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Bridges Event with Nobel Laureate in Physics Prof. George Smoot

Perdana Leadership Foundation in collaboration with Perbadanan Putrajaya willhost a "Bridges - Dialogues Towards A Culture of Peace" programme with 2006 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Professor Geroge F. Smoot who will present on the topic, "Contemplating the Birth of the Universe" on 6th April 2009 at the Auditorium Cempaka Sari of Perbadanan Putrajaya, Precinct 3. Admission is FREE.

Please browse http://www.perdana.org.my for more details.

p/s bole juga contact aku if sesapa berminat nak attend talk ni


mbhcsf Publish time 17-3-2009 06:30 PM

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I am sure ada org yg mmmg patut pi ni.............untuk bertanya beberapa soalan ;P?

U dah e mail IPTA ker ? those facs IPTAs , tuan rumah ?

u find lah email IPTAs:$ kat websitedepa, please..........

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mbhcsf Publish time 17-3-2009 06:33 PM

Could u please attach hisi biographies?

mbhcsf Publish time 17-3-2009 06:34 PM

no no his CV , please?

FaRiShAsYaHaNaZ Publish time 19-3-2009 10:28 PM

hi mbhcsf

da jemput dah IPTA n IPTS yg releven dgn kos sains ... even agensi2 sains pun ...

as for PRof. F. Smoot's bio

Professor George Fitzgerald Smoot is the Director of the BerkeleyCenter for Cosmological Physics who was awarded the 2006 Nobel Prize inPhysics "for the discovery of the blackbody form and anisotropy of thecosmic microwave background radiation".

George Smoot received Bachelor degrees in mathematics and physics in1966 and a Ph.D. in Physics from MIT in 1970. He has been at theUniversity of California Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley NationalLaboratory since 1970 and is the author of more than 200 science papersand of the popularized scientific book "Wrinkles in Time" thatelucidates cosmology and the COBE discovery. A professor of physics atthe University of California at Berkeley, his honors include the NASAMedal for Exceptional Science Achievement, the Kilby Award, theLawrence Award and the Einstein Medal.

Professor Smoot is responsible for the best picture of the earlyuniverse available to science. Using instruments carried by balloon, onU-2 spy planes, and finally by satellite, Professor Smoot has spent thelast twenty years examining the faint but ever present microwaveradiation remnants from the time when light first became visible in theuniverse, 300,000 years after the big bang and 15 billion years ago.


mbhcsf Publish time 19-3-2009 11:45 PM

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how come.... i tak dapat email pun?

kat mana ni ?


time pejabatker?

kalau weekend boleh ler

mbhcsf Publish time 19-3-2009 11:50 PM

well what's the time?

map ?

i want to go but i cannot go if it is to beheld during working hours

and i tak pandai drive lagilah kl memalam

mbhcsf Publish time 19-3-2009 11:51 PM

gosh briiliant chap....hmm the brain is( aah l shall leave it a gap :$ );P i think

FaRiShAsYaHaNaZ Publish time 20-3-2009 11:17 AM

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Auditorium Cempaka Sari
Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya,
24, Persiaran Perdana,
Presint 3, 62675 Putrajaya Malaysia

on 6th April 2009, 2.30pm (Monday!)

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u click kat link ni to get info on the map, programme and registration form.


mbhcsf Publish time 20-3-2009 02:37 PM

Reply #9 FaRiShAsYaHaNaZ's post

i try to ask my ketua jabatan ..tapi kalau ada meeting well....i have to miss lah ...dah banyak kali dah termiss satu sebab ISO internal audit 17 Jan kot the Laureate in Chemistry datang kat kampus indukdah tak leh dah pi then yang ni pulak buat waktu weekdays

me_ai Publish time 20-3-2009 03:19 PM

mcm best, cuma hari khamis,
nmpk gaya cam kena cuti....

cam nak pgi...bila last utk confirmation ni...

mbhcsf Publish time 20-3-2009 03:25 PM

could i just go?

mbhcsf Publish time 20-3-2009 03:25 PM

like kalau i tak der apa apa hari tu? sebab u know meetings etc etc

me_ai Publish time 20-3-2009 03:53 PM

Balas #14 mbhcsf\ catat

hmmm, cam org penting je,

then apply awal2 dari bos, sepatutnya dapat la pelepasan...

mbhcsf Publish time 20-3-2009 03:56 PM

Originally posted by me_ai at 20-3-2009 15:53 http://forum.cari.com.my/images/common/back.gif
hmmm, cam org penting je,

then apply awal2 dari bos, sepatutnya dapat la pelepasan...

well...kitaorg ada fixed timetables for clinics and so on sebab tu tak leh sangat nak off hari Khamis and other days.......bukan i org penting heheh

me_ai Publish time 20-3-2009 04:07 PM

Balas #16 mbhcsf\ catat

hmmmm, kalau camtu....

ada 2 option secara dibuat secara jahatnya...
1. MC jer...
2. EL

nasihat tidak rasmi

FaRiShAsYaHaNaZ Publish time 20-3-2009 09:00 PM

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am not sure abt walk-ins ...tp leh register b4 3 April i guess ...

FaRiShAsYaHaNaZ Publish time 20-3-2009 09:01 PM

Alamak! sori guys! 6 April tu Monday! sori!

me_ai Publish time 21-3-2009 01:08 AM

Balas #19 FaRiShAsYaHaNaZ\ catat

woit, leh pulak salah hari, putrajaya tu bukannya dekat, sib baik lambt lagi...
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