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And then May 22nd, 2004 finally came, turning Ms. Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano into HRH Princess Letizia of Asturias.

Although she and Felipe are styled Prince and Princess of Asturias, upon marriage, Letizia also acquired the following titles:
Princess of Girona, Princess of Viana, Countess of Cervera, Duchess of Mountblanc and Lady of Balaguer

The pictures below depict:
The Gala Dinner offered in the evening of their wedding.
Their wedding
The first part of their honeymoon

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hehehehe.. jadilah pramugari ke.. hape ke.. .. klu bukan jodoh .. tak jadik gak..
klu dah takdir... ceo pun kawin dgn opis boy..

Ini sumer suratan takdir.....

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princess spain tuh tak silap sampai ke iraq kan buat liputan maser kerja journalist:loveliness:princess mary tuh lawyer kan kalau tak silap lahh...

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princess spain tuh tak silap sampai ke iraq kan buat liputan maser kerja journalist:loveliness:princess mary tuh lawyer kan kalau tak silap lahh...
choolakaw Post at 7-10-2009 15:56

Wah, sume bercareer sblum kawen...;D

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princess spain tuh tak silap sampai ke iraq kan buat liputan maser kerja journalist:loveliness:princess mary tuh lawyer kan kalau tak silap lahh...
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mary bukan lawyer le..keja real estate ..cari kat wiki kalu nak tau lebih lanjut..but definitely not lawyer..

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Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark (Danish: Mary Elizabeth, Kronprinsesse af Danmark; née: Mary Elizabeth Donaldson; born: 5 February 1972) is the wife of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark.

Early life
Mary was born and raised in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She attended Waimea Heights Primary School from 1978 to 1982. She completed her secondary education at Taroona High School and Hobart Matriculation College before studying at the University of Tasmania for five years. On graduation Mary moved to Melbourne to work in her chosen career of advertising. Some months after the death of her mother, in 1997, Mary travelled extensively through Europe and the United States. Upon her return to Australia, she moved to live and work in Sydney.

As a girl, Mary was heavily involved in sports and other extracurricular activities both at school and elsewhere. Her early love of horses led her to ride competitively as a teenager, on her horse, Diana.

lizz_7777 Publish time 8-10-2009 06:56 AM

Mary is the youngest of four children born to John and Henrietta Donaldson. Her parents emigrated from Scotland to Australia in 1963.

Mary has three older siblings:

Jane Alison Donaldson, Mrs. Stephens (b. 26 December 1965);
Patricia Anne Donaldson, Mrs. Bailey (b. 16 March 1968);
John Stuart Donaldson (b. 9 July 1970);
Mary's father is Professor John Dalgleish Donaldson, born in Port Seton, near Edinburgh, Scotland, on 5 September 1941, an applied mathematician with a PhD from the University of Tasmania. His Bachelor of Science (BSc) was completed at the University of Edinburgh in 1963. He had an academic career at the University of Tasmania, where he was head of the Department of Mathematics and, later, Academic Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology. He has also taught and conducted researched Houston, at Oxford,, in South Korea, and most recently in Denmark at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Aarhus.

Professor Donaldson married at Chalmers Memorial Church, in Port Seton, near Edinburgh, Scotland, on 31 August 1963, and emigrated with his wife and parents to Tasmania in November 1963. He and his wife were both naturalized in Australia. Mary's mother was Henrietta Clark Donaldson (née Horne), known as Etta, also born in Port Seton, near Edinburgh, Scotland, on 12 May 1942. She worked for many years at the University of Tasmania and before she retired she was the Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor. Etta died on 20 November, 1997, of complications six weeks after a heart operation for a long-term condition.

In Oxford, on 5 September, 2001, John Donaldson remarried. His second wife is English author and novelist Susan Elizabeth Donaldson, née Horwood, born in Oxford. She writes novels under several pseudonyms, including Susan Moody. In 2006, she taught creative writing at the University of Copenhagen. The couple currently live in Aarhus, where Professor Donaldson teaches at the University. According to recent reports, he will return to teaching at the University of Copenhagen next year, before retiring to France.

Mary's siblings live in Australia with their families. Jane (a pharmacist) and Patricia (an intensive care nurse) each have three children and John Stuart (a geologist) has two.

Her paternal grandparents, who also emigrated to Australia, were Peter Donaldson, born ca. 1911, who died during an airplane flight from Scotland to Tasmania, ca. 1978, age estimated 67, and wife, married in Edinburgh on 3 August 1938, Mary Dalgleish, known as May, born in 1914 and deceased in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, on 28 June 2002. Her maternal grandparents were Archibald Horne, born in 1911 and died on 14 December 1974, and wife, married in Gladsmuir, East Lothian, on 14 June 1941, Elizabeth Gibson Melrose, born in 1917 and died on 25 October 1958.

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Education and career
Mary began elementary school in Clear Lake City, now Houston, Harris County, Texas, while her father was working there. On returning to Hobart she attended Sandy Bay Infants School, Waimea Heights Primary School and then Taroona High School in Tasmania. For the last two years of her secondary education Mary attended Hobart College from which she graduated. From 1989 to 1994 Mary did a combined degree in Commerce and Law (BCom.LLB) at the University of Tasmania. Mary later qualified for professional certificates in advertising and direct marketing. Mary worked for Australian and global advertising agencies after graduation including DDB Needham and Mojo Partners in Melbourne, then Young & Rubicam, Love Branding and Belle Property Group in Sydney. She also held a joint business interest in a company called Kingcash with Brent Annells, with whom she had a seven year relationship in the 1990s. After leaving Australia, Mary taught business English in Paris. On moving to Denmark permanently she worked at Navision/Microsoft Business Solutions outside of Copenhagen.

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Courtship and engagement
Mary Donaldson met Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark at the Slip Inn during the 2000 Summer Olympics on 16 September in Sydney. They conducted a long-distance relationship by phone, email and letter and Frederik made a number of discreet visits to Australia. On 15 November 2001 Anna Johannesen of the Danish weekly magazine Billed Bladet named Mary as Frederik's girlfriend. Mary moved to Europe in December 2001 and while working as an English tutor in Paris she visited Denmark privately and was photographed attending weddings and christenings of friends with Frederik. She moved to Denmark in August 2002 and on 4 September 2002 Mary began working at Navision/Microsoft in Vedbæk. Mary and Frederik were photographed during 2003 at various private outings in Denmark. On 24 September 2003 the Danish court announced Queen Margrethe intended to give her consent to the marriage at the State Council meeting scheduled for 8 October 2003.

Mary Donaldson and Crown Prince Frederik were officially engaged on 8 October 2003.

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Mary Donaldson and Crown Prince Frederik married on 14 May 2004 in Copenhagen Cathedral, in Copenhagen. Mary wore a wedding gown designed by Danish designer Uffe Frank and had a small bridal party which included her two sisters and her friend Amber Petty, a radio announcer on commercial radio in Australia. Frederik was supported by his brother Prince Joachim. Three of Mary's nieces, Erin and Kate Stephens and Madisson Woods, were flower girls; Frederik's nephew Prince Nikolai of Denmark and first cousin once removed, Count Richard von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth were pageboys. The wedding was celebrated in Copenhagen and at Fredensborg Palace. The couple reportedly spent their honeymoon in Africa.

The monograms of Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Frederik's and Mary's combined monogram and Prince Christian's are all designed by Queen Margrethe.

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Citizenship and marriage agreement
The Danish Folketing (parliament) passed a special law (Mary's Law) giving Mary Donaldson Danish citizenship upon her marriage, a standard procedure for new foreign members of the royal family. Mary was previously a dual citizen of Australia and the United Kingdom. Formerly a Presbyterian, Mary became Lutheran. On entering the royal family, Mary signed a marriage agreement similar to those of her father-in-law and her commoner ex-sister-in-law. The agreement was subsequently updated in late 2006. The details of the first and second agreements have never been made public.

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At 1:57 local time on 15 October 2005 Mary gave birth to a boy at Copenhagen University Hospital. Frederik was present for the delivery and the infant was healthy, weighed 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs) and measured 51 cm (20 ins). His name, Christian Valdemar Henri John, was announced at his christening on 21 January 2006 at Christiansborg Palace Chapel in Copenhagen. He will be Christian XI on ascension to the throne after his father. Kings in Denmark are traditionally called either Frederik or Christian. Valdemar is a historically significant name in Denmark, associated with both the Danish royal family and the national flag the Dannebrog. Henri and John are the names of his two grandfathers.

On 21 April 2007 Mary gave birth for the second time, again at Copenhagen University Hospital, at 16.02 local time. The newborn girl weighed 3.350 kg and was 50 cm long. The new princess is third in line to the throne after her father Crown Prince Frederik and her brother Prince Christian. The infant was christened at Fredensborg Palace chapel on 1 July 2007. The name of the new princess is Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe. Henrietta and Margrethe are the names of her two grandmothers. Ingrid is the name of her great-grandmother, Ingrid of Sweden, who died in November 2000, aged 90.

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Royal life
After the wedding, in 2004, the couple went on a summer cruise of mainland Denmark on the royal yacht the Dannebrog, then to Greenland and to the 2004 Athens Olympics. In 2005 during the celebrations for the 200th Anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen, the royal family was involved in related events throughout the year. Frederik and Mary marked it in London, New York and in Australia, where Mary was made Honorary HCA Ambassador to Australia in the Utzon Room of the Sydney Opera House. Since becoming Crown Princess of Denmark, Mary has made a number of international visits and Frederik and Mary participated in the reburial ceremonies for Empress Maria Feodorovna in Denmark and Saint Petersburg. In the context of immigrant issues in Denmark, Mary has visited the disadvantaged migrant areas of Vollsmose (2006) and Gellerup (2007). Mary has played an active role in promoting an anti-bullying program based on an Australian model through the auspices of Denmark's Save the Children. Mary is also involved in a new campaign to raise awareness and safe practices among Danes about skin cancer through The Danish Cancer Society. Mary is also an active patron of Denmark's third highest earning export industry, the fashion industry. In September 2007 Mary formally established the Mary Foundation, with capital from public and private donations, to advance cultural diversity and encourage a sense of the right to belong and contribute to society for those who are socially isolated or excluded.

As a native English-speaker Mary's main priority from the time of her engagement was to master the Danish language. Mary has acknowledged this has been a challenge for her in several interviews at the time of her engagement and marriage.

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Titles, styles, honours and arms
Styles of
Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Reference style Her Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness
Alternative style Ma'am

Titles and styles
5 February 1972 – 14 May 2004: Miss Mary Elizabeth Donaldson
14 May 2004 – 29 April 2008 Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark
29 April 2008 – present: Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat
Her official title in Danish is Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsesse Mary af Danmark, Grevinde af Monpezat. The title of Countess of Monpezat is not a substantive title, which means that Mary is not the Countess of Monpezat, but rather Countess Mary of Monpezat, the Count's wife.

Knight of the Order of the Elephant, Denmark (R.E.)
Commemorative 75th Birthday Medal of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort (Em11.juni.2009.)
Foreign Decorations:

Order of Saint Olav, Grand Cross, Norway (No.St.0.1.)
The Order of Stara Planina, 1st cl., Bulgaria (Bu.S.P.1.)
Order of the Polar Star, Grand Cross, Sweden (Sv.N.Stj.1.)
The Order of the Southern Cross, Grand Cross, Brazil (Br.S.K.1.)
Order of Beneficence, Grand Cross, Greece (Gr.g.G.1.)
A new coat of arms has been designed for the Crown Princess. In accordance with the statutes of the Danish Royal Orders, the conferring of the Order of the Elephant upon Mary necessitated the design of a new coat of arms to be hung in the Chapel of the Royal Orders at Frederiksborg Castle. The coat of arms and its details are as of yet to be published on the Crown Prince Couple's official website.

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The official residence of the Crown Prince family is The Chancellery House, an early 18th-century house within Fredensborg Palace, 40 km (25 miles) north of Copenhagen. It was previously the home of Frederik's maternal grandmother, Queen Ingrid. They also have a temporary apartment in Copenhagen at Amalienborg while renovations are completed on their permanent city residence, Amalienborg's Frederik VIIIs Palace which was also the home of the Crown Prince's maternal grandparents, Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid, formerly Princess Ingrid of Sweden.

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Since 2004 Crown Princess Mary has steadily worked to establish her relationships with various organisations, their issues, missions, programs and staff. Mary's patronages range across areas of culture, the fashion industry, humanitarian aid, support for research and science, social and health patronages and sport (golf and swimming). The organisations for which she is patron have reported positive outcomes through their relationship with Mary and there are various reports in the Danish media and on some of the websites of the organisations themselves about Mary being quite involved in her working relationship with them. Mary is currently involved in supporting anti-obesity programs and vaccination for children in the European Union through the World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe.

Mary's current patronages include cultural organisations,the Danish fashion industry humanitarian aid,research and science,social, health and humanitarian organisationsand sporting organisations.

Crown Princess Mary is also the Honorary Life Governor of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute based at the Garvan Institute/St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, a member of the International Committee of Women Leaders for Mental Health and a member of various sporting clubs (riding, golf and yachting). Mary lends her support to a number of other 'one off' Danish causes, industry events and international conferences convened in Denmark.

Mary presents kidney disease research prizes

Today Crown Princess Mary has taken part in the prize giving to kidney disease researchers for the Danish Kidney Association. Mary is the patron for the Association which supports patients and their families with kidney disease in practical ways as well as supporting research into kidney disease and its treatment, including dialysis and transplants. The awards have been held at the Hotel Josty in Frederiksberg.

Mary visits Christmas Seal home

Crown Princess Mary at the Kildemose institution for overweight children

Today Crown Princess Mary visited a Christmas Seal Home at Kildemose in Ølsted. Mary is the patron of the Christmas Seal Foundation. The Christmas Seal Foundation was founded in 1904 and each year seals (stamps) are sold at Christmas to raise money to help children. The foundation owns four Christmas Seal Homes, where children aged 6-14 stay for 10 weeks and each year the foundation helps 700 children to become oriented to a better and happier life.

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The Mary Foundation
On 11 September 2007 Crown Princess Mary announced the establishment of the Mary Foundation at the inaugural meeting at Amalienborg Palace. The Foundation's aim is to focus on co-operative community initiatives to advance the understanding of cultural diversity and the principle of the right to belong. The intitial funds of DKK 1.1 million were collected in Denmark and Greenland and donated to Frederik and Mary as a wedding gift in 2004. In addition the Mary Foundation has a capital base of DKK 73.6 million comprising donations from eight co-founders. Crown Princess Mary is the chairman of eight trustees. See the press release announcing objectives, participants and other details about how the Foundation will function. The Mary Foundation aims to improve lives compromised by environment, heredity, illness or other circumstances which can isolate or exclude people socially. By creating opportunity and giving a sense of affiliation and belonging to community, the Foundation intends to improve individual lives and those of families.

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Popularity and Glamour
After almost four years as Crown Princess, in 2008 Mary is the most popular member of the Danish royal family, according to a poll of over 23,000 respondents, and was voted Woman of the Year by a Danish magazine, Alt for damerne, and the princess has been compared to Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy.

Proud Frederik congratulates his 'woman of the year' with a kiss

13 NOVEMBER 2008
Prince Frederik was clearly bursting with pride as he bestowed a congratulatory kiss on his wife Mary after she was named woman of the year by a Danish magazine in recognition of her charity work. Much of it has been with the Mary Foundation, an organisation established by the princess in September 2007.

The Tasmania-born brunette, who wore a chic little black dress accessorised with an unusual green belt to accept the honour, told the audience she'd initially been surprised to be nominated.

She went on to speak of the "challenging and exciting journey" she's been on since becoming crown princess four years ago, and revealed that having her charitable contributions recognised "warms my heart".

With the award comes a cash prize, which the caring mum of two announced she would be donating to charity.

The crown prince congratulates his wife with a kiss after she is named 'woman of the year' by a Danish magazine

Accepting the award, the 36-year-old Aussie-born princess said it warms her heart that her contribution has been recognised

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rajinnya awak lizz...tak kose sy nk google citer camni..

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cantik nya dia,memang patut tingal kat istana,siti aisah tu pun cantik gak,mana dia skg ?
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