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Datin Sharifah Syawati

salam seme.....hehehe thread ni ade dh d bukak kt bod gosip tempatan tp memandangkan dia dhjd datin so aku rs perlu gak bukak kt cni hehehehee.... gbr nti la kite buh sama2 yer hehehe....dia ni kemain lg gemar bgaya sejak dh jd datin ni msti lagi 'vogeh' {:1_152:}

meh kite kgsi citer sal dia

jingga007 Publish time 6-7-2010 05:07 AM

menyeksi sajork keje si shawati niyh :shakehead3:

sueism Publish time 6-7-2010 05:37 AM

ada gambar tak?

Menceceh Publish time 6-7-2010 07:28 AM

Pernah nampak dia kat Hotel Traders dgn suami dan anak anak - pakaian kemain smart - anak dia masa itu masih kecik tapi pakai 'tuxedo' complete dgn tie. Make up very tebal.

asyriqa Publish time 6-7-2010 08:02 AM

dah dapat datin???macam tak caya jekk... che somi dia masih pramugarakah atau dah jadi bisnesman kayaraya???

nightwinkle Publish time 6-7-2010 08:08 AM

chup..leh tepek tak gambar dia...dah lupa yg mana satu dia ni?

merahsilver Publish time 6-7-2010 08:50 AM

mcm yg dtnya d benang lg satu tu...
dia still ngan hubby dia ke? bila laki dia dpt datuk?
atau dh jd datin sbb dpt datuk baru???

redmoskito Publish time 6-7-2010 09:25 AM

boh la pic dia 1 family... dia nie mmg selalu melawa jerk...
a'a ek bila dia jadi datin nie?

larrazlan Publish time 6-7-2010 09:42 AM

credit to

larrazlan Publish time 6-7-2010 09:55 AM

dia ni perunding imej kt adamaya image.... wujud lak ek adamaya tu...ingatkn dlm citer je ;P

larrazlan Publish time 6-7-2010 09:57 AM

susah lak nk cr gbr dia n family dia :curse: tp korg leh bc ttg dia kt cni$

larrazlan Publish time 6-7-2010 10:00 AM

nk add FB dia tp dh penuh dah~~~~ xleh add :'(!/profile.php?id=572983945

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Happily ever after

With celebrity marriages crumbling all around us, it's nice to see one couple who is totally devoted to each other. Former model and broadcaster-turned-entrepreneur Sharifah Shawati Syed Mohd talks about the secret behind her successful marriage.

THE radiant smile on the face of Sharifah Shawati Syed Mohd, former model and broadcaster-turned-image consultant and entrepreneur, says a lot.

Here is one woman who has it all, and this beautiful wife, mother and career-woman is happy to tell anyone who asks that her success is built on the foundation of a strong marriage and a loving family.

Sharifah, 39, is married to Wan Zuukefle Wan Ibrahim, 43, a director of an oil and gas company and they have two children, Wan Adam Shafique, 11 and Wan Maya Letisha, eight. They met during their school days when Sharifah was in Form Three and dated for ten years before getting married in 1993. The couple also worked together at Malaysia Airlines and were colleagues for a short while at TV3.

"We know each other so well. Although we were quite young when we got married, we knew that we were meant for each other," says Sharifah who set up her own hair salon Adamaya in 2003, named after her son and daughter, which has since blossomed to include Adamaya Image Consultancy.
Sharifah and her husband Wan Zuukefle and adorable children Wan Adam Shafique and Wan Maya Letisha.

She discloses: "I used to make a long list of his good and bad sides. And the good side outweighed the bad side so I decided to marry him. He didn't know about this" she laughs.

They say opposites attract, and this is certainly true in the case of this happy twosome. Sharifah claims that they are very different in character and temperament – Zuukefle is more patient while she can be quite impulsive.

"But we complement each other. We talk a lot as we don't believe in sweeping things under the carpet. We believe in talking things through and sorting them out," she says while Zuukefle nods in agreement.

Of course there are arguments but the couple always tries to find a sensible solution. "We have never not talked to each other for weeks," says Sharifah.

She says having children has been the biggest challenge so far, although she was ready to have them when she did. The couple had decided to wait a few years after tying the knot to get "used to married life and each other more''.

"We found many things we didn't know about each other when we lived together," she says.

Sharifah's eyes light up when she talks about her two children – whom she calls the loves of her life.

"Of course there are a lot of sacrifices and I have to invest so much time and energy (in them). But we have to start early to prepare them for the life they're going to live," she says, while letting on that her husband is the more patient one with the kids and tends to spoil them! (Throughout the interview, Zuukefle shows just how much of a doting dad he is by helping his children with their dinner).

Are they stopping at two? Sharifah and Zuukefle have always believed in "quality over quantity'' and want to give their children the best so they thought two were enough ... but Sharifah does admit that they are now considering the possibility of one more!

"But that has to wait a bit as I am quite busy with work now," she says. To top off her varied career, she recently added another feather to her cap by authoring a book that will be launched in March. The book, Imeg: Diri Anda, Aset Anda (Image: Yourself, Your Asset) is about image building and motivation. She is visibly excited about it.

"I'm very interested in beauty but this book is not just about external beauty. It is also about character building and motivation for women," she adds.

Sharifah says that the key to her success has been managing her time well. While weekdays are dedicated to work, both Sharifah and Zuukefle always make it a point to have dinner with their children. And at bed time, she tries to read them a story with a positive message.

Weekends, however, are strictly for the kids.

"The four of us do things together. We go watch a movie, go shopping or do an activity for the kids, like ice-skating and swimming," says Sharifah.

Of equal importance is their own time and Friday nights are reserved for hanging out with their respective friends. "Sometimes marriage can become monotonous and I believe you need some time off on your own, where you keep in touch with yourself," says Sharifah. "I still do things I like to do like going to the spa and to the gym, and he plays golf."

But the couple also has common interests such as music and clubbing, which they pursue together.

When asked what she thinks are the secrets to a happy and enduring marriage, Sharifah says among the many things are understanding and communication.

"You need to know your partner and understand him well. On top of that, communication is very important. And you have to be willing to take each others' nonsense and antics and accept them as they are.

"It's all about knowing each other's weaknesses and strengths. Marriage is not based on love alone," she says.

Sharifah believes being logical also helps: "When there's a disagreement, I go out by myself and think things over. I like to analyse things. When I realise I did wrong, I will say sorry."

So is romance still alive and kicking after 15 years of marriage?

Sharifah jokes that her husband is not the romantic type and the only time he sent her flowers, they arrived at her work place when everyone had gone home!

Still, they have plenty of blessings to be thankful for and the couple is grateful they've got each other.

"Life isn't easy. There is so much stress and pressure ... For so many couples, many of these problems accumulate and will eventually lead to the breakdown of the marriage," says Sharifah.

Zuukefle chips in at the end: "Life is too short and there are always problems in life and in a marriage. It's what you make of it that matters." And his wife couldn't agree more.

credit to

* patot ler adamaya, upernye nama anak dia {:1_152:}

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giler seksi {:3_84:} bdarah idung

lana~yana~ Publish time 6-7-2010 10:27 AM


kimoree Publish time 6-7-2010 10:28 AM

Baru2 ni ada jumpa dia...memang kecik molek je badan dia.Memang tak nampak mcm orang umur 40an pun.

kokocrunch Publish time 6-7-2010 12:28 PM


lana~yana~ Publish time 6-7-2010 12:57 PM

Reply 14# tumpanglalu74

    yang gambo atas sekali tu..lelaki tu siapa?suami dia ke?kalau nak di banding kan dengan gambo 1 famly y pkai bju putih sume tu..jauh panggang dr api muka kedua lelaki tu..huhu

tumpanglalu74 Publish time 6-7-2010 01:58 PM

Reply 19# lana~yana~

La, aku ingt laki die 2.Kenalan la 2.Atopun fan.
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