daisyisara Publish time 11-1-2009 03:17 AM

nak try jwab soklan mathematics ne tak..

Hy everyone.. saje je ne post Qs abt mathematics... tengah bosan ne.. soklan senang je ni
The Qs are:

1. Express as a partial fractions : (a) 4/x^2-4
                                                (b) 4/ (x-3)(x+1)

2. By means of substituition u = x^-1/2, or otherwise solve the equation x^-1/2 +2x^-1 = 21

:D:victory: Good Luck...

hyree_hybrid Publish time 11-1-2009 08:56 PM

Balas #1 daisyisara\ catat


1.(a) I assume your question was 4/(x^2-4), with the parentheses. The answer is 1/(x-2) - 1/(x+2).
1.(b) 1/(x-3) - 1/(x+1)

2. After substitution, we get

u = 3 OR u = -7/2

x = 1/9 OR x = 4/49

Then again I have always been annoyingly CARELESS and RECKLESS :L . So please check again.

hyree_hybrid Publish time 12-1-2009 12:41 PM

Balas #1 daisyisara\ catat

Anyway, daisyisara, please stop posting such question on this board, because these forum users are not ready to be challenged nor give any thought about any serious talk.

So just lay back and treat this forum as a theatre. Most people here prefer leisure talk. A thoughtful thread can quickly turn absurd.

As a newbie too, I just had to learn about it the hard way.

a.ceCCo Publish time 12-1-2009 02:10 PM

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takpe.. layan je.. dia nak nguji minda tu..:$

tapi mida aku mengatakan yg aku malas nak kira.. :$

sab86 Publish time 16-1-2009 10:52 AM

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jawapan dia btul... :D :D :D

aku_EnSeM Publish time 4-2-2009 01:56 PM

haaa.... try ni plak.... 1+1 = ? :lol:

isskandar Publish time 4-2-2009 06:56 PM

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binary ker decimal?:$

aku_EnSeM Publish time 8-2-2009 01:36 PM

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binary... :lol:

aku bru teringat, sorg lecturer ni try buat lawak kt klas...

kt slide die tulis "Ade 10 jenis org kt dunia ni... 1 jenis paham binary, 1 lg x paham binary"...

mule2 sunyi sepi je je hall tu... xlme pastu bru org gelak... :lol:

daisyisara Publish time 8-2-2009 02:02 PM

Originally posted by aku_EnSeM at 4-2-2009 01:56 PM http://mforum4.cari.com.my/images/common/back.gif
haaa.... try ni plak.... 1+1 = ? :lol:

the answer is 10:$
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