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Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood

Sbb aku baca kat gosip, Tan Sri ni patut jadi contoh, pastu aku dah search tapi tak jumpa, aku bukak thread baru.

salute dapat UN appointment..

Tuesday August 4, 2009
New head for Mercy Malaysia

Mercy Malaysia founder says goodbye

KUALA LUMPUR: Starting Mercy Malaysia 10 years ago gave Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood a chance to fulfil her personal dream of being a humanitarian worker.

“If I could reach up and hold a star for every time a person we have helped made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand,” she said in her speech at a media luncheon here yesterday.

It was held to announce that she would be handing over the reins of the non-governmental organisation to vice-president Dr Ahmad Faizal Perdaus.

Dr Jemilah will be leaving for New York this month after being appointed United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Humanitarian Response Branch chief.

She voiced confidence that she was leaving Mercy Malaysia in capable hands as Dr Faizal had stood in for her when she took a six-month sabbatical to study management and also when she went to Gaza and Sri Lanka as a volunteer during the crises.

She said that as a Malaysian, she felt honoured to be given the responsibility and hoped to make her nation proud.

Her role would be to ensure that women and children receive special attention in times of crisis.

“I am grateful that I can help in the field I’m trained in, which deals with women’s reproductive and health issues,” she said.

With a pool of more than 5,000 volunteers, Mercy Malaysia is actively involved in numerous projects in countries like Myanmar, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

It also serves the local community through outreach programmes.

Dr Jemilah said the UNFPA and Mercy Malaysia had been partners for five years on certain projects.

Meanwhile, Dr Faizal said that the organisation would concentrate on generating better sustainability for funds, enhancing human capital development and increasing the awareness and participation of Malaysians for the next three years.

kuih_muih Publish time 5-8-2009 12:39 PM

salute r ngan die ni.. tp cmne die bhgi ms antara keje ngan family die eh?

myazura Publish time 5-8-2009 12:42 PM

congrats dr!

ashna Publish time 5-8-2009 12:50 PM

org mcm neh la yg betul2 layak dpt tan sri bagai

nidzhar Publish time 5-8-2009 12:53 PM

owh no wonder she mentioned kat FB she's leaving..rupa2nya to take up new position kat UN..congrats dr. jem..may allah bless you with good health :loveliness:

p4k4bu Publish time 5-8-2009 01:06 PM

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

:pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

bolehblah Publish time 5-8-2009 01:12 PM

husband dia baik sgt..
husband dia gynae gak kat ampang putri... im one of his patients la..
rasanya diorang ni takde anak..

kekbelacan Publish time 5-8-2009 01:23 PM

ambil 2 anak angkat
aku tahu satu jer

forex Publish time 5-8-2009 03:05 PM

7# bolehblah

Yup...dato dr asyar

flames Publish time 5-8-2009 03:11 PM

congrats and good luck

ummimon Publish time 5-8-2009 04:42 PM

8# kekbelacan

satu lagi omar rasanya...

anisrz Publish time 5-8-2009 07:05 PM

Congrats Tan Sri....moga dpt lebih berjasa pd dunia dgn appointment baru ni. Good luck n all the best Dr.

ZabedAmin Publish time 5-8-2009 07:28 PM

congrats Tan Sri.....:pompom:

ayjay Publish time 5-8-2009 09:23 PM

Dr Jemilah and husband dia memang sangat2lah terpuji orangnya. Very2 humble pula tu. Dan dua2 sangat2 baik hati. All the best in your new appointment. Semuga Allah melindungi dan memberkati Dr sekeluarga. Thanks for all you've done.

julliot123 Publish time 6-8-2009 12:47 AM

penah dgr cite yg dia nyaris kena tembak masa dalam bot nak ke acheh, kes ambon dulu

ayjay Publish time 6-8-2009 08:48 AM

penah dgr cite yg dia nyaris kena tembak masa dalam bot nak ke acheh, kes ambon dulu
julliot123 Post at 6-8-2009 00:47 http://mforum6.cari.com.my/images/common/back.gif

Memang dia pernah kena tembak. Kat Baghdad.

Here's a back story published in Utusan,


Dr Jemilah ni sememangnya datang dari keluarga yang kaya. Tetapi dia memang sangat humble dari dulu lagi. Masa zaman uni pun dia aktif sangat.

zila_hakimie Publish time 6-8-2009 09:14 AM

nk tgk gmbr tan sri ni. ada x?

pinky46 Publish time 6-8-2009 09:54 AM

9# forex

owhh,dr asyar tu hubby dia eh..haku selalu baca blog kak rima rashidi tu dia ada mention gak selalu jmpe dr asyar.

mafia1331 Publish time 6-8-2009 11:17 AM

sangat humble..dan baik hati.

zlina1176 Publish time 6-8-2009 12:54 PM

tahniah lh...
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