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Llaima volcano spews lava in Chile!!

Published: Sunday April 5, 2009
Llaima volcano spews lava, ash in southern Chile
Llaima spewed out a column
of smoke, ash and lava

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - One of Chile's most active volcanos is spewing lava and ash again, prompting evacuations and landslide warnings.

The national emergency department is reporting that the 10,250-foot-high (3,125-meter-high) Llaima volcano has hurled explosive materials up to 600 meters (650 yards) above the crater and issued a flow of lava more than 1,000 yards (meters) long.

A statement from the department Saturday noted that villagers were evacuated as a precaution after officials conducting flyovers saw snow melting around the crater, "which means a high risk of mudslides ... (and) the possible rising of the Calbuco River."

The volcano is located 380 miles (600 kilometers) south of the capital, Santiago.
Its last big eruption was in January 2008. -AP

masa memula baca ingatkan llamas.... ghopernyer llaima.... :funk:   last major eruption dari llaima volcano nih1994.... lama gak tuh!!!

tinggi gak gunung berapi nih.... kat chile ni mmg banyak volcano pun......   aku kalu duk kat2 volcano nih... mmgmenggelataq lutut ler....bila2 masa ajerdepa meletus nih!!

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Further eruptions

Those rescued on Wednesday had been stranded overnight after a swollen river cut off road access.

"Army personnel evacuated 43 people this morning who remained in the Conguillio National Park. Another 11 people, park personnel and their family members, were also evacuated," Chile's National Emergency Office said.

There are fears of further eruptions. "At this moment I would recommend against tourism in the area," said Carmen Fernandez, the emergency agency's director. The volcano erupted on Tuesday at 1800 (2100 GMT), sending a column of smoke approximately 3,000m (9,800ft) into the air, as lava flowed down the 3,125m east slope.

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