outspoken, she speaks her mind and sometimes tindkaan yg kalut tu lead her into trouble.
tapi dia ade ditanam dah cita cita hehehe- 5th rank Court Ladywah...

dan ep 2


good - best citer ni - seolah olah i tengok Ali Setan I versi Korea

hahaha dia dibully teruk oleh JunHo 2 PM

wow - i must sayJunho punya gaya lakonan begitu bagus ye, Hidup betulllllll.....
wow - bagus, good

tapi quite abusive ye and sad prince ye sebab latar didikan and family dia yg rosak ...

tapi overall i suke...sebab sama iras ira lenggok Rookie Historian ...

dedau compatible..

and that lady yg jadi pasangan Ji Sung dalam Dr john...nice...

xyla73 Publish time 15-11-2021 07:03 PM

mbhcsf replied at 15-11-2021 06:30 PM
I dah tengok ep 1 and 2 ...

Ep 1 - cute dia waktu kecil. and waktu kecil pengasuh dia , i meant her ...

Junho memang bagus pun berlakon...dia antara idol yg pandai berlakon...

dia start curi my attention dlm drama Chief Kim...
bromance dia dgn Nam Goong Min is the best part dlm citer tu...
lepas tu i tgk dia dlm Wok of Love & Confession sblm dia join PLKN...
lama tak nampak dia berlakon that's why i tgk citer ni...

sitisbp Publish time 15-11-2021 10:39 PM

Edited by sitisbp at 16-11-2021 09:49 AM

xyla73 replied at 14-11-2021 11:04 PM
point citer ni memang utk angkat darjat court lady...

court lady memang tak boleh jadi queen kan so ...

Senang student2 korea nak buat revision sejarah sbb byk drama buat berdasarkan kisah benar derang.

Red sleeve ni i baca k9men kata ada cross over dr mr queen. Lupa pulak character mana...both ada dlm mr queen n red sleeve.

Walopon sejarah kata tetap jd concubine, since ni drama ada disclaimer takde kaitan dgn apa2 irl, kot la ending lain ;P. Tp nnt ada petition pulak ye..knetz marah suka2 tukar history tak boleh.;P

mbhcsf Publish time 16-11-2021 03:23 PM

sitisbp replied at 14-11-2021 10:05 PM
Tengok citer ni sbb ada tayang kat viu. And i like Lee Se Young masa dlm Hwayugi/ Korean Odessey,s ...
citer ni membawa watak dari cebisan sejarah diraja Joseon ,dalam Mr Queen kim Jun hyun jadi King Cheoljung yg mana sejarah asalnya tragic gilers - kan masa Mr Queen semue org gigih meng 'google' sapamamat ni.
sama juga dengan Royal Consortni- i baru je baca biografinya - dia sendiri yg refused to be married to the King Heong Jo and dia akhirnya meninggal pada usia 33 tahun ( of courselah life expectancy human masa tu pendek je ) sebab liver cancer dan masa tu she was carrying her unborn child !! anak dia pertama meinggal and anak kedua lelaki pun meninggal ketika umur 4 thn..kira dia bejaya jadi apple of the King's eye lah sebab dia kata dia nak diiktiraf

so ternayetelah yang dia punya cita cita and apa yg ditanamkan dalam minda dia oleh pengasuhdia masa dia pi melawat mayat concubone king yg dulu tu malam tu tu direalisasikan...

as you hope pun i hope sama yg drama akan ptik moments yg best2 je . like mr queen...

tragic kan ...

so far i enjoy tengok junho berlakon...

mbhcsf Publish time 20-11-2021 11:42 AM

ep 3The Red Sleeves

Wow Daring jugak si minah Dok Im ni ye- sapai sanggup fighting for her/ CPrince cause sampai sanggup transcribe 6 buku kegemaran the present King dakam tempoh yg singkat semata mata untuk berjumpa King and memujuk supaya King tak punish Crown Prince tu / CP.

I think seteru utama CP ialah the Queen yg dari dulu lagi beragenda jahat untuk tarnish reputasi the CP ni - dari dlu hal buku , now dia macam lobbying yg CP ni committed the cat of treason plaks..

Dan now we know the backgroung of Duk Im ni - mengapa dia dihantar ke palace untuk jadi court maid rupanya dan kenapa dia beriya jadi mata duitan ( secarametaphores hahaha) dia nak kumpul sampai 100 Nyang suapay dia dapat jumpe abangnya.

Tapi another ? friend of CP - Hong Dok reo yg jumpa satupembesar tu - dok komplot tu - i tak sure identiti sebenar mamat Hong Dok Reo ni...yg kawan CP masa kecik tu hmm...he said to that pembesar yg ada sejarah di sebalik pembunuhanpast CP 1762...ini menarik...dan lagi satu i dengar yg dia komplot untuk bawa adik ? perempuannya ke perhatian CP tu kan?

so i mula tertanya sapa Hong ni - tak mungkin dia ada tali biology denga Duk Im kan?

sebab ? Hong tu dok siasat surat panah yg ditujukan kepada CP - yg kata bad guy tak leh jadi raje somewhat ...dalam ep 1 ke ep 2 ....

menarik ni...

cuma in the last part of ep 3 - Princess Cheungyoun ke Changlun ke jumpa CP at midway of the lake bridge tu - dan barulah Duk Im tahu identiti CP tu ye hahaha...

Preview ep 4 menunjukkan Duk Im akan menjadi maid rasmi kepada CP and ade lady boss baru

so ala sedih la kan if this is the case because i think the previous lady supervisor is nice and caring towards her.

Now it's all about the game of the powers that be , be they the ladies or the gents with power ...


iras iras Empress Wu Tze Tian of China pulaksss..

mbhcsf Publish time 20-11-2021 11:46 AM

Edited by mbhcsf at 20-11-2021 11:50 AM

Junho ni , of course he is one of tje 2PM members
so bila i riki riki2pm hikssssss heeee

i dapati dalam 2PM ni - ada 6 members, and 4/6 ade Masters ye- Taecyeon, Jun K, Chansung and Junho, no wonder depa ni matang and mature dalam perjalnan muzik depa...i see...

Junho Ambik masters kat Seong uni in cinematography ...sebab dia kata dia takut camera ..haha? mungkinkah ini one of his reasons, OK techyeon International relations ke something like that, 2 org lagi i tatau ape...i think depa ambik masters ni time time ahli kumpulan tu kene serve army...banyak masa luangan 5 years gap..

but i tengok mamat ni okay lah berlakon dalam bawa watak serious

yg Ok Taechyeon pulak - boleh bawa watak ubah ubah - satu seriousand mostly comical...
chan sung - jenis serius dalam citer so I married an antifan tu...

zehra2 Publish time 21-11-2021 02:31 PM

follow drama ni dgndrama taecyon . best

mbhcsf Publish time 21-11-2021 06:03 PM

i dah tengok ep 4
wow , teruk betul ye dia kena bully or acam ade saja pihak yg suka kekanakan dia ( Song Dok Im ) , i think lebih elok pun CP tu bawa dia under his management.

Nasib baik Grumpy King Granpa kenal dia

hahahahah kelakar ..


zehra2 Publish time 22-11-2021 08:19 AM

drama ni ending sedih ke??
seyoung ni mcm tomboy skit

Mooverine Publish time 22-11-2021 08:56 AM

I drop Inspector Joy sebab cetani..
tak mampu nak layan banyak sangat.
Suka sangat bila Crown Prince suruh dia tulis permohonan maaf tu..
sengih-sengih seorang dalam bilik sebab cute sangat

zehra2 Publish time 22-11-2021 09:24 AM

Mooverine replied at 22-11-2021 08:56 AM
I drop Inspector Joy sebab cetani..
tak mampu nak layan banyak sangat.
Suka sangat bila Crown Prin ...


yeayyy {:1_152:}
layan dua2 2pm punya drama je

mbhcsf Publish time 22-11-2021 04:10 PM

zehra2 replied at 22-11-2021 08:19 AM
drama ni ending sedih ke??
seyoung ni mcm tomboy skit

biografi asal this Court Ady Song Dok IM ni sedih tapi tak tahulah citer ni nak ambik perspective mana , i hope dia macam iras2 lenggok cite Mr Queen lah kot yeKalau ikutkan historical fact sheet- King Cheoljung tu sedih lah biographynya...cuma citer tu buat kelakar.

So I hope the same goes with this , tapiscreenwriter dia ade cakap yg depa kena ikut juga perjalanan sejarah Dok Im...

ntahlah ...
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